Chapter 1

"Hey babe I brought you your tea." Brittany flipped onto her back to admire her adorable girlfriend who was placing two mugs onto her bedside table.

"Thanks San." Brittany said her voice still thick with sleep.

Ever since the two had become an official couple Santana had become the most loving girlfriend anyone could have wished for.

"No problem." Santana replied as she got back under the covers, her arm fell over Brittany's waist and she nuzzled into her girlfriends neck. Brittany smiled at how genuinely affectionate her girlfriend was around her, but her face fell when she remembered how everyone around them knew nothing of the real Santana.

Yesterday Brittany had opened her locker to find a picture of Santana holding Lord Tubbington while throwing a half smoked cigarette into the bin. She didn't know who had taken it but from the lipstick kiss on the clean side of the photo, she knew exactly who it was from. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Glee club, Brittany had tried to joke about her cat liking cigarette smoke but only Santana seemed to know what she had been getting at so she had just started to see how far she could go with it before they thought she was crazy. So far she had just tried not to laugh at the blank look on people's faces as she told them about her kitty's bad habit.

Somehow Santana always managed to make her smile in the morning even when Cheerio's practice was punishing, it was a wonderful part of their relationship that had only grown with the exclusivity.

The only real problem Brittany had with their new relationship is that no one seemed to take Santana's feelings seriously. Everyday Santana would have to face cruel remarks about her love life whenever she tried to insult somebody. Usually Brittany would just stand back and let Santana's sharp tongue tear down the hater but recently the personal insults had been taking a toll on her girlfriend's quick tongue, resulting in hidden tears. Brittany really wanted to do something to make people see how much they were hurting Santana but she could not work out how; even her favourite purple ideas pen gave her nothing.

That day in Glee Santana tried to suggest a song sung with a little bit of Spanish but was shot down when the gleeks learnt how romantic the words to the song were. The basic consensus was that Santana would not be able to pull off anything remotely romantic and that she should instead go for hateful or sexy songs. Brittany actually had to grind her teeth together to prevent herself from telling all of them about the romantic things her girlfriend does for her every day.

The only reason for her continued silence was her knowledge that Santana would feel far too vulnerable if those other kids knew about her soft side. Sometimes this made Brittany fell special being the only one with any access to it but most of the time it just made it harder to watch Santana get put down by people she was so much better than.

Brittany knew she wasn't book smart but Santana had always told her that she was people smart and she believed her. For example she knows that Rachel is a very cuddly person who needs lots of hugs and kisses to get through the day. The fact that Finn basically ignored that need told Brittany that he knew nothing about her; the meat thing just confirmed it. When Brittany needed a hug at any time she would just have to think about it and Santana would appear, as if by magic (she was almost convinced her girl could read minds), and hold her until she felt a little better.

As she sat in Glee wondering how to let the world know how brilliant her girlfriend was without said girlfriend finding out she realised that she had spaced out and Mr Shue was mouthing something at her. Oh no he was talking, oops.

"Sorry Mr Shue I was thinking about how to give Lord Tubbington a bath without him sinking again." She covered.

Santana saw the spaced out look overtake her girlfriend's face the moment her song choice was denied, purely because the lyrics were romantic. The fact that the gleeks and Shue thought she couldn't pull that off hurt a lot more than she usual. Her girlfriends silence only confirmed what she thought she already knew. Santana Lopez cannot pull off romance, sexy yes, feisty yes, romance no. The thought sent an unexpected wave of sadness over her. She returned to paying attention when Brittany said something weird about her cat.

"Um that's okay Brittany I just wanted to know if you would choreograph Finn and Rachel's romantic duet." Santana almost growled and was so distracted by the notion that she didn't see the flash of annoyance pass through Brittany's eyes before she agreed with a terse nod of her head.

"That's great, good team spirit Brittany, you can arrange practice times between yourselves." Mr Shue said excitedly and then carried on with the rest of practice not even registering the disgruntled look on both the Cheerio's faces.

After yet another solo by Rachel the gleeks were finally allowed to go home for the day and Brittany followed a quiet Santana out to her car. Once they were inside and Santana still hadn't said a word Brittany decided she would try to speak up.

"San, are you ok?" Brittany said gently reaching out to stroke the Latina's cheek with her thumb only to have Santana flinch away from her touch. She pulled her hand back slightly hurt at Santana's actions.

"I'm sorry Britt; I'm fine just a little bit tired nothing to worry about." Santana tried to reassure her girlfriend but failed to keep the tremor out of her voice.

"You're not fine, you're never fine why didn't you just sing the song to me in front of them rather than just asking, you know if you're worried they'll laugh at you don't I'll just..."

"BRITT!" Santana cut off her rambling trying to maintain her cool for a little longer. "I'm not worried I just didn't want to sing today, anyway they were right I'm too hot to be romantic." Santana said firmly.

"Fine." Brittany replied sadly.

"Good." Santana tried to ignore that fact she'd just upset her girlfriend.

"Can you take me home now?" Brittany said quietly not wanting to upset Santana any more.

"Sure." Santana said a little choked up because Brittany was supposed to be coming back to her house to study but she clearly didn't want to anymore.

The drive to Brittany's house was completely silent almost awkwardly so, the two so rarely fought if you could even call what they were doing fighting.

Brittany tried to figure out why the girl she loved was so afraid to express it in front of people they knew and Santana was attempting to figure out how to express how sorry she was for shouting at her very accepting girlfriend/best friend. When Santana pulled up to Brittany's house Brittany didn't even look at her before jumping out the car with a simple "Bye".

Santana drove home trying not to notice the tears running down her face and barged in her front door as if it was an attacker, startling her mother.

"Santana!" Her mother exclaimed, "Look at what you've done to the wallpaper."

"Sorry Mami." Santana mumbled eyeing what was indeed a small dent from the door on the wall.

"It's alright Mija, what's got you so worked up?" She said, concerned when her daughter wouldn't turn to face her, she walked over and placed a hand on Santana's shoulder turning her around and gasping when she saw the tear tracks, her daughter never cried.

"Oh Santana what happened?" She tried to hug Santana, but was met with a stiff rejection.

"Nothing, I'm just an idiot." Santana sniffled unwillingly.

"Is it Brittany?" Her mother asked kindly ignoring the look of shock on Santana's face when she brought the recently untouched topic up.

"Wha... I thought... Huh?" Santana stumbled over her words completely taken aback that her mother wanted to talk about her relationship. Her parents silence on the subject since she told them was unnerving but easy to deal with, this was not at all easy.

"Just because your Papi and I haven't quite got used to the idea completely yet doesn't mean I don't want to be there for you when you go through difficult things, you're in love it happens."

Santana was plunged even deeper into speechlessness. On the one hand talking to someone about her emotions was not even close to being on her to do list but on the other hand this was her Mami, they used to be really close before Santana started hiding who she was. This could be the opportunity she needed to get that relationship back. Still talking about Brittany to do it seemed like a huge mountain to climb. However she couldn't get past one thing her Mami had said.

"I'm in love?" Santana had not told them that when she had come out to them, only that she and Brittany were dating, she wasn't even completely used to the idea of love herself, all she knew was that she wanted to make Brittany happy and be with her all the time. Yep she was in love alright.

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