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Rated: K+

Word Count:

Character (s): Yu Narukami/Naoto Shirogane

Summary: Yu asks Naoto to help him with something towards the end of Episode 17. Whatever could it be? Friendship one-shot. Slight Yu x Naoto.

A Rainy Day Challenge


Chinese Diner Aiya

"Thanks again. Here's our rainy day special." Aika Nakamura said in her usual monotone voice as she sets down two big orders of somethingin front of her two customers who turned out to be Yu and Naoto.

The Detective Prince gazed in awe at what was placed before her very eyes.

It was a big bowl,

But not just any big bowl,

It was a hot steaming bowl of… noodles?

Or was it a big batch of meat with egg yolk?

Whatever it was, Naoto, one way or another was intrigued by the oversized dish.

"No one has been able to discern what all goes in the Special Nikudon." Yu gave his little friend all the small details about the special dish.

The young sleuth chuckled.

"This will be a tough case." Yu stared at the young detective who seemed to be enjoying herself. "You always manage to throw me off somehow."

The silver-haired male blinked.

"When it comes to you, everything is a big deal, whether it is the case or nikudon." The pint-sized detective gave her deduction on her senpai with a warm smile on her face.

"Life is a series of events." Yu simply put it.

Maybe it was.

Slowly, the young sleuth reached for a pair of chopsticks before poking around her nikudon for any sort of clue or hint, as to how she can expose the challenge's weakness.

"Hmm, beneath the meat is… meat."

She poked around again.

"And more meat and meat…"

Yu smiled. Naoto was really into this. "I'm counting on you, Detective Prince."

Soon the pair would go on and take on the challenge while enjoying each other's company as the rainy day continues.

A/N: I must say episode 17 is one of my favorite episodes. It's not because of the ending between Yu and Naoto. It's also because of the funny moments within the episode. I hope they add more moments between Yu and Naoto. And who knows? Maybe they will end up together towards the end of the series. I hope they do. Anyway, please R & R. Thank you!

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