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Brittany was dancing when Santana offered to buy them drinks. As she made her way to the bar, she saw Quinn and Rachel make-out in the middle of the dance floor and she had to take a few breaths to not puke all over a woman with red hair.

Ever since that guy hit on her Brittany has been all over her. When the same guy tried to grind up against her once, the blonde shoved him away and gripped her hips possessively and pushed Santana against her.

It was oddly arousing, jealous and possessive Brittany, because she was usually cute and generally nice to everyone she met. Probably the alcohol.

She was waiting for the drinks when he appears again, his side pressed into her from behind so he could whisper in her ear.

"I like it when girls play hard-to-get," he mutters and she can smell his alcohol breath. It kind of makes her nauseous.

"I'm not playing, because you'll never get me," she answers and tries to shove him away a little- he was too close for her liking.

"C'mon I'll show you a good time," she feels a big, and just a little clumsy hand grip her ass.

He obviously doesn't understands a 'no' when he gets one.

Just when she is about to slap him across the face, he is gone. She looks around, confused, to find that Brittany has shoved him to the floor. A smile tugs on her lips at Brittany's heavy breathing, almost like a leopard that just got a hold of its prey.

"Wow, you want in?" he shouts up at her with a smirk, and a warning signal goes off in Santana's head when she can see Brittany's nostrils flare. The people at the bar are watching the scene in front of them with amused looks and they even attracted a few people from the dancefloor.

"Babe," she grabs Brittany's wrist and tugs her against her before the blonde can attack him. "It's okay, he doesn't get it." She whispers and Brittany relaxes a little, so she doesn't need to hold her back anymore.

"You're mine," she growls and eyes the guy, who stands up and while smirking at them. "I don't like it when someone hits on you."

She can't help but smile at the cuteness of this confession and tugs on her wrist once again to make Brittany's attention turn to her instead of the poor guy who was just about to get beaten by a woman.

"I'm yours," she confirms in a whisper, and intentionally brushes her lips against her ear and to feel Brittany's whole body tense in a response. "I only want you and that is what counts."

Brittany's eyes find hers and her smirk disappears as she sees the predatory look in her eyes. She gulps as the blonde leans in and crashes their lips together in a passionate kiss and dives her tongue into her mouth with one swipe. Milky hand grabs her ass, and it's nothing like that guy. She loves it when her girlfriend gets handsy, especially with her ass.

Brittany pushes her against herself, molding them together as one, and sucks hard at her bottom lip. Their heads turn so they have more access to each others mouths and she hear the blonde sigh as both of her hands finds her neck to pull her closer.

Since both of them had a lot to drink, it's sloppy… and wet. But Santana doesn't dwell on it was Brittany runs her hands up and down her sides. Their tongues makes that familiar dance that they always use when it's heated, but it still makes her head all fuzzy, and her legs like jelly, just like the first time.

That shot of heat rushes from her head and to her core, making her gasp against Brittany's mouth. The blonde just takes her top lip between her lips and licks at it lightly, and she returns the lick on Brittany's bottom lip.

She fists her hands in blonde hair and is gently pushed up against the bar as a reply.

"That's HOT,"

A voice says, and they drunkenly turns their heads to find that everyone at the bar is staring, the guy that tried hitting on her earlier is standing there with mouth agape and a aroused expression on his face. "Let's take this to my place?" he asks then, and Brittany glares holes through his head.

"Let's get out of here Britt," she states and rolls her eyes at the guy when he gives her a confused look.

Brittany doesn't reply, she just drapes her arm around her waist and presses her against her side and starts walking towards the exit.

Her arousal is at the point of being hurtful when the taxi picks them up. Brittany doesn't make it easy to not be horny with her hands and neck kisses. It doesn't stop in the vehicle either, because the blonde's hand grabs her core and the pressure is heaven. She bucks her hips and don't give a shit about the taxi-driver who almost drives off the road when she moans loudly.

Brittany makes tight circles on her clothed sex, and it's driving her to the point where she can't even breathe. Her legs twitch and she bucks up repeatedly, gasping every time those fingers makes perfect friction.

Brittany chuckles hotly in her ear, and it goes straight to the heat between her legs. She is pretty sure that Brittany can feel just how much she wants her, and it drives her even more crazy.

They pull to as stop outside their apartment building and she notices how her girlfriend throws bills at the taxi driver, just to get to her faster.

The elevator is hot, and she gives Brittany's chest the attention it deserve as the blonde with the perfect breasts has her trapped against the wall and is dry humping her. She whimpers as Brittany press her thigh harder against her core and sucks at her earlobe. The blonde's throat is making these sexy growls with every thrust, and she pushes her own thigh higher until Brittany gasps and rolls her own hips harder.

The elevator dings but they barely notice as they continue their ministrations on one another, until a throat clears uncomfortably to their right, and Santana snaps her head to the source to find Mrs. Green, who lives next door, staring at her feet nervously.

Brittany whines when she pulls away, but seems to get the situation when Santana drags her past the blushing woman. Santana's own cheeks are burning with embarrassment, and she mutters a quickly apology and almost sprits to their front door with Brittany in her heels.

The blonde seems to notice her slumped and defeated shoulders as she unlocks the door, because she embraces her from behind and trails lazy and reassuring kisses along her neck.

It's enough to make her forget about Mrs. Green's shocked and embarrassed eyes.

"Go sit in the living room," Brittany husks in her ear and her hands graze her sides slowly, "I'll be right there."

Santana can't deny her anything, a little confused and flustered she stumbles into the living room and sits down on the couch. It makes her wince a little, she is so turned on and she can feel that her thong is drenched. Just the smallest of pressure is almost enough.

What is her girlfriend doing? Seriously, she is going crazy. About five minutes later, she consider to get herself off when the stereo starts playing a unfamiliar song and she jumps in her seat; taken by surprise.

Not even a moment later, Brittany steps into the room and Santana practically bucks into the couch by the heat rushing between her legs.

The blonde is wearing a black lace bra, a similar garter with the same floral design. The thong and the high stockings were see through- the latter was held up by the garter. Those high-heels weren't helping at all.

"Wow," she breathes out in amazement, but doesn't find words when the singer starts to sing- it screams sex- and she loses it when Brittany starts swaying her hips in time with the music expertly.

You make me feel like a sticky pistil

leaning into her stamen

She gulps as she comes closer, her eyes never leaves her body. It's so sensual, and sexy… and beautiful that she wants to cry. The blonde just makes her even wetter, if it's even possible. She finds her girlfriend's eyes, and moans lightly at the darkness she finds there, the pure lust is just dripping from her whole persona.

You make me feel like the Amazon's runnin' between...

my thighs

"Brit-" she whimpers when she comes closer, takes a hold of the shoulders to make her sit down on the coffee table, which is slightly higher than the sofa. Her body starts to move again, this time in reach for Santana's hands- that is slapped away when she tries to touch. Brittany just smirks and turns her own hands over her body, slowly, dips down at the same time that she turns around, so that Santana gets the perfect view of her perfect ass in that mouth-watering thong.

You make me feel love, love, love, love, love

love, love, love, love, love

Her fingers dig into the table painfully and she sucks in her lip in her mouth to not make any noise again. She squirms onto the table, which gives her a little of the pressure she needs to moan out loud. Brittany turns lazily, her hips still moves from side to side to the beat, her hands grazes her breast and she grabs them in front of Santana's face, rolling her body close to hers, but not so they touch.

You make me feel like a candy apple

Red and horny

"Are you enjoying the show, baby?" Brittany asks quietly, her voice teasing. The smirk she wears as she rolls her hips towards her in the air makes Santana think that she already knows the answer to her own question.

Santana just groans in response as her eyes trails up her neck to find dark blue eyes. Her core is throbbing with want; her heartbeat is in her ears and almost making her dizzy. "I love dancing for you," Brittany reveals, her own eyes betraying her cocky façade; they're taken over by desire.

You make me feel like I wanna be a dumb blonde

In a centerfold, the girl next door

She dips low again, and this time runs her hands up her thighs as she stands up, biting her lip when she sees the flustered body, and features on Santana's face. Her arms rise above her head as her body moves in waves, her chest moving delicately in perfect sync with her hips and legs.

"Let me touch you," Santana breathes and she is surprised when Brittany lets her, and inches closer so her whole front is pressed against hers. Santana parts her legs as Brittany steps out of the high-heels so they are closer.

And I would open the door and I'd be all wet

With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt

That I'm wearing

She runs her hand up the bra and lets her fingertips play with the fabric. With one hand, she pushes the toned stomach towards her to press open-mouthed kisses around her belly bottom and up, closer to her chest.

And you would open the door and tie...

Me up to the bed

She can hear Brittany gasp, and then whimper when the other removes from her breast and to her ass. "you're not the only one who likes thongs'," she says, out of breath, between Brittany's breasts. Brittany's fingers dig into her hair and mumble something in reply, and her body inches closer to her mouth.

Santana gets this need to be able to kiss her, so she stands on weak legs. Brittany gives her a confused look, but gets it when she sits down on the couch again, dragging the blonde down so she straddles her. Brittany leans down, and their mouths find each other a second later in a heated kiss. She can hear the blonde sigh as her hand runs up the back of her thighs.

The song stops, just as Brittany's whole body response to her touch and rolls bucks against her, to a song that Santana recognize. 'Brittany has really planned this' she thinks as Beyoncé begins to sing sensually.

Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care;

When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear

Her lips leaves Brittany's to her milky neck, and the blonde happily give her access; and moans when she bite down at her pulse point. Santana caress her back as she feels the woman above her lean her arms on the back of the couch to steady herself.

"You're so damn hot Brittany," she mutters and licks her earlobe; making her breath hitch. "you don't know what you do to me."

Brittany just hums as a response, and she tightens her arms around her back with one hand and moves the other one just beneath Brittany's thong. The blonde seems to feel it, because she dips her hips to get friction. Both of them groan at the contact, Brittany is so wet that it makes her head spin and her mouth starts craving the taste of it.

I light up when you call my name, and you know I'm gonna treat you right

You give me fever… when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight

Fever... in the morning, fever all through the night

"You're soaked," she rasps out and Brittany nods quickly, her lips part and a pink tongue poke out to wet her own lips. Santana uses her fingertips to make lazy circles above the thin cotton, and she gets a low moan in response.

"Only for you," she barely manages to gasp and their lips crash together again, more intense and needy than before. Teeth are clashing and Santana notices that Brittany's kisses become more sloppy and wet between pants, when she increases the pressure with her fingertips. "Santana,"

She can actually feel how wet she is herself, it's like someone has thrown a glass full of water on her underwear. And- the smell of Brittany- it makes her lose her mind, and her body go animalistic. Her dress is too tight all of a sudden, and she needs to feel the smooth skin of Brittany against hers. But she has a plan first.

Romeo loved Juliet, Juliet felt the same;

When he put his arms around her, he said, "Julie, baby, you're my flame

"Baby," she begins when she breaks the kiss and the blonde is breathing heavy into her ear, just to be sure that she have Brittany's attention. "I want you to ride my fingers,"

Brittany just hums again as an answer, and she doesn't waste any time to push her lace underwear to the side and slowly begins to stroke back and forth between her wet folds. The smell that hits her is making her shiver along with Brittany. She teases her clit over, and over and over again until the blonde is whimpers and pulls away from their lazy kisses in frustration.

"Please, I want you inside of me," she begs, and just like any other time; Santana can't say no to her. Their lips seem like magnets, because suddenly they are kissing lazily and deeply, Brittany does this thing with her tongue that makes her swoon and become dizzy.

Captain Smith and Pocahontas had a very mad affair;

When he daddy tried to kill him, she said, "Daddy, oh, don't you dare!

He gives me fever... with his kisses, fever when he holds me tight

Brittany leans forwards slightly to give her more access to her core- breaking the kiss, and soon she has two fingers buried inside slick heat. She pushes down, shuddering as she does, and moans when she hits her knuckles. The blonde gasps and tries to catch her breath with every thrust, and stops for a moment when Santana meets her halfway.


Santana feels that her hand is soaked with her juices and groans at the smell, and how amazing it feels on her hand. She rests their foreheads together, and watches Brittany's clenched eyes. She starts to curl her fingertips a little when she is deep enough inside of her girlfriend and Brittany shivers and her pants grows heavier and faster than before.

The shiver, is a sign that she is close to the edge, and she curls her fingers more and Brittany whimpers again. "Open your eyes," she mumbles against her chin, and Brittany opens her eyes slowly, and she can see how hard it is for her to keep them open. "I want to see you when you come," she explains and gives her a kiss at the corner of her mouth, because Brittany's hard breathing makes it hard to kiss her properly.

You give me fever...

Catch the fever...

One thrust, and one curl with her fingers later- Brittany comes hard and her whole body goes wild. Santana feel the walls that surrounds her fingers squeeze almost painfully, how Brittany's breath hitches before she starts to ride her fingers slower- but deeper to drag out the orgasm as long as possible.

When she finally stops, their eyes still locked, Brittany whispers her name breathlessly and moves her hand from behind her to stroke her cheek.

Santana move to catch her lips with hers, only this time it's not rushed or sloppy. It's intense, and slow with their tongues playing lazily with one another. Brittany's thumb strokes her temple, as the pulls her fingers out as gentle as she possibly can, then places both of her hands on either side of Brittany's hips.

"Britt," she smiles against her lips as she pulls away a little, nose bumping into Brittany's to make her open her eyes to meet hers. And as soon as she does, she can't help the words that tumble out of her mouth.

"I love you."

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