Summary: Omake for RaF. Eight-year-old Tsuna writes a letter for school about his family. One-shot, but I might include the others if I get enough requests.

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Name: Tsunayoshi Taru.

Class: 3-C

Assignment: Tell me a little about your home life; where do you live? Do you have any siblings? What are your parents like?

Dear Maestra,

My name is Tsunayoshi Taru, and I live at the Vongola Headquarters with my papa and my uncles and my aunts and my brothers and my sister. I have a really BIG family! Except that only my papa is my real family. My uncles are my papa's friends and my aunts are my uncles wifes and my brothers and sister are my uncles children! I don't have a mama, but that's okay! I don't need one! My aunties and the maids are like my mamas!

I have six uncles and they're all really really nice! My uncle G knew my papa since they were kids like me, but then they got separated when grandma and grandpa died and papa got sent to something called a foster home. I wonder what a foster home is? Papa says its icky, and he didn't like it so he ran away! My uncle G's name isn't really G, its Gabriele, but he doesn't like his name, so everyone calls him G! Papa sometimes calls him by his real name, and uncle G gets really mad and says words that papa tells me I'm never ever supposed to repeat! They're bad words! Uncle G is my brother Hayato's papa, and Hayato doesn't have a mama either, but he says he doesn't mind. Hayato is a lot like his papa and gets mad easily, but he's actually really nice and he and my other big brothers and big sister take really good care of me! Uncle G is my papa's storm guardian and right-hand and guess what! When I take over the family from my papa, I'm going to make Hayato my storm guardian, but that's a secret, so shhh!

My papa has five other guardians too! His mist guardian is named Daemon! Uncle Daemon is really nice to me and my brothers and sister, but sometimes, if we get hurt, he cane be really really scary! Like this one time, a mean boy was making fun of me and uncle Daemon went over to talk to the boy's papa and the boy's papa said that he couldn't do anything about it. Then uncle Daemon and uncle Alaude got really mad and went to talk to him, but I don't think they were really talking because there was lots of screaming and afterwards the boys father was bleeding a lot and he looked really scared. But after that, everything was okay. Uncle Daemon is a little weird, though. He has this hairstyle that looks like a melon, but I think that it looks really nice on him! My big brother Mukuro and big sister Chrome are twins and Uncle Daemon is their papa and they have pineapple hairstyles that look a little like their papas! Big brother Mukuro and big sister Chrome are the only ones in our family that have a real mama, but I'm not jealous. Auntie Elena who is their mama is always really nice to me and she's just like a mama to me! If I get hurt and I can't find papa, she'll hug me and make all the pain go away and she always gives me kisses just like a real mama does! I think auntie Elena and auntie Bianca are the most prettiest and the most nicest aunties in the whole wide world!

Auntie Bianca is my uncle Asaris fiancee, which means he's going to be my big brother Takeshis step-mother! But even though she's not his real mama, she's really nice just like a real mama. She's just like an angel! Before she decided to marry uncle Asari she used to work at our mansion as a maid but now she isn't a maid anymore! Uncle Asari is papa's rain guardian and he's Japanese and he's teaching us how to speak his language! We're going to go to Japan during the summer time because my big brother Ryohei's sister Kyoko lives there with her friends family. Uncle Asari says that even though Italy is his home now, he still likes going to Japan every once in a while because he grew up there. I like going to Japan too! My papa told me that my mama was from Japan so I'm half Japanese!

My uncle Knuckle is a priest and he's my papas sun guardian! My big brother Ryohei is his nephew! Big brother Ryohei came to live with us a few years ago because his mama and papa died in a car accident and his sister Kyoko fell asleep and wouldn't wake up. But she woke up a few months later and everything was fine but she didn't come to live with us because she wanted to stay in Japan. That's why we go to go to Japan every summer, so that big brother Ryohei can spend time with his sister! Uncle Knuckle is really nice but he can be really loud and so can big brother Ryohei and he looks a lot like uncle Knuckle so sometimes people think he's uncle Knuckle's son but he's not! But that's okay because I still love Ryohei a lot already and he's my big brother!

One of my other uncles is uncle Alaude. I mentioned him when I was talking about uncle Daemon. Uncle Alaude is my papa's cloud guardian and he can be really protective. He's really quiet and doesn't like crowds and he likes to arrest people a lot but he's really nice to me! He has to go away on assignments a lot to other countries and sometimes takes big brother Kyoya with him. Big brother Kyoya is his son. Big brother Kyoya is just like uncle Alaude except he doesn't arrest people and he sometimes calls me herbivore. When I asked him what it means he said that it means someone eats a lot of veggies. I don't like veggies though so how can I be a herbivore? Sometimes big brother Kyoya can be hard to understand but I still love him.

My papa's last and youngest guardian is my uncle Lampo, and he's the lightning guardian. Uncle Lampo doesn't have a son or daughter yet, but I think he will have one soon. My papa says so because he made a new friend a little while ago and he likes to go out with her a lot. Sometimes he sleeps at her house. But why would that mean that he's going to have a son? I sleep in the same house as everyone else too? Does that mean I'm going to have a son soon too? I asked papa but he laughed and said that I'm too young to become a papa and I felt really relieved. I'm still a kid. I don't want to be a papa. Anyways, you have to be an adult to be a papa don't you?

Those are all my papa's guardians and their wifes and children. My papa is their boss and he's also the sky guardian! When I get older I'm going to be a sky guardian too and then all my siblings will be my guardians but please don't tell them! I want it to be a surprise! I can't wait to take over the family because everyone in the family is so nice and they really respect papa. Papa is really cool! When I get bigger, I want to be just like papa!

Oh, but I almost forgot! The maids and the butlers and all the other servants are all my family too! I can't forget about them! They're always so nice to me and sometimes take care of me when papa and my uncles and aunties are busy or at meetings. My papa says that some other people from other families are not nice to their maids and butlers and I think thats not right! You should respect them because they work so hard for you! That's why I always make sure to be really polite to them and always say thank you!

Some people think that my family is really weird but I think that my family is really awesome! My papa and my uncles and my aunties and my brothers and my sister and the maids and the butlers and the chefs and everyone else might not be normal to everyone else but they're all really nice and they take care of me and I love my family more than anything in the whole wide world!

Tsunayoshi Taru

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