Chapter 25: Champagne and New Beginnings

"Okay," laughed Renji, his eyes twinkling and his manner relaxed after indulging in a bit of champagne, "so show me how this works. How do you make that fleabag horse of yours dance?"

"You only have to ask properly," Tetsuya said, smiling.

He turned to the stallion, who stood in the dancing area, carefully apart from the other dancers. Byakuya handed Renji another glass of champagne and slipped an arm around him as Tetsuya approached the stallion and studied the lovely ribbons that had been woven into his mane and tail.

"You look enchanting tonight, Arashi," he said, bowing respectfully, "May I have this dance?"

Byakuya smirked and Renji suppressed a slightly inebriated giggle as the stallion lowered his head and upper body in a formal, equine bow.

Of course, Master. And may I say that you look quite winning yourself?

"Okay," chuckled Renji, "Are they dancing or going for a full seduction, here...'cause I'm gettin' turned on by this. Are you turned on, Bya?"

"What did you call me?" Byakuya said, frowning and raising his reiatsu.

"Erm..." Renji mumbled.

"I'll assume it's the liquor talking...this time," said the noble, glowering.

"Whew, thanks Byakuya," the redhead sighed in relief, "Wouldn't want to earn one of those dastardly punishments of yours, y'know."

"Punishments?" Tetsuya said, blinking.

Byakuya smiled sedately.

"We will get to that later," he said seductively, making Renji shift and squirm uncomfortably, "You were demonstrating?"

"Ah yes," Tetsuya said, returning his attention to the stallion, "Come, Arashi."

He stepped forward and placed his palms on the stallion's sleek shoulders, leaving space between them.

"Now, remember not to step on my toes," Tetsuya warned the beast playfully, "I will take revenge this time!"

You should mind where you place your feet...

The two paused for a moment as the song that was playing ended and a sweet, soulful tune began to play. Arashi nuzzled Tetsuya's cheek affectionately as the blue eyed shinigami stepped to the side, and the stallion moved easily with him, turning his body in anticipation, nudging Tetsuya into a pretty spin that fluttered the ends of his long, wavy hair and silken kimono, then stepping forward to meet him again. The two moved in perfect time to the music, stepping and turning together as Byakuya and Renji observed appreciatively and other guests began to turn and look.

"That's great," Renji laughed, "but can he do the Cha-Cha?"

Tetsuya brought the two to a stop and looked into the stallion's eyes for a moment, then demonstrated the steps and stepped back. Renji descended into uncontrolled giggles and the guests around them laughed gaily and applauded as the stallion mimicked the steps that his shinigami master had shown him in a four footed facsimile. Arashi tossed his head, then bowed, earning another round of applause.

"I think he rather enjoys being the center of attention," commented Byakuya, "And as we have seen to our obligations for the night, perhaps we should leave him to entertain the late-staying guests and retire to our room?"

"Hmmm," said Renji, admiring Tetsuya's fluttering hair and lovely kimono, "Maybe you're right. We have to welcome our new spouse into our marriage properly, ne?"

Tetsuya blushed.


"I think he is right," agreed the clan leader, meeting his cousin's eyes meaningfully, "At very least, we should retire to our room before Renji is overcome by the champagne."

Tetsuya's blush deepened as Byakuya moved to one side of him and Renji to the other, each slipping an arm around the younger man as they walked to the bedroom together. They reached the walkway and were met by Torio and Koji, who stole Tetsuya away from them.

"We'll give him right back," Koji laughed, "Please, go and make yourselves comfortable."

Smiling and shaking their heads in amusement, Byakuya and Renji entered their bedroom and moved into the dressing area. They shed their wedding clothes and wrapped their bodies in light yukatas, Renji choosing one with swirls of brown and hunter green and Byakuya opting for one that was a dark, lovely red. They left the dressing area and walked to the bed, sliding in and setting their champagne on the nightstand, then warming each other with sweet, inductive kisses as they waited for their newlywed mate. Several minutes later, they heard a delicate step on the wooden walkway outside the room, then Tetsuya appeared in the moonlit doorway, making his two waiting husbands catch their breath in surprise.

The moon captured and lit tiny, midnight blue glittering lines on the silken surface of the deep black yukata he wore, gently accenting the lovely curves of shoulder, breast and thigh and setting off the younger man's wide blue eyes. His wavy, raven black hair fell loosely around his shoulders, looking light and feathery against soft, pale skin, and his face and throat were still blushing. He stood silently for a moment, waiting.

Byakuya and Renji smiled and each extended a welcoming hand.

"Holy hell!" Renji breathed appreciatively, "That's just..."

"Delectable," Byakuya said warmly, "Come, Tetsuya."

Tetsuya accepted their extended hands and let himself be guided onto the bed, where Byakuya positioned him on his knees with the clan leader in front of him and Renji at his back. Renji opened his yukata and rose up, pressing against the younger man's clothed back, sliding his arms around Tetsuya from behind and curling his head around to meet the other two men and a gentle kiss of greeting. Byakuya and Renji each took hold of one loose end of the tie at Tetsuya's slender waist and pulled gently, opening his yukata.

"Where in the hell did you get this?" Renji asked, his cock hardening at the silken feel of the material as he rubbed against it, "What, does it have a sexual stimulant of some kind in the material? Cause I'm hard as a rock and we haven't even done anything!"

He licked Tetsuya's earlobe, making it flush, and he felt the younger man shiver softly.

"I don't know whether to take it off or to have you keep it on..."

"On...I think, but off the shoulders..." Byakuya said, sliding the material down off of his cousin's shoulders, then slipping his arms around Tetsuya and caressing his firm, white bottom beneath the silken material, "At least for now."

"Mmmm..." Tetsuya sighed into the clan leader's mouth as Renji's hardened member pressed into the small of his back and the redhead's hot mouth attacked the pale flesh of Tetsuya's throat, "Ah...!"

Byakuya's hips moved slowly as he rubbed his damp, thick erection against the younger noble's, making Tetsuya pant softly in anticipation and bury his pretty face in his cousin's shoulder. Byakuya attacked the sweet flesh on the side of Tetsuya's throat that Renji was not busy with, making Tetsuya yield a lusty, shuddering moan, so provocative that the other two men's piqued erections twitched and leaked hungrily in response. Renji slid his hand around Tetsuya's sweat dampened hip and wrapped it around the younger noble's hardened arousal, squeezing out pearly fluid from the tip and spreading it all along the satiny head and long, thick shaft, then stroking its length and pausing to tease the leaking slit with eager fingertips. Tetsuya groaned and thrust into Renji's hand, hardly noticing when Byakuya wet his fingers in Renji's mouth and pushed the first into Tetsuya's tight entrance. Byakuya's mouth fastened on his cousin's again, his tongue thrusting in deeply and pleasuring the soft surfaces as Renji's hand held Tetsuya's slick member more firmly, stroking harder and faster, and Byakuya slipped a second finger into Tetsuya's damp entrance.

Tetsuya gasped and panted feverishly as Byakuya fingers found a sensitive place inside him and stimulated it gently...teasingly. He thrust harder into Tetsuya's salivating mouth, his tongue capturing and curling provocatively around his cousin's as the clan leader pushed a third finger inside him and pumped them in and out.

"Oh kami..." panted Tetsuya, quivering at the intensity of sensation that gripped him inside and out.

His eyelids fluttered and he fell back against Renji, still moving his hips in response to the heavy physical contact. Renji straightened behind Tetsuya, dragging him higher onto his knees as Byakuya's fingers slid out of him and the older noble positioned his cousin over his very aroused member. Renji changed the angle of his hips slightly, waiting as Byakuya entered his cousin, then slipping his fingers inside along with Byakuya's hardness.

"Wh-what are you...?" Tetsuya moaned, looking unsettled.

Byakuya distracted him quickly with kisses as Renji's fingers and Byakuya slowly thrusting member continued to prepare him. They waited until Tetsuya seemed to relax slightly and the tension around Byakuya's member and Renji's probing fingers decreased. Then Renji shifted and brought the slick, wet head of his erect penis to Tetsuya's prepared bottom.

"N-n..." Tetsuya moaned, closing his eyes and tensing around Byakuya's still slowly thrusting cock.

Byakuya's mouth captured Tetsuya's again and Renji's lips touched the younger man's earlobe gently.

"Relax. I'll go slowly. I promise, we won't hurt you."

Tetsuya glanced down at where Byakuya's hands caressed his where they tightly clenched the clan leader's yukata, and he made a soft, anxious sound of amusement and loosened them.

"I am sorry," he whispered shakily, "It is just that..."

"We know," Byakuya breathed against his lips, "This is new territory for you. As Renji said, we will go slowly."

The words seemed to bolster the younger man, and he relaxed into his lovers' hands, enjoying Byakuya's distracting kisses and touches as Renji very slowly and carefully began to enter him as well. Byakuya leaned back against a large pile of pillows, angling himself slightly and allowing Tetsuya to rest on top of him as Renji continued to work his way inside.

Tetsuya's heart throbbed fitfully and he couldn't help continuing to feel nervous as his barriers slowly widened and gave way to let Renji slide the rest of the way inside. him. Tetsuya made a sound of pain, and was immediately soothed by a barrage of warm kisses on his face, throat and the back of his neck.

"It's okay now," Renji whispered, "It's in."

Tetsuya barely had the presence of mind to nod and make a sound of acknowledgement. He groaned more huskily as the two men inside him exchanged several deep, melting kisses, then looking into each others' eyes and coordinating their motions, began to move. Tetsuya shuddered and clung to Byakuya's chest, overwhelmed by the heady sensation of being so very full. Byakuya and Renji moaned in bliss as their cocks slid along each other's lengths, one pushing in as the other slid partway out, then slid back in deeper again.

"Oh...!" Tetsuya cried, tightening his hands on Byakuya's shoulders and pushing his hips down to deepen and intensify the contact with the two hard members that had penetrated him, "Oh gods! Bya...kuya! R-renji! feels good!"

Reassured by their lover's heated exclamations, the clan leader and his red haired lover, thrust in deeper and moved their hips more swiftly, making Tetsuya moan loudly and writhe hypnotically where he was trapped between their bodies and impaled by both. His moans rose into hard, passionate exclamations, then screams of pleasure as the hot coil in his belly snapped and he came violently onto his and Byakuya's sweat dampened abdomens. Tetsuya gave a howl of mingled pleasure and pain as his two lovers climaxed together, firing scathing heat far into his core and leaving him a sweating, trembling wreck on Byakuya's chest.

"Oh my god!" Renji sighed, his eyelids fluttering and his head spinning with an odd blend of slight drunkenness and release, "Th-that was...amazing!"

"Are you all right?" Byakuya asked softly, running his fingers gently through his exhausted cousin's hair and kissing his flushed cheek and throat.

"I am better than all right," Tetsuya whispered, leaving his eyes closed, "I never knew that love could be like this...could make me feel so full, so warm inside, so alive! Arigatou, Byakuya. Arigatou, Renji...truly. I have never felt so loved. Not ever! Your love is such a precious gift!"

"You are the one who has given us the greatest of gifts, Tetsuya," Byakuya whispered back, kissing his eyes, nose, then lips.

"Our children beautiful, yes!" Tetsuya agreed enthusiastically.

Renji grinned and swatted the younger noble playfully on his plundered bottom.

"But he wasn't just talking about our children, baka!" he gently scolded Tetsuya, "He meant you. It's funny. When Byakuya and I fell in love and got married, I never would have thought that anyone else would fit into that picture. But now, I can't imagine Byakuya and me without you. Aishiteru yo, Tetsuya!"

The three men fell into a warm, prolonged exchange of kisses, then fell into a deep sleep with their bodies lazily entangled.


(One month later)

Tetsuya rose slowly out of sleep, the gentle ache of the last night's lovemaking still with him as he groaned and rolled over.

"Ah, I've overslept," he sighed, finding himself alone and a note from Byakuya indicating that he and Renji had left for the sixth division.

He slid out of bed and walked, naked, into the dressing area, where Koji met him with a smile of greeting and dressed him in a soft blue yukata. Then, the two left the bedroom, talking softly as they headed for the bathing house.

"Tetsuya-san," Koji said, looking around to make sure they were alone, "I don't mean to pry, but..."

Tetsuya smiled.

"We sensed the presence of a new reiatsu in the chamber inside me this morning," Tetsuya whispered back.

Koji's face lit sweetly with happiness.

"I very happy for you, Tetsuya-san! It is like a fairy tale, no? I mean, it did begin very sadly for you, but now..."

"Now, I have more than I could have imagined," Tetsuya said, smiling, "And it is time for me to give something back to the person who protected me before I ever came into Byakuya and Renji's lives. I am so glad that I am going to be able to do that. It is sad that Naoki is not here to enjoy this with me, but I know that he watches over me. And he will watch over our child too."

"Of course he will," agreed Koji, as they reached the bathing room and undressed again.

Tetsuya stood quietly under the waterfall, a sweet, contented expression on his lovely face as Koji bathed him, then walked back to the edge of the bathing pool and dried and dressed him in his dark blue house security uniform.

"I suppose we'll need to alter this again before too long," he sighed.

"Oh...I don't think so," said Koji, "You see, when you were pregnant before, I had new ones made as we altered the old at each stage of your pregnancy. I have a whole set of different sizes for the duration."

Tetsuya laughed easily.

"Were you hoping that I would bear more children?" he asked, "Two is already a handful for the three of us, and we even have help! I can't imagine what will happen when this one is born."

"Well, as long as you don't have multiples again, there will be one of you for each of them."

"Right," said the noble, quivering inside at the thought of so many little children being in their care.

"Don't worry, Tetsuya-san. Torio, Akio and I will help you, and there are the other assistants too. However many babies you have, we will manage them," Koji said encouragingly.

"Oh, yes, of course," agreed Tetsuya, "It just seems odd thinking of so many babies inhabiting the manor. But you are right. And as happy as the children make Byakuya-sama and Renji-san, I am pleased to have more."

Koji nodded and finished dressing the noble, then took his leave of Tetsuya as the blue eyed shinigami left the bathing house and walked the well worn path out of the gardens and into the family cemetery. He knelt beside Naoki's grave and sprinkled a handful of sakura and plum blossoms over the grass and soil that covered him. Unlike the other times he had come to Naoki, Tetsuya's heart was light and joyful...still slightly reeling with the beauty of knowing that he carried Noaki's child. He placed a hand on his still flat belly and felt the warm, promising stirring inside.

"We have been successful," he told his late love, "And now I will be able to thank you properly for everything that you did for me, Naoki. The walls that held us prisoner are tumbled. The bonds that made us powerless have been shattered. The hatred that weighed upon us and the sadness inside have been lifted away. I am truly no longer a prisoner. I am free and living a happy, productive, contented life, just as we always dreamed of as we lay in our cells. And having come through everything, I know now that even if love ends sadly as it did for you and me, it is never experienced in vain. Even if it ends, it opens new doorways, and makes the way for us to reach our dreams. Thank you, Naoki, for loving and protecting me. And thank you for encouraging me to love again. I am in your debt and will spend the rest of my life giving to this child what you gave to me...smiles, gentle touches, love and encouragement, nurturing. And you can be sure that just as I remember you, they will remember you and be grateful to you as well. Aishiteru yo."

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