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Demon/Hollow/Deity speech

Demon/Hollow/Deity thought


Naruto's Soul-Scape: Where we left off

As the tails swept down on them, the two tired fighters barely managed to dodge the nine lethal implements. They were still steadily recovering from their fight, but it was now MUCH slower than before as the soulscape and their bodies couldn't focus on regenerating while they were busy trying not to die at the tails of the Kyuubi.

As such, while Naruto himself was operating at close to his usual abilities, his counterpart was not…As numerous minor wounds, which were slowly healing, were slowing his reaction time down. He was still good enough to avoid the probing attacks the Kyuubi launched to test them.

If it was any of the tailed beasts below five tails, then the weakened state the corrupt version of Naruto was in wouldn't be too much of a handicap…However the Kyuubi was deadly intelligent, even compared to other tricksters, and was able to see the weakness clear as day, and began to plot a way to eliminate him first.

And the fastest solution to eliminate the weakened corrupt half was to throw all nine of the tails at him to force him into a spot he couldn't escape and then blast him with a menacing ball…Or baring that use four tails to restrain him, and then rip him limb from limb. Decisions decisions…In the end the Kyuubi decided to go with the first choice.

With that plan in mid, it quickly separated the two and carried out the planned attack. As predicted, C. Naruto swiftly dodged all the tails…Right into where the Kyuubi expected him. As the dark copy realized his error, the hollow was charging up the menacing ball while having the tails surround him.

It seemed like the plan would work perfectly…But right before it could release the attack, a truly massive explosion rocked the Kyuubi's form, forcing it to cease its attack. When it turned to where the other Naruto was, he saw the blond holding a massive cannon that would look more at home on a mech then in the hands of a human sized figure.

It watched as a weapon it vaguely recognized from the Jyuubi's memories was loaded into the back of the gun…A tactical nuke. Back before the sage came and kicked the Jyuubi's ass and separated it, nuclear weapons were the only weapons that could seriously injure it…And even then the Nukes had to be full blown ICB grade, not tack nukes. Unfortunately for the world of the past, only Russia and America had fired those weapons…And the generals who fired them did so with their last breathes when the Jyuubi destroyed their bases (The rest of the world being too concerned about the lasting impact the weapons would leave to use their arsenals).

Unfortunately for the great fox, while he was the largest fragment of the Jyuubi, he was not as powerful as his progenitor…As such that nuke hurt him quite badly. In retaliation he destroyed the launcher by ripping it into tiny fragments with its tails…Never realizing that the nuke launcher, and the SHADOW CLONE, was a distraction.

The real Naruto was with his dark copy: "Close call huh?" "Yeah, real close. Anyways, I have a plan, if I pull this off the Kyuubi should, at the least, be crippled by it."

"Well that sounds promising…" "I'll need you to keep it occupied though…" "Well that doesn't sound too bad…" "For five minutes, and considering that it had us on the defensive…Nah, you'll be fine, forget I said anything."

Naruto blinked, but shrugged, it wasn't like he hadn't done suicidally stupid things before…It's just that he hadn't done any in a LONG time...That last time being when he was still a fresh behind the ears recruit challenging Kenpachi to a spar; THAT one incident almost ended his career before it started, but that spar in the end showed that there were monsters in the spiritual world that were STRONGER than Orochimaru.

However he knew that whatever his doppelgänger had planned was probably one of THE most efficient ways to finish this fight, one way or another, quickly…As his job for the plan was to be the distraction, he decided to temporarily release his prankster side. "Oi! Giant zombie fox, yeah you! I'm talking to you, you over grown mutt! I bet you couldn't hit me even if all I did was walk!"

That managed to set the short fuse of the Fox's temper off, however it wasn't completely enraged to the point Naruto wanted it to be. As such he continued to taunt the hollowfying creature, about everything to its looks, to speed, and parentage.

The constant taunt, plus the fact the Naruto was Moon-walking around every attack thrown his way, sent the gigantic beast into the rage that the blond was hoping for. Unfortunately though, while a lot of higher reasoning was lost to the beast now, the fact remained that in this "berserker" mode, it was faster, stronger, and cleverer on a base animal level.

Naruto nearly paid with his life several times when his attention slipped, however his skills enabled him to just barely survive…However, disaster struck thirty seconds short of when C Naruto would have been ready to strike, the Kyuubi unleashed TEN menacing bombs at the same time, one from each tail and one from its mouth.

The beams of energy lashed at the soulscape, forcing Naruto into a dead end where the beams started to converge… "Is this it? Is this the end for me, beaten by the same burden I was cursed with as a child?"

However, before the beams could converge, a human sized shape jumped in the way. The light would only allow his silhouette to be revealed, but that was enough for Naruto to recognize the one who saved him even as the beams ripped him apart…It was C. Naruto.

The original stared blankly at the doppelgänger, almost in silent disbelief as he fell to his knees, as his previous foe had sacrificed himself…However what was really going on was that somehow the actions of his opposite opened a temporary mental link between the two. As such they were in deep conversation about what to do.

They tossed numerous ideas out quickly, eventually only one option remained (as the rest relied on the dying C. Naruto being at least somewhat combat capable)…To become one being, one perfectly balanced in both light and dark aspects. With that in mind the original forced himself to rise to his feet, and slowly walk over to his fallen half.

While Naruto made his way to the side of his fallen version, the Kyuubi, seeming to understand what they were intending, unleashed a storm of menacing balls at Naruto…But no matter how many were fired, none ever seemed to get anywhere NEAR the blond. Quite frankly it was rather eerie, and was making the giant fox more than a little uneasy. An unease that was proved to be justified when the man touched his counterpart's hand and a flash of bright light engulfed the entire area.

When it died down Naruto wasn't changed too much physically, save for his hair having streaks of silver through it and that his eyes now had a subtle glow about them, but his power and aura had doubled in intensity. His clothing had also changed, now instead of the standard Shinigami garb, he was clad in what seemed like a mix of Onime's Shikai, Bankai, and the normal uniform. He was garbed in a black trench coat, had silver samurai style armor on his torso, and the normal uniform underneath both.

The Kyuubi, knocked out of its rage by the feeling of pure power that dwarfed its own, stared in shock at the new Naruto. But that shock quickly gave way to anger, and it was about to rant at the swordsman for what he had done, when Naruto's voice snapped out at the fox: "Be silent! Keep your tongue locked behind your teeth, you have not earned the right to speak…In fact you lost the right to even EXIST!"

The last word came out as a roar as pure unadulterated power ripped out from the blond, and slammed straight into the giant fox, sending it over a thousand feet backwards, just from the sheer force of that power being unleashed. The kitsune eventually righted itself soon after, as the force that sent it flying was weaker out by where he finally stopped himself.

As soon as the Kyuubi righted itself though, Naruto appeared in front of it, and grabbed its muzzle. He then slammed the great beast down…HARD; before running at top speed, grinding the beast's face into the ground, grinding the pseudo flesh and bone of the hollow away. He then tossed it into the air, and proceeded to play pinball, using the Kyuubi as the ball, bouncing the former demon everywhere. When Naruto stopped playing pinball with the Kyuubi, the massive beast was battered and broken, looking like nothing more than a broken pile of flesh and bone.

Unfortunately though, a being of such great power would not fall so easily; and it quickly regenerated by using up fifty percent of its total power, which left the great beast critically weakened. A fact which the new Naruto was more than ready to exploit; a salvo of tactical nukes from a dozen shadow clones sent the evil beast to its knees.

The kitsune coughed up its pseudo blood as the Shinigami strode over to it, glaring balefully with one eye at the sword user it spoke in a tone full of hate and venom: "You…You bastard…You don't even fight fair…"

But before it could continue, the blond cut him off: "Fair? One such as you, who has killed hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS of people, with contemptuous ease and overwhelming power… DARES to speak of fairness? You are a coward, and it's time for you to vanish."

As he was speaking, his blade changed to its Shikai form, but his clothes stayed the same, and he slowly drew it from its sheath, filling the air with the ominous sound of metal being slowly drawn from within a sheath…In a voice that barely rose above a whisper, Naruto called upon the ultimate technique of Onime's Shikai: "Mumyo Jimpuu Ryuu: the Golden Wind, Kouryuu."

And with a blindingly bright flash of golden light, the Kyuubi ceased to exist, and Naruto returned to the real world, more powerful than ever before.


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