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DISCLAIMER: The Mentalist does not belong to me. It is the creation of Bruno Heller. I'm writing this fiction to express my love for the series and maybe vent a little.

Lisbon sat in her home, drinking Cabernet from the bottle while a loud action movie played on her television

After she and Jane had exonerated Eve Mulberry, the grateful winemaker had bestowed a couple of her best bottles of wine for the Serious Crimes Unit. Teresa had shared the first bottle with her team, but seeing as they weren't big wine drinkers Jane suggested she keep the second for herself. At the team's insistence Lisbon had gratefully accepted. Later, Jane whispered in her ear that he expected she share the alcoholic beverage with him, seeing as she wouldn't have it if it weren't for his interference. Lisbon had laughed, and they'd agreed to drink a little of it after each case.

Fat chance…Lisbon thought as she drained the last of the blurry bottle. It wasn't from the amount of wine she consumed that affected her vision as much as it was from the tears dancing in her eyes.

It hurt. She hurt.


One could argue that she had many reasons to be upset. But the source of her pain made her feel such shame that it practically overshadowed the cause itself.

It wasn't how irate she was that Jane had simply taken over the case as if he were the boss. After all, he'd gone over her head plenty of times before.

It wasn't the way Wainwright completely ignored her concerns in favor of the department's golden boy; there was nothing new there, either.

And despite wanting to punch Jane in the face at the time, her state wasn't due to his obvious enjoyment of how much Erica's presence annoyed her -Jane had always loved screwing with her,

It wasn't even because of Jane's contention that he needed Erica, as if Lisbon wasn't able to put on a show when she'd done so many times, even when she wasn't in on the ruse.


She was a wreck because of Jane's reply when she asked him if he'd known Erica would escape, what he'd said when she pointed out that he hadn't answered her question.

"No I didn't, answer your question."

Lisbon buried her face in a pillow as she lay down on her couch, unable to even pretend that that one sentence had not been worse than a slap to the face.

After being Jane's only friend, his one confidence, having him shut her out so simply like that, it made her physically ache.

Worse, she had no idea why he said that. Was he annoyed that she'd been doubting him and so retaliated by denying her the assurance she needed? Did he know how much his statement would hurt her and his inner jerk simply couldn't help preying on the fact? Was it his way of asserting his control over their friendship, letting her know that his confidence was a privilege he bestowed when pleased, and could alternatively hold back at will?

Lisbon didn't know, and she hated not knowing.

What she did know was that she felt utterly broken. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so defeated. And to be reduced to such a state simply because Jane wouldn't confide in her…she despised herself for that.

Lisbon's didn't put up a fight when her muffled tears turned into racking sobs. Knowing she needed the release if she was to ever regain control,she gave into the wave and cried her heart out.

Author's note: How about that last episode? It kinda broke my heart, but hey, at least it got me over here again. I figured I won't be able to write an unbiased review unless I exorcised some demons first. There will probably be one more chapter to this one; Jane centered. Reviews would be super.