Lucky Alicia

She was lying on the floor badly beaten, by her parents.

Alicia was only 3 when her parents started beating her. "Mummy, please don't, it hurts." Alicia pleaded as her mum approached her with a knife in her left hand.

"I don't know why I let you live!" Her mother shouted. Alicia just cried even more.

The neighbours knew what was going on but were way too old fashioned and believed that they were sacrificing their daughter to the gods. Pathetic right. But this time they opened their eyes to the real world and decided to call the police without the parents knowing about it. Within minutes the police arrived, but were they too late. The police searched the whole house to find the beaten girl in the attic. Alicia was stabbed but still breathing. "Thank God." A police man sighed. After calling the ambulance and watched the girl driven off to hospital they searched the house for the parents. No sign of them. They did a runner. The parents were found hiding in a sewer several days later.