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Challenge: Harry somehow transported to the world of One Piece and becomes Trafalgar Law. After the Paramount War and after he and his crew left Luffy at Amazon Lily Island. They are transported back to the Wizardry World and ends up in the Lake next to Hogwarts. He will be at least two or three years older than he should be and it should happen in the fifth year of Hogwarts. The story should have Umbridge and Law face off.

Well now that you know what the Challenge is off to the story.

Chapter One

"Aunt Petunia…. Who are my mom and dad?" the three year old Harry asked. He always though he never had any parents until today. The Dursley's were forced to take Harry with them since they had to leave the house for a few hours. Vernon got a bonus and they were having the house get new carpet and they could not leave them there. They were heading to Marge's after going to the place to eat. Harry saw a little girl after talking she asked where his mommy and daddy were. When he told them he had no parents, she said he was silly everyone has a mommy and daddy.

Vernon glared back at the boy looking in the mirror. Petunia looked at him yelling not to questions.

"No Petunia I will tell him about his so called parents. They were drunks and a waste of space not having jobs. The reason you have that scar is because they got drunk and were driving. That is how they died, because they were drunks who-"

"VERON!" Screamed Petunia

At that moment there was a loud crash. A lot of screaming and a flash of light.

Vernon had been laughing as he told the story to Harry that he did not pay attention and ran head on into a semi-truck. Then was slammed into a wall. Albus when he heard this from Mrs. Figg he went looking. To see that Harry had been missing and was no where to be found was a relief. He smiled, it was sad that the Dursley's were all dead but he started looking for Harry.





Albus was one of the first people in the magical world to learn what happen. He even went to the site the moment Mrs. Figg called him to tell him. He found that the area were the accident happen was thick with magic. Even though it had been a day and the magic was slowly vanishing. Albus spent the next 12 years looking for any clue to the whereabouts of Harry James Potter. Most the wizarding world gave up too and calling it a tragic story. Though he did not give up and was looking at some scrolls and found it. He groaned not able to figure any way to find Harry.

What Albus did not know was when Harry vanished he landed in a different world. In this world Harry name changed to Trafalgar Law when a family took him in. His father was a skilled sergeant one of the best in the world. His mom though she was a skilled doctor was a swords woman. They taught him everything they knew. He became just as a good as a doctor as his father if not better. They thought be would stay on the island, but that did not suit him. His parents past on at the age of 15 and the next year he traveled on his own. He left the island and started sailing at the age of 17 he started to be a pirate. What drove this man to be a pirate was the idea of doing anything he wanted.

(Scene break)

Trafalgar Law was looking at the sky as they left Amazon Lily Island. He had his eyes closed and was enjoying the breeze from the ocean. Bepo walked over to him "Captain we ready to head under water."

Law looked to Bepo and stood up walking with him to go in the ship. They closed the hatch making it air tight they did not notice the clouds around them starting to get dark. Law was walking to the control room and the water started getting choppy. "Hey did we leave the clam belt already?" He asked.

"No Captain." Bepo said.

Law groaned and ran to the control room. Where his men were working, "what is going?"

"We don't know sir."

He was about to give out orders when he grabbed his head and screamed out in pain. Law fell to the ground in pain.

"Captain!" yelled all his crew members. One of them ran next to him but a huge flash of light happen. And all of them felt as if there bodies were being squished.

Law woke up and looked around it seemed that the ship was fine and nothing was wrong with it. But he did not know for sure. He saw that he was on his bed meaning his men had moved him. He grabbed his hat putting it on and grabbed his sword. He walked over to were he keep the log pose was either broken or they left the grand line. He groaned and went to find his men who were in the control room. "What's happen?"

"Captain from the looks of things it seems that we are in a lake in front of a castle." He said looking at his monitors that was showing them the view from above.

"Let's go ashore I want to know were we are." He said. Law was opened the hatch and could tell the moment he did they were not on the ocean. The smell was different the feeling of the air was different. He knew crazy things happen on the grand line but things like this.


Albus heard a loud cracking noise; he got up from the desk and went to look outside. He was surprised to see a yellow submarine appear. As he was heading across the grounds he saw people climbing out of the ship. Looking at the ship he saw the Jolly Roger and smiled at how interesting this year was going to be. He looked at them and swore one was a bear. 'How strange.' Then one of the men looked to be a giant. Albus walked forward what surprised him the most was who they seemed to be taking orders from. It was James from his seventh year he was sure of it. But James was dead… "Harry." He walked faster.


Law saw an old man walking towards them. "Bepo give me my sword." Bepo nodded handing over his sword to him. Law walked forward hearing the man saying Harry. He glared at him. "Who are you and were are we?" He said.

"Oh hello, I am Albus Dumbledore and you my dear boy are at Hogwarts, it is a school to teach wizards and witches to harness there magic."

Law looked at him not sure about this man, "I never heard about Hogwarts. So if you don't mind what Island is this and what sea are we in."

"You're in Scotland and not sure about sea your talking about. But if you wish we can go into the castle and talk." Law looked the man up and down.

"It is nice out here we can talk here." He said not trusting the man.

Albus nodded and pulled out a wand and the wave of his wand had some chairs for everyone to sit on. He was now looking at the man before him he was sure it had to be Harry. And all the tattoo's on his arms. Just where did he go? He saw the words death written on his hand.

Albus spent the next three hours talking to the men of this pirate crew. He then during this time when Law took off his hat for a moment saw that he had the scar Harry had. When this was found out Albus started talking to the boy telling him about who his birth parents were.

"Look don't talk about them I don't care." He said glaring at the old man. "That is in the past what I care about is getting my crew and me back to the seas."

Albus sighed, "It will be harder than you think. You see you are a wizard, you have magic flowing threw you. And some reason when you were young and your Aunt and Uncle got in a car wreck, where they and your cousin died. You lived since your magic sent you some were else. And it is your magic that brought you back here."

"Why would it do that?" One of the men asked.

"Now I can't tell you. But I will tell you what reason I believe it to be." He knew he had to get Harry to stay he is the only one who can beat Voldemort. So he went ahead and told him about Tom starting the war to the prophecy. And about how he attacked his parents and killed them. He tried to kill him but couldn't. Then marked him as his equal. Then telling him about how he came back to life over the summer. Which is why he was most likely brought back.

"No, I don't care. It is not my problem or mess. I will not do what people tell me. I control my own fate and life." He said looking at him.

"Now I want to go back."

Albus sighed "Are you sure Harry?"

"Don't call me that my name is Trafalgar Law." He said looking at him and stood.

"Alright I am sorry. Well I hope to be able to help you. But it will take some time. Maybe in the mean time you can go to the school and learn how to harness another power." Law smirked at this from the sound of things magic could be useful.

"My men."

"They can come in the school as long as they do not harm or attack any of the students."

"Then tell your students not to attack my men." He said standing. "It is easy to see that I will have to get supplies. Where will I do this?"

"I will have Snape take you. But first we must talk about the rules…" This earned Albus another glare. Albus spent the next two hours talking to him about Hogwarts and the rules. When doing so it was easy to see the boy was smart. And that he would be a handful. But maybe if he fight Voldemort it won't be too big of a problem.

Albus sat in his office rubbing his temples. He did not think this would happen. He planned out everything for Harry but no he had to disappear and now he was here he was very strong willed. And it seemed to him he is very strong, he laughed when he threatened his life but knew it was true. The boy had killed before, he could see it. Albus sighed at least one part of his plan worked and he got him to agree to going to school. Maybe he will start to enjoy it here and want to help. He smiled knowing a good plan nodding to himself. He would look for a way to send the boy back. Because now he needed to know how to, so once he did his job he could get rid of this danger.

… (Scene Break)


Law was sitting in the cart of a train. He was pissed at all the damn rules that the school had. Albus though promised that he find a way back for him and his crew. He told him if he found out that he was lying, he take off his head. What Albus laughed thinking he was joking? He found the man Snape amusing not as much as straw hat. But still he was interesting at first. He groaned when he heard knocking at the door. Law glanced over to it.

"What do you want?"

Some redhead boy opened the door with a girl with brown hair and a redhead girl walked in. "Sorry we are looking for a place to stay. All of the other places are already filled."

He looked at him, "Fine sit." He said while picking up a book to read. It was a book on healing spells and his other book was one on fighting. He had spent the entire summer training with his men and learning magic.

Hermione gasped seeing the boy in front of them. He was sitting there reading a book but next to him was a sword. And not a short one it was a very long sword. She could see that he had a slim but muscular build. Her eyes were drawn to the fact he was wearing a fur hat with spots on the bottom and on the rim. Seeing he had black hair and sideburns and goatee.

He stretched in his seat leaning his head back smiling at them. "Muggles sure dress weird." Ron said looking at the black-sleeved yellow hoodie with his jolly roger on the front. Then his jeans with the patter that his hat has.

Law laughed at Ron rolling his sleeves up and they saw his tattoos. "This is nothing you should see some of the others I have met." He said smirking thinking back to Kid how they would think of how he dresses, then to Drake and even some of the straw hats.

"Well, hello I am Hermione Granger. This is Ron Weasley."

"And I am Ginny. Ron is my older brother."

"Name's Trafalgar Law. People call me Law."

Ron nodded "So mate haven't seen you around school. You're not a teacher are you?"

Law laughed, "One, don't call me Mate… And no. You will find out when we get there." He said smirking.

Hermione seemed annoyed with this.

He put the book away and laid back.

"So do you know how to use that sword?" Ron asked looking at him.

Law smirked when Hermione groaned. "Oh course he couldn't and you know that you can't have that on school grounds right?"

"One I can use this. Have many times in the past. And to I can have it told the old man I promise not to kill any students with it." He said smirking. But he never said anything about messing with the students' bodies.

Ron and Ginny started laughing thinking he was joking. Law just smirked and shook his head.

Law grabbed his sword when they started to approach the Hogsmeade he got up. "Aren't you going to put your robes on?" Ginny asked.

He smirked and left.

Ginny looked to Hermione "He is cool."

Hermione groaned, "He will get into trouble."

Ron looked at her "I wonder what he will do when he meets Malfoy."

Ginny started laughing.

The moment they got reached the great hall they all got settled and watched the first years walk in. Though the big change was how many extra people sat at the staff table. One of the men would make even Hagrid look tiny. Then the fact there was a bear up there talking to someone. They were all looking at the first years. She saw the boy Law walking in with them. He seemed bored and looked at the men who all nodded to him showing respect to this boy.

Soon the shorting was starting, and it got to a name she did not expect to here. "Harry Potter." McGonagall said out loud but was looking at Law. It couldn't be this punk kid they meet is the Harry Potter one who has been missing since he was three. From what the order says only person who can truly kill Voldemort.

Law looked away pretending not to hear her. "HARRY POTTER" She said loudly. He just looked at his crew smirking. People were already talking since the way he dressed but now even more. One he is the boy who lived and now not listening to Professor McGonagall.

Albus stood up "Trafalgar Law, please answer to McGonagall."

"I am sorry I didn't know she was calling me. Since I don't go by that name."

"Fine Trafalgar Law it is your turn." Walked up pulling his hat off to put the other on.

"Let's see…. Here…"

"Wait why…"

"Don't worry Mr. Trafalgar I am just to short you in your house." The hat started looking threw his memories, "Very smart you are Ravenclaw maybe…. But ambition great ambition… Then you are loyal to your crew…. But seems what you have shinning about all is your courage."

"You sure about that?"

"Yes I am. You show bravery. Also trust Albus he will find a way for you to get back… Well have fun in… GRYFFINDOR!" The hat shouted out the last bit. Law groaned as the all cheered he walked over sitting next to some twin red heads.

Soon Albus was giving his speech, "Hello and welcome to another year or your first year at Hogwarts. As many of you were surprised to see that Harry Potter has been found. Now he goes by a different name please follow his wishes. Now for all of you to know the men sitting at the end of the table." Law's crew stood up.

"Are all members of Trafalgar Law crew? There ship is outside. Now they will come and go onto the land show them respect-" Albus went to do the rest of the introductions. With Umbridge interrupting and giving her long speech. Law groaned knowing he already wanted to kill her.

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