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Chapter 10: Ron's Detention, and Baby Names

Last Time on Draken Blood:

Section Three: What we will go over...

11. What are the Veela laws about mates?

12. Are Drakens and Vampires Dark Creatures? Or simply misunderstood?

13. What are marriage laws for a magical creature and a witch or wizard?

14. Why do we need to learn about magical creatures and their laws?

15. Why do you think I put this third section on the quiz? Write a full 5-sentence paragraph.


As the other students wrote furiously, trying to answer as many questions as possible, Ron just sat there and glared at Harry. He glanced at his quiz, and scoffed. He wrote down the answers he knew, then looked at the third section. He started writing, smirking the whole time.

11. I don't care; I'm not a filthy veela.

12. All creatures are dark, and very dangerous. We should kill them all.

13. Who cares? Why would anyone want to marry something like that?

14. We don't need to. They're unimportant.

15. You put this third section on the quiz to make us all look stupid. I wonder if your new lovers put you up to this. You weren't this devious when we were friends. You were actually kinda boring. I've only got one thing to say before I end this: I'm glad Dumbledore was paying me with your money... Why should you have all that money, and my family is still poor?

Harry was chatting with Adam when Ron's hand when up. "Yes, Mr. Weasley?"

"I'm done."

Harry walked over, and gently took Ron's test. Turning around to walk back to the teacher's desk, he didn't see Ron's foot trip him. He started to fall, crying out and trying to protect his baby, but was caught before he could hit the ground.

Adam held the trembling body close to his own. He wasn't only trembling out of fear for the baby, but also out of anger. "Mr. Weasley, because you tripped your teacher without care for his unborn child, you have a detention with me for a week." He led Harry back to the front of the room, hearing the angry mutterings of the class. To his surprise, they weren't angry at him... they were muttering about Ron being stupid enough to try to kill Harry's baby. "Quiet down, and get back to your tests."

Hermione and Draco walked up to give Adam and Harry their quizzes and turned to glare at Ron. They sat back down at their table, and plotted ways to hurt him. When everyone was done with their quiz, and were sitting quietly, Hermione noticed Harry looking over the quizzes.

Harry couldn't believe what Ron had wrote. He glanced up at the red-head, and frowned. "Class, I want to go over the third section of the quiz for you." He picked up Draco's quiz. "This person got most of the answers right. Number eleven: The Veela law about mates is that they should be able to find their own mate. If their mate is killed, the Veela is allowed to kill the person responsible without retribution. Even denying a Veela mate the right to see and marry their Veela, is a major offense to the Veela Nation." Harry nodded. "That is correct. Number twelve: Every being has a dark side and a light side. Most Vampires and Drakens are misunderstood. They only want to survive, have a family, and work without ridicule. Number thirteen: Most magical creatures have the same marriage laws. They protect the mate, or spouse, from harm and protect themselves from harm. These laws, which are heavily guarded by each magical creature species, are in place so that no one may separate mates and/or married couples just because one is a magical creature. Number fourteen: We need to learn about magical creatures and their laws so that we don't get killed or imprisoned because of negligence." Harry looked at the class. Most of them were in awe of the information. "The last question was why you thought I put the third section on the quiz. This person wrote: I think you put this third section on the quiz to get us to think about people not like us, so that we might one day understand them. Although, why we would need to know about all of their laws escapes me at the moment. Maybe our class will be split in two, so that we could learn more that way. Or, maybe, there will be a new class next year that will teach us etiquette. Either way, I like the idea of us learning about magical creatures like Vampires and Drakens, even Veela."

Ron stood up. "Why are you doing this? Our lives are much easier without those filthy creatures!"

Adam walked over to him, and towered over the tall red-head. "Don't you realize that most pure-blooded families have at least one kind of magical creature in their family? Even the Weasleys have some creature blood in them. Go ask your parents, or any of your brothers, if you don't believe me." He walked to the door and stood next to it.

Harry glared at Ron. "Mr. Weasley, since you just called everyone's attention to your childishness, I'll just go ahead and read your last answer to the class. Number fifteen: You put this third section on the quiz to make us all look stupid. I wonder if your new lovers put you up to this. You weren't this devious when we were friends. You were actually kinda boring. I've only got one thing to say before I end this: I'm glad Dumbledore was paying me with your money... Why should you have all that money, and my family is still poor?" Harry stood there, watching as Ron got red in the face and the other students glared at the red-faced red-head. Harry continued, "Added onto your week of detentions with Adam, you will also have a week of detentions with two of your classmates directing them. Your first detention with Adam is tonight at seven in this classroom. You have also lost Griffindor 20 points, and a keeper. I'm sure the team can find a new player. Class dismissed."


Harry and his mates were walking to the Great Hall, when they saw Mrs. Weasley and Ginny heading up to Dumbledore's office. "Hey, Ginny, Mrs. Weasley. What's going on?"

Ginny smiled at Harry. "Professor Dumbledore wanted to speak to us. Oh, I heard about what Ron did in your class today. I agree, he was being childish and rude. Good luck with him."

"Sorry about my youngest, Harry," Mrs. Weasley said, patting him on the shoulder. "I don't know what's gotten into him."

"It's alright, Mrs. Weasley. Good luck, you two, with Dumbledore. Don't look him in the eyes." Harry and his mates left the two women, and made it to the Great Hall. "I've thought of baby names," Harry said to Draco as they sat down next to Severus at the Head Table.

"Yes?" asked Draco.

"Yep. Orion Drake Malfoy, if the baby's a boy. Named after my godfather and you. Rose Lilian Narcissa Malfoy, if the baby's a girl. Rose, to carry on the flower names of my mum's family; Lilian after my mum; and Narcissa, after your mum." Harry smiled at the surprised look on Draco's face.

"I love the names, Harry!" Draco exclaimed. He kissed Harry on the mouth in front of everyone.

Harry blushed. After the kiss, Harry turned to Severus. "What do you think, professor?"

Severus gave him a playful smirk. "They're great names for a Malfoy child or a Potter child. Since they will be both, it's perfect."


Ron walked into the Defense classroom at seven that night. He was bored, and didn't think the person directing his detention would be that hard on him. Adam McCarthy didn't look so tough. Ron sat down at his desk, getting ready to write some lines or whatever the man was going to make him do, when the man himself walked down from the second story office.

"Get up, Mr. Weasley." When the teenager did as he was told, Adam moved the desks and chairs to the center of the room with a wave of his wand. "You really messed up today in class. You tripped Harry, and almost killed our baby. Then you insulted us. By all rights, I could kill you right now. But, for Harry's sake, I won't yet. Instead, today you will write on this blackboard 500 times: I will respect all magical creatures and pregnant people. Get to work." Adam waved his wand again, and the blackboard moved to where it could span along one side of the classroom. He sat down behind the teacher's desk to grade papers while Ron worked.

An hour or two later, Ron threw down the chalk he held. "This is enough! I can't write anymore! My hand's cramping, and I've got somewhere to be. The Headmaster has something big for me to do. I'm going to be Head Auror after I graduate." Ron was smug.

"Oh?" Adam asked. "So, you are going to graduate, and automatically become Head Auror?"

"Of course," Ron smirked. "Headmaster Dumbledore promised to pull some strings."

Adam smirked back. "We shall see then. You can finish tonight's detention tomorrow night, same time." He pushed Ron out of the room, and hurried back to his young lover.


Harry, Hermione, Draco, and Blaise were finishing up their homework while the older mates were in Severus' office discussing how to keep Harry safe. Harry sighed. "This is getting annoying. I can feel the tension, you two," He said to Hermione and Draco.

Blaise moved closer to Harry. "They're dominant drakens. They need to fight at some point to show who's more dominant that the other." He cuddled Harry, "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe from them."

At that moment, Draco must have sneered at Hermione or something, because Hermione leapt over the coffee table and slammed into him. Fists were flying, and growls and grunts were echoing throughout the room. Johnny and the others ran out of Sev's office, but no one interfered with the fight. Hermione also used her claws, not because it was a female thing to do, but because it left the most damage. Hermione, or Marie, and Draco rolled back and forth.

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