Twenty-six-year-old Alexa had no idea how to react to the assignment she was reading. It was the assignment of one of her favourite students, a fluffy little brunet named Tsunayoshi Taru.

The boy was always sweet and thoughtful, and kept his "brothers" in line.

But that was partially where the problem lay.

How exactly was he related to the two other boys in her class that he always spent his time with?

It said here that their fathers worked together, but that wasn't really a reason for them all to live together…was it?

And after gushing for over five minutes about how adorable Tsuna was for thinking that he could become a father just from sleeping in the same house as someone, an idea hit her smack on the head and she froze mid gush.

…Could it be possible that Tsuna came from some polygamous family?

It wasn't very likely, but why else would three women live alone in a household of seven men, none of whom were related?

And why else would the children call each other siblings while they called the adults uncles and aunts?

Alexa felt herself grow cold as the scenario became more and more possible in her mind, but tried to reassure herself that at least Tsuna's family obviously all loved each other very much, if what he said about his uncles Alaude and Daemon going to "talk" to the bully's father were true…

Deciding that this situation didn't need her immediate attention, Alexa went about marking Tsunayoshi's assignment and resolving to ask him later about his home situation.

Reading Hayato's essay, Alexa began to second-guess her earlier decision.

The kids had been getting kidnapped?

Well…from what she knew, they were filthy rich, so maybe the kids being kidnapped and held for ransom shouldn't be such a surprise to her, but the fact that Hayato was so nonchalant about it now wasn't a good thing.

Did the parents not pay attention to their kids?

How else would they have gotten kidnapped so many times?

And the part about this guy, Lampo, being beat up…was there domestic violence in this household?

Sure not…?

And without another thought, Alexa picked up her phone and called the Child Protective Services, telling them about her suspicions and being reassured that someone would be sent to the residence to check up on the children.

By the time Alexa read Takeshi's essay about his favourite bedtime story, she had developed a very healthy distrust of his, Tsuna's, and Hayato's family.

The fact that the Child Protective Services hadn't gotten back to her yet about how the visit had gone and the fact that Tsuna and his siblings had been missing from school the past two days had made her very suspicious about the whole situation.

So when she read about the young boy's favourite bedtime story, she took it with a grain of salt.

Alexa suspected that what had really happened hadn't been so child friendly, and that the real story had been similar to what Takeshi's stepmother's ex-fiancé had suspected.

As her dislike of the family continued to grow, Alexa decided not to burst the child's bubble about his favourite bedtime story and merely left a comment that it was a very nice story and she could see why he liked it so much.

Thirty-one-year-old Adrianna wasn't as prone to jumping to conclusions as Alexa was, so when she read her fifth year student's work, she found it to be incredibly sweet.

It was only about two months into the school year, but already it had been made crystal clear that her student, Kyoya Alaude, was one who didn't get along well with his peers and who did not like to express his emotions aloud.

But by reading his assignments about his siblings, it had been made clear that he was just as much a child as the rest of his classmates, and a very loving one at that, if his protectiveness of his younger siblings was any indication.

The story about how he had beat up some gangsters didn't bother her much; he was a child, and therefore prone to exaggerating. His father had probably stepped in when the yakuza thugs had surrounded Kyoya.

At one point in time, Adrianna had also wondered about Kyoya's relationship with his so-called siblings, but had decided that they were probably some kind of extended family.

Although it was a little bit worrying that Kyoya had been abused by his mother when he was younger…

Maybe Adrianna would call up his father and suggest having a talk with Kyoya, just to see that there hadn't been any lasting effects.

Ryohei's teacher, a twenty-nine-year-old by the name of Agnola, was in tears by the time she finished reading the boy's essay.

Agnola herself had a beautiful three-year-old daughter, and the thought of any child being put in her student's situation really saddened her.

Agnola remembered sometimes being mildly irritated with the boy for always being so loud, but also admiring him for his ability to always be so upbeat and be so kind to everyone. Never before had the woman suspected that he was holding such a dark past.

Suddenly, his actions took on completely different meanings for her.

His eternally loud voice portrayed a desperate struggle to keep his mind off his parents' death instead of an inability to differentiate between indoor and outdoor voices.

And his blinding smile and cheerful personality showed his determination to not let anyone see how completely devastated inside.

The immature and naïve boy had suddenly become, in his teacher's mind, the brave and tragic hero.

…but maybe she was just reading too much into it…

When Alcinia read Mukuro Spade's essay, she let out a little sigh; she'd known her student for a while know, and she had expected this.

The boy's writing and grammar were pretty near flawless, but they hardly made any sense.

Probably because he kept jumping from topic to topic.

One moment, the boy was talking about how he would deal with a bully, then he was talking about some video game he played with his siblings.

Because of course he had to be talking about a video game.

What other explanation was there?

It wasn't as if he could be talking about real life.

Because even if he knew how to defend himself, there were no such things as magical illusions.

And he had a rather disturbing imagination, if his words about pulling someone's nails out were any indication.

And that last sentence about not wanting the bully to die; he was really prone to exaggerating, like many kids his age.

But at least that's all it was; and exaggeration…


When Alcinia got to reading Chrome's essay, a smile grew on her face.

Having an older brother herself, she understood where the young girl was coming from.

But it had to be worse for Chrome, because she didn't only have on protective older brother, she had six protective brothers that knew how to fight, and a father and six uncles that all had a power known as money.

She must be feeling absolutely suffocated.

Chrome was a quiet and very sweet girl, but it seemed that her brother's personality had rubbed off on her as well.

The female Spade twin was just as prone to jumping from topic to topic and getting her video games mixed up with real life as her brother was.

Like that one sentence about learning to use a gun at the age of four.

Alcinia definitely disapproved of introducing children to such violent video games at such a young age, but how others raised their children was really none of her business, so she just kept quiet and marked the assignment.

The End

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