Night wing frowned as he left Wally with John. Wally never got sick unless he wasn't getting the nutrients his body needed. Nothing could stay in his system long enough to do anything with his outrageous metabolism unless he wasn't eating enough or he was burning too much of it off.

He prayed John would understand that. Unlike when Night wing had first met Wally.

You see, when Night wing was still Robin, he had met who was to be the future Flash. He was to meet the man behind the mask. He was to meet the boy, who would help found the league. Hell, he never really told Batman about it. It was a stupid and crazy day when he learned how the seemingly older Kid Flash, was actually younger than he was.


"C'mon Robin! Batman won't know!" Wally cried out to the boy wonder with a grin. Robin raised a curious brow at the elated speedster.

"Calm down Flash Kid," he stated. It was the first time he had ever worked with him without either of their mentors and they were told to just look around and to not actually fight.

"It's Kid Flash," he grunted, "besides there is what? Two? Three guys down there. We could so take them!"

Robin wondered if Flash had just as bad ADHD as Kid Flash did. He swore that no one older than him could be so hyper… then again he was a Flash so that in itself was an oddball wild card. Unpredictable at best, but never too much of a problem. How Batman was able to actually work with Flash was beyond Robin.

"Fine. Just don't blame me when you end up breaking your arm," Robin said with a smirk. Kid Flash stuck his tongue out at Robin before jumping down with him.

It didn't take them long for them to beat the thugs up. But when they were done, Robin was shocked to see Kid Flash's masked was ripped.

"Something on my face?" he asked innocently.

"More like lack thereof," Robin said pulling out a spare mask and slipping it over his eyes.

"Man, Flash is gunna kill me," he groaned sounding much younger than Robin would expect.

"Dude, you sound like a seven year old," Robin laughed. Kid Flash furrowed his brows curiously.

"But Robin… I'm fourteen," he said crossing his arms. Robin blinked and looked at the other. He knew that he had been in the hero biz longer than this new partner but he thought that he was older. Well that certainly explained Flash's paranoia that was worse than Batman's.

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