Danni opened the front door to her parent's house, but she did not expect to see them lying in a pool of blood.

"Oh, oh no!" Danni screamed to herself.

"Why, why them?" Danni asked herself.

She stumbled to the phone. While she was calling 999 and reporting the death, the phone went dead. "What, what." She said as she shook the phone and smashed it down.

Shocked, she turned round as she heard a faint laughter. Oh my god, the killers still in the house. Danni thought.

One swipe of the killer's bloodied fist knocked Danni out cold. As the killer approached Danni the family dog came running and savaged the killer.

Danni woke several minutes later to find a trail of blood leading to the dining room. She climbed to her feet, followed the trail of blood only to find the killer lying on the floor covered in blood. His arm twitched as Danni ran to grab the family camera, but when she came back the killer was gone.

Danni gasped. "What the hell!" Danni exclaimed. She heard a crash, in the kitchen.

She had the camera at the ready, she saw their shadow. They tripped, the killer fell over. She rushed over to him. 'Snap' the photo was taken. Hah, she thought.

She rushed out the front door straight to the police station. She cried to the receptionist. "My mum and Dad have been killed, I have a photo of him."