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Okay! So it's a Baka to Test story (or Baka and test, because that's how I see it on youtube) It's mainly about Minami and Akisha (I call him Yoshii for some reason '=w=) I think Akisha and Minami are a cute couple and not HIMEJI! Cus I hate her. '=3= (for some reason) So now it's time for me to STFU and tell yoh the story! Enjoy!X3

WARNING! Mature! 13+

Okay? Okay. ^^

Minami bit her lip. She glanced nervously at Yoshii, who looked back at her, and she quickly looked down, her cheeks rose pink.

"Uhm… soo… nobody else came…?" Blinked Yoshii

"Uh, yeah… they were all busy…." She bit her lip harder. She felt so stupid…

"Even… Himeji? I mean as she's you're friend and all-"

"Is everything about Himeji?" Minami snarled

"Uh… erm… no… sorry…" Yoshii muttered innocently. He glanced at Minami hesitantly.

"Erm…do you want something to eat?" Minami mumbled, as she shyly fidgeted with a strand of her soft pink hair, trying as hard as possible to avoid eye contact.

Yoshii's eyes lit up instantly " You mean.. food?" He gasped

Minami blinked at him, feeling confused. "Duh food. What? You've started eating plastic now?"

"No…but it might taste pretty good! Hey, what if I did start eating plastic? It would be a great way to save my pocket money!" He grinned.

Minami giggled, and then she blushed in utter disbelief. How could I have laughed at that? Ugh! I can't believe I've fallen in love with such an idiot! But wait… did he see me blush…? Again, she glanced at Yoshii. He must have noticed, because he was scratching the back of his head nervously, possibly laughing at his own joke, or for the pure fact that he had made Minami blush.

"So… I'm getting pretty hungry no-"

"-Patience!" Minami shouted irritably as she bashed him on the side of his head.

"Owww" Yoshii moaned. He rubbed his head while Minami strode into the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Minami opened the door of the fridge and explored its contents. She pulled out a big cup of ramen noodles (since Yoshii must be starving), closed the door and turned to the microwave, but then she hesitated, as her stomach rumbled.

Uh…I'm actually feeling pretty hungry… maybe there's another cup of ramen.

She turned to open the fridge door again, but she met an unfortunate surprise. There were no more ramen; the one she was holding in her hand was the last cup.

Uh…okay... maybe I can just make a quick trip to the local supermarket to buy some ramen…? No! I know Aki… he'll get bored and leave…

Even worse… he might…HE MIGHT EXPLORE MY ROOM AND LOOK IN MY DIARY!" Her cheeks grew red.

B-but if I don't… I'll have to share it with him… oh no…

Minami could just imagine the thought of having to share a whole cup of ramen with Yoshii. They would have to sit so close to each other… so close that they would feel the heat of each other's body…

The thought of it made Minami weak, she leaned against the fridge wall, and her face was now as pink as her hair.

Suddenly, the lights would slowly dim, it was another power cut… (Oh the irony…) but this surprisingly set a quite romantic mood…

"This is nice…" Yoshii would mutter softly…

"Y-yeah…" she would smile…

It was quite unusual, most of the times, Yoshii would wolf down the ramen… but he ate it in such an elegant manner…

"Minami…" said Yoshii softly, as he looked up from the cup of ramen


"There's a piece of ramenon your face… here… I'll get it for you…" He whispered as he slowly leaned in

"A-Aki...!" Minami would gasp in surprise…. But he didn't lick the piece of noodle of her face, in fact, there wasn't ramen on her face… instead he leaned in for her neck, and started kissing it softly.

"A-Aki…n-no! P-please…!" She whimpered. She already couldn't handle it; it felt too good…

"—hush, Minami" He whispered

And before Minami knew what was happening… Yoshii had kissed her.

"N-no Aki!" Minami squealed helplessly. Her face was as red as roses

"What?" Yoshi called from the living room. "What is it Minami, are you okay?"

At that very moment, Minami realised that she had been torn out of her dream, and been spat out again into the hostile misery of reality. She now found Yoshii holding her arms, as if he were trying to restrain her.

"Minami, are you okay?"

Minami didn't answer, but she just stared into Yoshii's warm brown eyes. She blushed and felt her eyes water.

"Minami?" Yoshi shook her softly. Hello? He released her. "Minami?"

But Minami was still in her world of imagination


Aki's not that kind of person... just look at him. He's kind of wimpy if you asked me… he would never do something as s-se… Minami blushed even harder.

"Minami? Uhh…. Don't worry, I'll go gethelp-"

"Huh? Oh…! Aki! What are you doing?"

"I heard you shout my name, so I thought you needed help or somethi-"

"-Well I'm okay, thank you. Now be patient, your food is cooking"

"But it's there, in your hand Minami…"

"U-uh?" Minami blushed from embarrassment.

"Umm… well why don't we just go out to eat then, to save you the trouble. I mean, you must have a stuff to do… so…"

Minami almost felt like kissing that guy. "Oh Aki… I'd love to…"

Yoshii grinned. "Great! I'll just call everyone to tell them to meet up!"

"W-WHAT?" Minami gawped. Her passion turned into fury.

Yoshii put his phone down and looked up at Minami "Yeah, what's the matter?"

"No I just…pff…whatever, just call 'em will ya." She sighed, as she put the cup

of noodles back into the fridge.

"Akisha-kun!" Himeji's sweet voice rang out from the phone "Oh Akisha-kun! I was just thinking about you just now! In fact I was just about to call you! Teeheehee~!"

"Ahaahaa!" Yoshii blushed

Minami frowned.

"Himeji! you don't mind coming round to Minami's house? Were all gonna go downtown to a restaurant…. If you're not too busy…?"

"Oh I'd love to Akisha-kun! But…"


"Umm… Akisha-kun…what are you doing at Minami's house?"

Yoshii glanced at Minami, who had heard everything and was now scarlet red. He quickly turned away; he also was red in the face.

"Umm… she just invited me over Himeji…why?" Yoshii stutted sheepishly, dripping with the sweat.

"Only you Akisha-kun, no one else? Not even me, just YOU Akisha-kun?" He could hear her voice suddenly getting dangerously delicate.


"B-but…she knows I'm clever…" Himeji whispered

Yoshii went even more red, realising the mistake he made.

"Will you… just come over…please…?" He sighed

"Yes…yes I will Aki-Akisha-kun" She muttered, again using that dangerous tone.

The phone dropped and there was an akward silence.

Suddenly, Minami broke the silence.

"She's probably going to kill you Aki-"

"-WHYYY?" Yoshii interrupted in a shrill scream. He kneeled on the marble floor and started to cry.

"Well, while you grief over your death to come, I'll just do you a favour and call the others."

"W-when she kills me Minami… will you miss me…?"

"Hey! Don't you say that! I'm not letting anyone kill you!"

Yoshii looked up at Minami. "Huh? Really Minami?"

As soon as Minami realised what she had just blurted out, she blushed again.

"N-no…what I mean by that is if anyone is going to kill you it's me!"

"What? But I thought you liked me?" Yoshii said, as he picked himself off the kitchen floor.

"I do like you Aki…" Minami blushed softly, charmed by his sweet attitude. But once again, she flushed and changed the story.


But Yoshii smiled. "Ha ha, you're so cute Minami. I like you too."

Again, Minami blushed. How is he doing this? It's like he's controlling my mind! It's the way he smiles; he just has the cool attitude and that soft dreamy voice…

"Thank you Aki… I think I'll go upstairs and change before everybody comes."

While she walked up the stairs, Minami noticed that Yoshii- for once- was actually dressed in his best clothes. She smiled. Did he actually TRY to look his best so he would just come over to my house? Oh Aki…

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