Who is Flash?

A scarlet Speedster who has control of speed force do to a scientific accident that allowed him to move faster than the speed of light. Currently there have been three. All known to have big smiles and warm hearts. Somewhat difficult to anger but easy for them to forgive. Have accelerated healing and a high metabolism.

But the third Flash was a bit different than the previous two. He got his powers when he was a child. The other two got theirs when they were adults. The third generation was the only one with green eyes. The others had blue eyes. He was also the only red head. He was one of the founders of the league.

"Pass it here West!"

And he wasn't even eighteen.

He was behind a high school playing basketball with a group of seniors. He had the ball and took a shot. It went bounced off the rim and into another boy's hands. He took the shot and it went in. Cheers and groans came from the people. The sun was starting to go down. People said good byes all around. Wally stood for a moment with the ball and took another shot.

It went in easily. He sighed. Walking back to the place he had to stay for one more year. It was his birthday. That meant only three hundred sixty five days until he was a legal adult. He could do what he wanted. He could have his own house. He could live on his own. Maybe even consider stop hiding his age to the league… Nah. They treated him like a little kid already. If they knew how young he really was, he would be treated like a baby. Captain Marvel wasn't only because of he was Shazam's chosen one. He had an older body. And here he was only seventeen. Only eleven months after the league had been constructed.

He stopped in front of a building that he had come to know over the years. He walked inside quickly. He was the oldest one there. They joked he was a live in worker. He was the only teen in the Central City orphanage. He was the big brother of all the children. Even those that were adopted out came back every few weeks to visit Wally. He didn't mind. He had lived in an orphanage before. And he was back in one after his Aunt and Uncle died. He didn't let it affect him.

He was still the town's scarlet speedster. He was a third generation speedster. He was a hero. No one looked down on him. He stood strong and proud of his family that was fertilizing daisies. He only feared if someone from the league learned about it. Before he was at least twenty five. By the age twenty three most heroes start. Once twenty five is hit, a lot of things are ignored.

He plopped onto his bed and looked around the room. It was just like the other kids' rooms. But his had a small dresser with a lock on it for his hero clothes. Everything else was open and free for the other kids to use. Money was tight. He didn't mind sharing. Considering he had the benefit of being adopted once. And getting some money from the league. He wondered if Batman was going to donate money. He had done his best as Flash to convince him that he should but there were no promises made. But he had time. Batman would have to give up and donate eventually.


Bruce sighed in his chair as he filled out a check. Flash had been bothering him for weeks about donating to an orphanage in Central. He was a generous person and all but with all the damage to the watchtower and Gotham recently (Joker) he couldn't afford to give a ton of money. He planned on going to the orphanage next week.

He would've just mailed an anonymous check but someone from Central also won the Bruce Wayne science scholarship at a Central High school and he had to make an appearance. He was tired. Wally West couldn't be too much different from any other over achiever or rich kid who bought their way into getting the scholarship right?