Last Chapter (M Rated)

Brittany was just walking out of her last class of the day. She was skipping slightly with excitement. Glee was always at the end of the day and that was when her girlfriend was the most relaxed and happy with herself while they were still around other people. Smiling to herself she was startled by the sudden appearance of Quinn in front of her.

"Hi Quinn wanna walk to Glee with me?" She asked brightly.

"Erm yeaah actually Glee is in the auditorium today B." Quinn said a little shifty.

"Oh okay lets go." Brittany barely noticed Quinn's fidgeting she was so focussed on seeing Santana for only the second time that day. The two had woken up together but Santana had made excuses and run off before Brittany had even got out of bed. The outgoing Latina was nowhere to be found at lunch or Spanish and Brittany was really starting to miss her smile.

"Quinn?" Brittany started looking at Quinn and noticing her friends cheeks were stained red. "Have you seen Santana today?" She asked curiously.

"I haaave not, sorry B." Quinn replies hesitantly.

"Oh do you think she's sick? Can I please borrow your phone so I can ring her and check?" Brittany asked quickly her heart speeding up. She creased her forehead in a frown.

"Oh um no Britt I left it in my locker." Quinn made excuses.

They walked in silence for a while Brittany worrying about her possibly ill girlfriend and Quinn swimming in guilt for lying. Suddenly a distinct buzzing sound could be heard echoing around the almost empty corridor leading to the auditorium.

"Quinn?" Brittany asked hurt colouring her features. "You lied to me." Brittany hates lies more than anything else in the world.

"Sorry B I thought I'd left it." Quinn said quietly but wouldn't meet Brittany's pained eyes.

Brittany stayed completely silent knowing Quinn was lying and decided to give Quinn the silent treatment until she chose to be honest with the people smart blonde.

Walking into the auditorium was awkward to say the least. Each and every member of the Glee club was sat in the third row with Mr Schue standing smiling at her from the stage.

You know the feeling when you walk into a room and your heart sinks because every single person stops what they're doing or saying and stares straight through you. It doesn't matter how happy you are before you enter because all the pep is sucked out of you to be replaced by butterflies.

Embarrassment washed over the blonde staining her cheeks red and making her knees wobbled dramatically.

"Hi guys." Brittany awkwardly waved at them all hiding behind her books.

Nobody spoke back but the coy smiles on their faces put Brittany a little more at ease and she gathered the courage to walk forward.

"Sit over here Brittany." Rachel called out pointing to an empty seat which had a balloon tied to the arm with a picture of her, Santana and none other than Lord Tubbington. The balloon span lazily as the two happy and one grumpy face lit up the air around them.

"What?" Brittany breathed looking around at all the smiling faces watching her reaction. Looking back at the balloon she noticed the note pinned to the bottom of the string and she snatched it up immediately.

Hi baby, I hope you like your balloon. I have a surprise for you so please take a seat and let me show you how much I love you. Forever, love Santana xxx

Brittany looked up horrified and saw the gleeks faces fall. She frowned at them all hoping for an explanation.

"You guys, why does she want me to steal a chair?" Brittany asked quietly ashamed at the gaping jaws the statement received.

"Um Brittany, do you mind if I read the message?" Rachel asked gently. Nodding slowly Brittany handed the small piece of paper to the smaller girl.

With a completely straight face Rachel read the note a couple of times. The only sign of her understanding Brittany's confusion was a quirk of her eyebrow. Raising her head the small singer smiled tearfully.

"First off I am so sorry for all the things I've said to undermine your relationship in front of others because this is..." She took a deep breath, "One of the loveliest gestures I've ever seen." The other gleeks were now leaning over trying to see the words the queen bitch had written that could make Rachel Berry cry.

"But why does she want me to steal then?" Brittany asked kindly.

"I apologise Brittany I missed the point there, take a seat means sit down and I'm sure she's dying for you to do that so she can start." Rachel laughed at her own forgetfulness.

With a confused smile plastered to her face Brittany spun around and 'took' the seat with the balloon floating on her right. She stared hard at the curtain freezing with nerves as the lights dimmed and the auditorium was plunged into darkness.

A Spanish riff played out of the darkness with the gleeks clapping out a beat the music surrounding the excited blonde still frozen with anticipation. When a bright spotlight illuminated a stunning figure centre stage Brittany gasped audibly. In her sexy short black dress and heels Santana looked perfect. She could see the microphone in Santana's hands trembling slightly and the muscle in her knees twitching like they always did when the girl was scared.

Nodding her head encouragingly to the beat Brittany took a deep breath at the same time Santana did before she literally burst into song.

Angel by the day, devil by the night.
Poison all the way, heaven by my side.

The Latina's voice took on a distinct accent her voice overwhelmed with love and strength in a way the gleeks had never heard before.

Nothing can compare to the way you make me feel.
Blinded by your stare.
Tell me this is real...

Drums and guitar were added, the musicians completely invisible as Santana's voice built up into an amazing crescendo. Locking eyes with Brittany through the light Santana sang the most important part directly to her.

Wherever you're going, you know that I'll be there.
However you need me, just say when or where.

The music swelling to hit its first big crescendo as Santana killed it into the chorus her eyes still conveying the meaning behind her words.

Siempre tu
When I'm dreaming.
Only you...
Keep me beating.
With your angel eyes.
I can't get you out of my mind...
Siempre tu

With the drums gently fading out, the piano came back to the forefront the gleeks still clapping steadily as Santana began to move steadily closer to the edge of the stage for the next verse. Her hand stretching out of her own accord towards Brittany, her actions fit perfectly with the words.

Save another dance, shoot me to the stars.
Take me by the hand, and show me who you are.

The second those tempting lyrics left her girlfriends lips Brittany was out of her seat and racing to take the soft hand. Dancing crazily to the addictive beat around a beaming Santana.

Burning with your moves, floating with your hips.
You know I can't refuse the rhythm of your lips...

Muévete al ritmo, Veras que te llevarás
Somos uno mismo
Húndeme en tu mar

Even Brittany had frozen in shock. Santana's eyes sparkled as she sang to her in perfect Spanish. Brittany's body flushed with heat listening to the sexy accent. Knowing what Santana was actually saying made the experience so special and unique. Brittany started to sway again as the chorus came back around.

Siempre Tú en cada beso
Eres Tú en la que pienso
Sálvame de mi soledad
Nunca te voy a olvidar
Siempre Tú

Finally hundreds of lights lit up the whole stage revealing the musicians and allowing Santana and Brittany to dance around the stage. Confidence radiated from the Latina, captivating Brittany in its power as she moved fluidly against Santana. Feeling her girlfriend breathing in and out as she led her through the instrumental the blonde was totally entranced. She barely noticed the guitar quickly building back up before the music stripped back and Santana's incredible vocals filled their ears. Her voice dripping with heavy emotion.

Muévete al ritmo, Veras que te llevarás
Somos uno mismo
Húndeme en tu mar

By now everyone was on their feet still trying to clap out the beat and helping sing back up to Santana's amazingly strong melody. One tense pause in the music later and Santana was bringing the song to its knees. Brittany closed her eyes and just listened to the intensity of the voice wash over her.

Siempre Tú en cada beso
Eres Tú en la que pienso
Sálvame de mi soledad
Nunca te voy a olvidar
Siempre Tú

Santana had no time to prepare herself for the last chorus but she poured her whole heart and soul into her voice as she stopped all her movement and pulled Brittany closer to her. She projected every ounce of love she had ever felt into the last few lines.

Siempre Tú en cada beso
Eres Tú en la que pienso
Sálvame de mi soledad
Nunca te voy a olvidar
Siempre Tú

As the last note wavered slightly both girls descended into tears holding each other tightly. The gleeks all broke out into whoops and cheers as they watched the tender moment between the two. Rachel whispered something into Quinn's ear and the two nodded before repeating their idea to Mr Schue who was almost disappointed not to have thought of their idea himself.

Santana smiled through her tears as her girlfriend slowly swayed her in her arms whispering words of love into her ear past sobs and sniffles.

"Girls!" Mr Schue called out as he walked onto the stage, "As much as I hate to interrupt your moment I need to ask Santana a very important question." He announced importantly.

Breaking apart reluctantly but keeping their arms around each other Brittany and Santana turned to face the seats and Mr Schue. Clapping his hands excitedly Mr Schuester addressed Santana directly.

"On behalf of the whole Glee club including myself I would like to ask you to please take the solo at Nationals this year?" Mr Schue asked as if he couldn't get the words out fast enough.

Santana's jaw was nearly on the floor as Brittany giggled at her shocked girlfriends face.

"Qué dices Berry?" Santana asked bitchily still not believing the offer to be genuine. Brittany giggled at Santana's Spanish mode still firmly switched on.

"Actually Santana, it was Rachel's idea." Mr Schuester said happily. His most diva like student had finally accepted that others should take the spotlight sometimes.

Santana just stared down at Rachel's beaming smile wondering when the world stopped spinning.

"Indeed it was, the emotion you felt we all felt it too and it was truly inspiring Santana, we will definitely win if you perform that at Nationals!" Rachel asserted looking to the rest of the club for support. Each and every member nodded and murmured their agreement surprising Santana once more.

"Wow!" Santana whispered turning her face towards Brittany's making sure the blonde was still there too.

"You keep saying that lately." Brittany giggled.

"I'm shocked." Santana admitted sheepishly.

"I know, you spoke Spanish to Rachel." Brittany smiled as Santana's eyebrows shot up. "You're just like buzz." She told her girlfriend who smiled genuinely at the cheeky grin on the blondes face.

"So I should do the solo then?" Santana brought the weird conversation back around.

"Yeah babe." Brittany smiled kindly at her girlfriend's insecure expression.

"Okay, it's all for you anyway." Santana gestured wildly at the admission making everybody laugh.

"Brilliant and don't change a thing about it okay Santana?" Mr Schue checked once more.

Santana nodded her lips tightly pressed together to stop a sob from escaping. Brittany's grip instinctively tightened around her shoulders and she turned to smile affectionately at the beautiful blonde.

They stared into each other's eyes not even realising that everyone else had filed out until the door slammed behind Quinn who loudly locked the door.

Seeing the happiness and love pouring out of her girlfriend's warm brown eyes Brittany's felt her chest tighten. It was as if her heart had grown ten times larger in seconds. She felt her face heat up and her whole body tingled with electricity. She felt the overwhelming urge to feel every inch of Santana against her from her toes all the way to her forehead she wanted the girl who just sang so passionately to her.

"Britt?" Santana had recognised the darkening of Brittany's irises and she moved closer on instinct loving how powerfully Brittany's stare was affecting her.

Their lips met in a frenzy tongues battling seconds later. Brittany pressed Santana into her body as hard as she could ignoring her burning lungs, the desire she felt for Santana stronger than that for air right now.

Santana barely felt her feet moving off the stage only feeling her body fully when her back hit the wall gently. Her lips followed Brittany's needily as the blonde pulled away desperate for air. Not waiting a moment to get her breath Brittany attacked the Latina's neck thanking all things above that the gorgeous dress was strapless.

"Ooh." Santana moaned unabashedly as Brittany's hands ran all over her legs pushing her dress high up on her stomach. Her body overheated as kisses were rained down all over her. Each one sent a shock of arousal through her whole body.

Brittany felt the desire fully taking hold of her mind and she used all her strength to rip the bodice of the dress at the seam.

"Britt!" Santana exclaimed loudly as the dress fell away from her body and her girlfriend continued to ravish her desperately. The next thing she knew there were hands caressing her breasts almost roughly. She moaned again as Brittany's tongue ran over her bare nipple. Her spine arched as tingles ran down it driving her insane with need and her nails dug into the fabric of Brittany's cheerio's top.

Brittany felt hands crawl up her back as Santana frantically tried to rid Brittany of her clothes. Taking pity on her girl Brittany yanked her own top off but wasn't fast enough to stop Santana from tearing her bra from her body.

"I want you so bad." Brittany moaned into Santana's chest as she kissed down the Latina's body towards her panties loving the feel of strong muscles tensing and releasing under her lips. She slid a hand down the same path and into Santana's panties. The sensation of the wetness slipping over her fingers like silk made Brittany feel like the most loved person in the world as she entered Santana smoothly with two fingers thrusting her hips to add more power.

"Holy SHIT!" Santana screamed out at the unexpected contact and she tried not to cum on the spot. Hooking her fingers into Brittany's hair she pulled she panting blonde into a deep and rough kiss ravishing her with her lips and tongue gasping into her girlfriend's mouth as the fingers inside her curled deliciously upwards.

"Fuck San you're so wet for me." Brittany panted against Santana's parted lips slowing her thrusts but making them harder and deeper instead. The movement drew even more moans of appreciation from the Latina whose legs were beginning to shake uncontrollably as the pleasure overwhelmed her senses.

Feeling the Latina drop down onto her fingers Brittany threw herself forwards using her strong thighs to part Santana's legs further and reaching around to help the stricken girl wrap a leg tightly around her.

"Oh god Britt more, I want more." Santana begged losing all sense of time and space as Brittany's thrusts came harder and faster now that their bodies were closer.

Brittany tilted her head to bite Santana's pulse point as she withdrew her finger completely and grabbed the front of Santana's silk panties yanking them clean off the Latina's writhing body. Positioning her hips behind her wrist Brittany used every ounce of strength she possessed to drive three fingers deep into Santana's core.

The motion sent an orgasm racing through Santana almost immediately but Brittany didn't show any signs of slowing as she continued to thrust urgently into her soaked girlfriend. Feeling the warm liquid running down her hand and down her own legs drove Brittany wild as she continued to claim her girlfriend roughly.

"You feel so good, I love it when you speak Spanish but fuck your singing was so fucking hot San." Brittany husked into Santana's ear feeling a gush of wetness hit her fingers at her words.

Santana felt like her brain was melting and all she could do was keep thrusting her hips to meet Brittany's talented fingers as they played her like an instrument. Her whole body was now being supported on just the blonde's thighs and her muscles were turning softer as she raced towards the edge. The coil in her lower belly winding tighter and tighter until it was all she could focus on. Brittany swearing always had that affect.

Seconds later Brittany felt Santana's walls begin to flex and tighten around her fingers so she sped up the pace though her whole body protested at the movement. Hearing Santana chant a series of 'Fucks', 'Oh my gods' and 'Britts' into her ear in both Spanish and English let her know the Latina was seconds away from climax.

"Look at me San." Brittany demanded roughly nipping Santana's chin when she didn't respond.

Only seconds later Santana registered the request and forced her eyes open meeting the swirling blues of her wildly thrusting girlfriend. With on last thrust Santana was sent flying over the edge and into an orgasm that just wouldn't end.

Brittany didn't want to stop, the fire in her veins keeping her strong as she continued to enter the now tight Latina repeatedly sending Santana into a third orgasm before her second had even finished.

"Fuuuuck!" Santana screamed hoarsely as she felt her release flow strongly through her for the third time the sensation leaving her weak. She practically broke her spine as it bent to the max under the intense pleasure.

The brunette shook violently in Brittany's arms as the blonde helped her ride out the receding orgasm before withdrawing her fingers completely and licking them slowly.

Santana opened her sleepy eyes at the sound of Brittany moaning and seeing the blonde sucking on her own fingers sent shivers through her. Her pussy clenched painfully and she winced at the reminder that she would be very sore soon.

Lowering Santana slowly to the ground the two girls flopped down beside each other both completely out of breath and cuddled close on the floor at the side of the stage.

"Jesus Britt that was so intense." Santana puffed out nuzzling into the sweaty blonde's neck unable to move any further.

"You sang in Spanish I couldn't resist." Brittany choked out still out of breath.

"I love you, you know that." Santana mumbled sleepily.

"I love you too and I totally fell in love with you again just now." Brittany laughed at the double meaning.

"I could tell." Santana said playfully nudging the blonde. "Just wait til I can move, you have a long night ahead of you Miss Pierce." The brunette said seductively throwing a leg over Brittany's and giggled when she realised the blonde still had her Cheerio's skirt on.

"Can't wait." Brittany sighed putting an arm under her girlfriends shoulders and tugging her even closer basking in the warmth they had created together. 'Definitely a forever thing' She thought contentedly as she and Santana drifted off to sleep their hearts still beating hard against one another.

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