Okay, people other than Fathima (Gaborone, Botswana) please ignore this

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First Name: Fathima

Age: 14

Grade: 11

Favourite colour: blue

Favourite food: chicken

Crush (if you have one): nil

Best friend: Safiyyah

Favourite actor: Jayem Ravi

Hair description: Brown-Black, wavy

Do you prefer sunrise or sunset? Sunset


You have a unique second name

Your birth gemstone is the diamond

You have a slightly higher IQ for your age, between 85 and 90

Your favourite flower is the red rose

There was a time you were not allowed to eat meat

By the age of 25 you'll be totally in love with a guy you'll, meet in about five years

There's a person who will befriend, but she will cheat you, backbite about you and spoil your social image, you might have met her at about the beginning of this year.

Your nationality is either southern Indian or Sri Lankan

You have wide black eyes

You are a shy, quiet person. You are very kind and hate hurting people's feelings. Your best friend is outgoing and talks a lot to amount for you. A fault of yours is that you can hurt a person's feeling easily, WITHOUT knowing it though.