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Demon/Hollow/Deity speech

Demon/Hollow/Deity thought

The Darkness within: Part 3

Naruto's Soul-Scape: Where we left off

The two swordsmen clashed as the storm, borne of pure power, opened fully. The rain slowly turned the ground to mud while the blades clashed. Obviously the two Shikai balanced each other out, but surprisingly for the dark copy the European longsword managed to hold its own against Onime.

But Naruto was not surprised, he had specifically pick that sword because of what it was…It was not a Zanpakuto, which was surprising given the fact that the spirit king had taken legends to make his current blades, but it was still a legendary blade…One that the dark entity WOULD have recognized, because of how well known this blade was, except for the fact that it's true nature was being concealed.

The blond was concealing its true nature for a trump card, as well as the fact that since this blade was meant to only be welt by one person meant that using any of the abilities of the blade would take a much longer time than normal…So it was also to allow him time to discreetly charge the ultimate attack of that blade.

Unfortunately for the doppelgänger, while it was an equal in marital skills, he could not sense spiritual energy as well as his foe, and thus the discreet charging of the blade went on undetected as the two continued to clash; their blades causing the soulscape to shake and quail every time they connected.

However despite the damage being done, the unbreakable will of the combatants held the area together in their desire to finish the fight. And five minutes of constant fighting later, the charging was complete…Just in time for the tow to separate to catch their breath and come up with new attack patterns.

It was then that the blade began to morph into its true appearance, much to the surprise of the corrupt one. It was five feet long, with elegant scroll work, beautiful gilt (a thin layer of gold applied over a different materiel) work along the hilt, with beautiful sapphires inlaid in the gilt work, and a razor sharp edge…In all it was a masterfully made blade, and could only be one sword.

The dark one growled when he spoke: "Now who's cheating? You really brought the Sword of Promised Victory, fucking Excalibur, into this? Screw you, you cheating blond ass!"

Naruto laughed at his dark foe's anger: "To quote you: 'Suck it up, your opponent won't always play by the rules! So quit your bitching and fight me!' "

They once again rushed one and other, before Naruto activated the special ability of Excalibur…The blade began to radiate a golden aura as Naruto prepared the attack that was synonymous with the blade. At the same time, to counter that move, corrupt Naruto prepared two Mizuchis to at the least lessen the damage.

When the two attacks were launched, they met in a catastrophic explosion; that explosion blasted them apart by over a hundred feet, and caused a massive hole to appear in the soulscape (this is where everyone in the real world got knocked out)…Despite the damage the soulscape was barely holding together.

Naruto, seeing for the first time all the damage inflicted upon his soulscape, dismissed Excalibur, but kept Onime at the ready. When the dust cleared he saw his darker version bloodied and battered, holding two broken copies of Onime, propped up against one of the piles of corpses, but still alive.

Not even a second later the Shikai of his foe dispersed, likely from wounds, because of this Naruto also dismissed his, and walked over to his fallen foe. As he made his way over to his adversary, he was suddenly struck by realization that what he was doing was a little out of character for him.

As he got closer he noticed his dark version was rising to his feet very unsteadily, as such he kept his blade at the ready in case his opponent wanted to go another round. But, fortunately, it seemed like he had knocked most of the fight out of his adversary.

However that wasn't important, what was important was the feeling that what he had been doing wasn't something he would normally do was getting stronger…As was a darker, almost but not truly evil, presence he was beginning to sense.

As he was pondering what it could be, his corrupt counterpart rose unsteadily to his feet, using a spear he called forth to support himself. Then he laughed, it was a surprisingly warm and happy one for someone with his nature who had been defeated so soundly; but it still had a level of bloodlust Kenpachi would be proud of.

He soon stopped laughing, and smiled at Naruto before he spoke: "Good fight, I'm happy that I got one against someone of your caliber before I died Naruto."

Naruto chuckled at that, his corrupt self was A LOT like Kenpachi: "Who said I was going to kill you? I believe I said that I came here potentially to get balance…But I see now that It would be foolish to try and eliminate you, you're as much a part of me as the Zanpakuto we both carry…"

The dark version's smile changed to a contented smirk at that: "What, going to pull that two sides of the same coin cliché, or yin and yang to justify yourself?"

The blond swordsman laughed: "Nah, that's too obvious. How about we just call it a partnership and call it even?" Here he stuck his hand out for his counterpart to shake: "Deal?"

The paler version shook the extended hand, and surprisingly, at that very moment, the wounds that littered both their forms started to close rather quickly and the damage to the soulscape also began to repair.

But a loud and terrible roar shook the air at that moment, and the soulscape shook as if under the impact of a giant creature making its way to the two tired fighters. At that point they saw something out of nightmares…The Kyuubi; it was hollowfying and looked like a badly decayed zombie.

It's voice was deep and rasping when it spoke: "You bastards, do you have any idea how close I was to escaping? If one of you had killed the other, then I could have escaped back to the homeland and started to reverse this shameful situation. But because of what you did, I will have to kill the both of you to escape, so do me a favor and DIE!"

As it finished venting a little of its anger, its nine tails lashed out at its jailors, ready to kill them…

Cliffhanger no Jutsu…Sucessful

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