I have only just watched Skins and have only just been introduced to the relationship that is Emily and Naomi and I absolutely love them so wanted to attempt to write my own story about them following on from Naomi's speech to get Emily back in Freddie's shed. I have a few ideas scribbled down as to where this story is going so I hope people like them.

Chapter One


Lying in bed next to the most beautiful girl in the world… I don't think I could be much happier, it was a month ago that Naomi Campbell, the girl of my dreams was finally honest with me about her feelings and we have never looked back. I couldn't help but breathe in her scent as the memories of the past month came flooding back to me…

Walking home hand in hand after the party in Freddie's shed, both drunk but happy in love… more in love than ever before. We both knew we had a lot to talk about but tonight we just wanted to be Emily and Naomi, the happy in love couple. We got home and knew the house was empty as Gina wasn't due back for another week. Naomi put the key in the lock and quickly opened the door as I pushed her inside, I pulled her to me and claimed her lips with mine pushing her back against the door firmly closing it shutting out the world behind us. I tugged at her clothes desperate to feel her naked skin against me… it had been so long since I had felt Naomi's touch, I had wanted to feel her close to me for such a long time but there was always something that completely stopped me from letting her back in… I guess it was because I felt so hurt, so deflated by her when I first found out, she was the first person I had ever let close… she was the first girl I had admitted my true feelings to… she was the one person that encouraged me to reveal my true self to my family and friends and when we first got together I thought I finally had something worth celebrating. When I found out the truth I literally felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and stomped on over and over, I honestly felt like throwing myself off the roof of that building as my world collapsed around me. I felt Naomi tugging at my clothes and instantly knew that she felt the same… I now knew how she really felt and I knew now that I could let her back in and start rebuilding my heart. As Naomi whispered in my ear "I want you so much" I couldn't take anymore as I grabbed her hand and pulled her up the stairs to our bedroom, I pushed her back onto the bed and climbed on top of her claiming her lips with mine once again desperate to feel her soft lips against mine. I felt her hands resting on my hips, she knew it always send shivers down my spine when she did this… she knew her touch drove me crazy full stop, just like I knew my touch drove her crazy. We quickly ripped our clothes from one another… well what was left on… I was sure there was a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom. I traced a line with my finger tips slowly over Naomi's body; I felt her shiver beneath me as I let my fingers rest for seconds on her hips before sliding my hand between her legs… I couldn't believe how wet she was as she pushed her hips against my hand silently asking me for what she wanted… what she needed and I was quick to give her exactly what she wanted as minutes later she screamed out my name before pulling my lips onto hers allowing us to share a very passionate kiss. I felt Naomi's body relax under me as I lay with my body covering hers sharing tender kisses, I smiled as she whispered "I love you so much." I didn't have chance to respond before she flipped me over and made me feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world to have someone that could make feel so alive.

We must have drifted off to sleep curled up in each other's arms as the following morning I woke up to that scent I had been craving for the past however many months, I smiled as I remembered last night… it was the most perfect night I could have ever wished for. I felt Naomi stir in my arms, she didn't open her eyes but she rolled over so she was facing me "Morning gorgeous" I whispered before gently kissing her. I laughed as Naomi opened half an eye "Sorry you're still half asleep." She stroked my cheek as she fully opened her eyes "No… it's not that… I was just… just worried that if I opened my eyes then last night wouldn't have happened… or that… or that you would have woken up and decided it was a mistake… you know… taking me back." I pulled her as close to me as I could "Last night was one of the best nights of my life… I have the girl of my dreams back in my life… I want us to forget what has happened in the past months and I want us to focus on our future… our future together." She kissed me softly "You don't know how happy I am to hear that… I really thought I had been stupid enough to lose the best thing that had ever happened to me but now I am going to focus on my life with you… first though we need to talk… there is something I need to tell you… and I need you to let me finish before you say anything" I stroked her face "Ok…" She kissed me softly once again "You know yesterday before the party, when I was trying to party to block out my pain and the only person that would dance with me was your friend… Mandy… well it turned out she had an ulterior motive for that afternoon… she tried it on with me Emily… she traced a line down my upper body and she tried to kiss me… I pushed her away… I think I even slapped her… I can't remember I was too shocked… I honestly believed she was straight… turns out I was wrong, especially when she told me she wanted you… I think I was angrier about her saying that to me than I was about her trying to kiss me… it made me sick to think of you being with anyone else but me because I knew I wanted you back but I didn't know how to reach out to you." I watched as a tear rolled down her cheek, I cupped her face with my hands and looked her in the eye "I'm sorry…" she laughed a little before saying "What you sorry about?" I kissed her softly "I'm sorry for bringing her into our lives… I'm sorry for punishing you for so long." Naomi smiled "You have nothing to be sorry for… like you said a few minutes ago "Let's forget the past and look forward to the future… our future." I melted into her arms and against her lips and we started the future as we meant to continue it.

A few days later we surfaced… we hadn't seen anyone for the past 2 days… we laughed as we both checked our phones and saw the number of messages and missed calls from friends and family, I snuggled close to Naomi on the sofa "Why don't we have a party… lets properly celebrate being back together and let everyone know how happy we are." Naomi kissed my cheek "Sounds like an amazing idea to me babe." I smiled "Cool, I'll text everyone… how does this sound… Sorry been a bit busy these last few days, been out of contact but having a party tonight to celebrate Naomi and I being back on track, come round at 7pm." She kissed me softly before jumping up "Perfect." We spent the rest of the day cleaning up and shopping for supplies… that was in-between the times we had our hands off each other… something I found hard… I wanted to be close to Naomi all of the time.

The fun began when everyone started arriving, the drink was flowing, the music was playing and everyone seemed to be in good spirits… we still didn't know where Freddie was, we still thought he had run away, it was only days later we found out he had been murdered by Effy's therapist. Anyway everyone was commenting on how happy Naomi and I were and how we were back to that stage of being unable to keep our hands off one another." I kept feeling Katie's glare from across the room and the cold icy stare from my mum as I continually pressed my lips to Naomi's… I hadn't understood why she was even there but it turned out my dad had told her that she had to come as he wanted to me and her to make a start and work things out. I was happy my dad was making an effort but it was obvious to everyone that mum had no intention of making any effort. I wasn't going to let her ruin my fun and spoil my happiness.

Everyone was dancing when the door suddenly opened, I turned to look at the same time as Naomi and we both saw Mandy storm into the middle of the room. She grabbed hold of me and pulled me out of Naomi's arms… every eye in the room was on me as she started shouting "What are you doing back with her…" she glanced at Naomi with a dirty look "She tried it on with me Em's, she tried to kiss me and then tried to drag me up to the bedroom she shared with you… you can't get back with her Em's." I couldn't help it… I burst out laughing "and why would she have done that." She stepped closer to me "Because she was jealous… she was jealous that I wanted you and not her." I laughed again… she looked so puzzled which made me laugh even more, it was then that my mum stepped in and made everything between us even worse "Emily you need to listen to this girl… you know what they say once a cheat always a cheat…" I was almost frozen to the spot when she said this, I couldn't believe what I was hearing from her, I turned slowly to face her… the anger must have been showing as everyone took a step back "Well if that is the case my darling mother why are you still with dad…" I watched as her face fell "yes he told me, he was trying to support me when I first found out about Naomi… he told me how he had cheated on you… how it had been a mistake but that you had forgiven him and you made it work just like I am going to make it work with Naomi because I have forgiven her and I love her with all my heart." My mum didn't give up though "This is the second time she has cheated on you now… how can you trust her if she has done it twice?" I laughed and walked over to take Naomi's hand pulling her close to me "I will tell you something, both of you… no in fact all of you who might be doubting this relationship right now, Naomi did not… I repeat did not cheat on me with this girl here and I will tell you all of the reason why… number one, Naomi has already told me what happened that afternoon… that you tried on it with her and then told her that you wanted me when she slapped and pushed you away… number two Naomi always thought you were straight so she wouldn't have tried it on with you and she wouldn't have even known that you wanted me and number three, three days ago Naomi came to a party with our closest friends and she laid her soul bare in front of everyone to get me back… something I know that Naomi Campbell wouldn't do if she hadn't really meant it… so yes I know that Naomi is telling me the truth and that is why I am not even going to ask her if it's true… because I know I don't need to do that." I stepped close to Naomi wanting to kiss her in front of everyone… wanting everyone to see how we were going to make our future work when my mum pulled me away, I could feel my anger rising from the pit of my stomach as I spun to face her "No mum… I want you to leave now… if you cannot accept my relationship with the person I love… the person I want to spend the rest of my life with then I do not want you in my life… so now I want you to leave and let me get on with my life… on my own." Naomi stepped back to my side and pulled me into her arms as my dad guided my mum away… I watched as Katie followed them out too… I knew she didn't like Naomi and I being together but I thought she might finally back me up as her twin sister but obviously not. I buried my face into Naomi's chest as a small tear slipped down my cheek; she whispered softly "Do you want me to ask everyone to leave?" I lifted my head a little "No… no I will be ok in a minute… I am not letting my family ruin our celebration." I slipped upstairs to touch up my make up before coming back down to join in the fun and have a romantic dance with my gorgeous girl. We had a brilliant night and I think we finally fell into bed at about 4am.

We spent the next 3 weeks enjoying having some free time together, visiting different places and generally having fun as well as of course preparing for our trip to Goa together, I also spent a lot of time getting to know Gina a little better… now she had made the effort to change her living arrangements so Naomi felt more comfortable in her own home, her and Naomi had a close relationship and I wanted to make the effort to fit in… luckily we got on brilliantly and it was nice to have one of our parents that accepted our relationship and could see how happy we were together.

I continued to lay in bed watching Naomi sleep, I didn't want to move, I honestly think I could lay next to her all day every day but as we all know we can't stay in bed all of the time, I was softly swirling her hair around my finger as I softly stroked her back with my other hand, I couldn't believe how lucky I was to wake up every morning with Naomi… the gorgeous blonde that changed my life for the better…

Naomi woke up and turned in my direction, snuggling up close to me "Today is the day gorgeous" I said before softly kissing her, Naomi smiled "I can't wait… how long until we need to be at the airport?" I glanced at my watch "A few hours… why?" She winked at me "Just enough time to do what I want to do to you then." I giggled as Naomi flipped me over "Well you won't hear any complaints from me." I managed to get the words out before Naomi kissed me passionately as she pressed her body to mine allowing us to move together.