Yet another idea unique idea makes its way out of my mind. This time it's a Naruto xover with Bleach. Naruto has two different Zanpakuto, both unique and my own original ideas. Due to the power behind those two Soul Slayers he is far more powerful than any other version of him out their. Also this is a Naruto x Harem fic. Finally there is a difference of a Century of time between the Bleach and Naruto dimensions, this is important for later chapters. And so sit back and enjoy this first chapter of Naruto: The True Warrior.

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Demon/Hollow/Deity speech

Demon/Hollow/Deity thought

Konoha: Training Ground 44 aka Forest of Death, Second Stage of the Chunin Exam; 13 Years after the Kyuubi Attack

Naruto Uzumaki was in a bad position. His team had been all but decimated by Orochimaru's appearance. The Snake Summoner had torn apart every attempt that they sent at him with ease. It was almost sickening to him how close they came to losing it all. Now the traitor was planning on doing something that would probably result in his death, but Naruto didn't care. He had a Kunai at the ready for just such an occasion.

When Orochimaru slammed his hands into the seal that contained the Kyuubi, forming the five-prong seal, he acted. Naruto quickly brought the Kunai up into Orochimaru's skull in such a way as to seal his mouth shut and kill him simultaneously. But his action also resulted in his own death. Because his chakra control was screwed up by the seal he was unable to generate any to stick to the tree and thus fell to his death. The last thing he heard in life was his teammate Setzuni Uchiha screaming his name in horror and disbelief. The Uchiha heiress grabbed his dead body and started shaking him: "Naruto! Come on, don't die on me you idiot! You promised that you wouldn't leave me. You promised." At that point she broke down completely; the one person she could trust with anything, including possibly rebuilding her clan, was now dead.

Land of the Dead: Forest of Death: (Background: Greatest Battle Music Of All Times: Number One's One Else)

When Naruto came to he saw a black and white version of the Forest he was just in. His two teammates were standing by his dead body, shaking him as though trying to wake him up; the most surprising part about this scene was the tears pouring down Setzuni's face. He also saw Orochimaru's body and a massive white Humanoid Snake creature, it had the lower half of a snake and the upper body of a human but it was more reptilian looking form, looming over it. The creature hissed at him before attacking, Naruto felt that he could sense the aura of the creature. It was a much darker version of Orochimaru's own aura. That pissed him off: "What I wouldn't give for a weapon!" But his momentary distraction of desiring a weapon cost him a chunk of his side to the Snakeified Orochimaru. After he coughed up some blood he put his had to his profusely bleeding side.

"Damn it. This can't be happening. Not after I just killed the fucker. I won't…I won't let it end like this!" As he finished speaking his body was covered in three different colored auras. The first was a dark silver, the second a blood red, and the final was a cold gun metal grey. While Orochimaru drew back in shock from the sudden out pouring of power from the brat that had ended his life; the so far unseen newcomer was merely shocked at the sheer power displayed by this new soul.


Naruto saw a massive blood stained battlefield in place of the sewer. Everywhere there were piles of corpses clad in samurai armor. But there were three piles that stood out, mostly because on top of each was a still alive person. On the center and largest pile, which was composed entirely of dead Demonic looking creatures, was a regal looking man with silver hair clad in a royal blue trench coat. The Second largest pile was made of more Samurai and some demonic creatures; he was clad in partial red Samurai armor and a torn white trench coat he had burning red eyes and blood red hair. The final pile was made of numerous different weapons and on top of that pile was a man who looked like a traveling Shinto Monk with a backpack on, the hat had the number 6 on it and he had red ruby like eyes.

The man in the Samurai armor spoke: "Well kid, you're obviously having trouble. We can't manifest fully because you're not yet fully ready to handle our power, but we will loan our power to you for now. Say these words: 'Destroy all in your path: …'"

Back to the afterlife:

"Onime!" At that roared name a six foot long katana appeared in his hands. The blade looked to be made of pure silver; the hand guard was a normal rectangular guard but was made of pure gold from the looks of it; and had a brown-wrapped ivory-handle. He then disappeared before reappearing behind Orochimaru and sliding his blade into its sheathe. The half snake monster burst apart in a fountain of blood as soon as the sword clicked in completely, it then disappeared. Then Naruto passed out from using this new power before he was completely ready.

When the shadowed figure was sure that Naruto was unconscious that stepped into the light, it was Captain Yoruichi of the Second Division of the Thirteen Court Guard. She picked up Naruto's unconscious form and grinned: "Well that was interesting. I have a feeling that the Soul Society will never be the same again once you arrive." Before she left with our hero's unconscious form she looked over at his dead body and felt a stab of sympathy at the pain that she saw in the Raven-haired girl's eyes; it looked like she was completely broken by the boy's death.

She felt as if she should let him at least say good bye, but judging by the feeling of the forest and the fact that although he had a Zanpakuto his spirit chain was almost gone told her wit would not be advisable. So with a heavy heart she left with Naruto's soul. Not knowing of the vow the Uchiha made: "Naruto, I shall become Hokage for you. I swear it; I also swear not to revive my clan. With my death shall come the death of the Uchiha; but none are worthy to help revive the clan except you."

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