AN: Wasn't sure if I should bother to post this. It's so short and I had wanted to make this a proper story. However, this feels finished.

Before he met River he had hated the small days, Sundays, and Tuesdays, and Thursday afternoons. But laying like this, with her head tucked into his shoulder as they lay in the damp lavender grass of this far into the future planet watching the sky, he can't remember why.
He thinks now, that River taught him the value of the small ones. Then again, he doesn't like calling anything to do with her 'small'. So instead he chooses to think that when he is with River, there's no such thing as a small day. No, she makes everything higher, bigger, and brighter. She makes everything bigger than the whole of time and space. And so he holds on tight and forgets that this will one day come to an end.