How do you let the love of your life go?

How do you tell the man you love (who was never for you, anyway) that he choose her instead of you (like you knew he would) and now pretty please stay away from you?

How do you forget a million of late night conversations, vicious fights and passion marathons that left you sore for days?

How do you let memories of stolen kisses (that took you breath away and lit you on fire), nights of picking out each other's sins and addictions (just for fun, while you weren't otherwise occupied) and wonderful mornings when he brought you hot coffee and toast in bed just go?

The answer is that you don't.

So you fight for what you were (and what you can be) with everything you have, and so what if it's immoral and deceiving?

He's engaged to her, but that doesn't mean you give him up. You love him, too, and he's ready to sneak around with you.

But that's not all you want, so you tear them apart, and create a beautiful mayhem that rips your whole family to pieces (and not just your family; your friends, too).

And in the end you're just left with yourself. Because he loves you, but he loves her, too, and he can't leave her. He rather begs at her feet than go solo with you (and deep down you knew this).

Now you just wish that you'd let him go when he choose her. At least then you would have your family, your friends, your pride, and your self-worth intact.

Now all that's left is hurt and regret (and it's all your fault).

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