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"That was strange, wasn't it, Minami?"

There was a small rattle, as a lead pencil dropped onto the marble tiles of the kitchen floor.

Minami bent down to pick up the pencil. She sat deftly on a short stool, absorbed in a Sudoku puzzle. She looked up.

"What? What's strange?"

Mizuki picked up a tin of sardines. "Sardines in sunflower oil, full of vitamin C! This will be perfect for Akihisa-Kun's recovery~~!"

In went the sardine…

It was still in the tin when it went in that bowl…

"I was just quite confused because usually you'd kill Akihisa-Kun if he said something like that after that incident. Heh, I thought you were going to kill him a second time!" Mizuki smiled with a sigh of relief.

Minami's hand slowly wondered over to a mug of tea Mizuki made earlier. She held the cup under her nose and inhaled the sweat steam. "Ah, I can't be bothered with that idiot..." She murmured, about to take a sip. Just then, she felt a ping at the side of her head, as she was reminded by her conscious the possible dangers of simply drinking a drop of Mizuki's "tea". "I have better things to worry about anyway." She cautiously poured the toxic substance down the sink.

"Hmm" Mizuki thought out loud.

Mizuki raised an eyebrow. "A penny for your thoughts?"

"Huh, what? What's that?"

"It means what are you thinking." Sighed Minami, rolling her eyes.

"Oh! Uh… I'm just wondering… You beat Akihisa-Kun a lot… like every day almost…"

Minami looked at her pink-haired friend.

"Well… do you love him or…"

Mizuki was interrupted by a loud snapping.

It's probably not even possible for the lead on the pencil to snap that loud. Minami, you broke the Guinness World Record.

"W-w-w-WHAT?" Minami bawled she now glowered at her friend in absolute torment.

"I just wanna know" Mizuki now shrunk.

"I-I-Why would I-Who would-ARGH!" Minami was practically spitting now. "Do YOU like him anyway?" She finally managed to say.

"Uhm…" Mizuki looked to the side, and twisted a strand of pink hair that fell perfectly over one of her cheeks. She was blushing.

"You… like him?"

Mizuki nodded. "I like Akihisa-Kun. He's adorable; he's so thoughtful and considerate. He always tries to provide me with the best. I means, he goes through so much trouble for me, as if I'm part or the Royal Family or something…"

Mizuki looked up to find her friend zoned-out on the counter.

"Minami! Are you even listening?"

Minami lifted her head from the counter "Uh? Oh, yeah…"

"What's wrong Minami?" questioned Minami, with a doubtful look on her face.

"Oh, nothing," Minami yawned, rubbing the back of her head. "It's just kind of weird I guess."

"WHAT?" Mizuki sobbed, looking concerned "H-how is it weird? Is it so wrong to like somebody?"

Minami thought about that for a second. "She's right, there isn't really anything wrong with having a crush on somebody… so why am I so scared to tell Aki?"

Minami was suddenly thrown out of her thoughts when she was interrupted by a soft thud coming from Mizuki's room. The girls both looked at each other, and as if they had read each other's mind, Minami rushed up the stairs to Mizuki's room to check on the boys.

She was so looking forward to this.

To get the opportunity to get revenge for everything,

For making fun of her breast size,

For making her fall in love with him,

And especially,

Most importantly,

For being such an idiot.

"Akihisa you IDIOT!"

Down in the kitchen, Mizuki had just realised something,

Minami had not helped her with the cooking at ALL.

"Darn! Darn! Darn! She's coming guys!" Muttsurini screamed to the others.

It was carnage, the boys were running around the room, Hideyoshi had already jumped out the window, and someone in particular was crying, and that person was…


No, not Yuuji, Akihisa. Akihisa was crying.


"I've already told you Akihisa, it's no use, you're taped to the bed."

"YOU SAID NO MAN DOWN YUUJI!" Akihisa screamed.

"Akihisa, you still don't remember every time I've lied to you, so you can go do something stupid? Remember that, Akihisa, remember that."


"Listen Akihisa…" Yuuji turned to the screaming child.

"When your parents get back… I'll tell them of what a good boy you were when you were alive."


Too late, Yuuji had saluted as if to say farewell, then jumped out of the window."

"NOOO!" Akihisa screamed, his face stained with tears.

"Hey, I won't feel so sorry for them."

Hissed a quiet voice.

Akihisa looked underneath the bed to find Muttsurini crouched, smiling. He could see his nose dripping, and realised Muttsurini noticed Mizuki's bras.

"I think you should go hide by the curtains, there'll be no bras lurking there." Akihisa suggested.

"G-good Idea" Muttsurini stifled, trying to hold back another massive nose bleed. "I'm sure Shōko, along with Yūko, would be looking for their twin brother and boyfriend."

"Heh, you got a good point" Akihisa grinned. "Why are you here anyway?"

Muttsurini beamed, clutching his camera meekly. "In case Minami gets mad at you, she'll attack you, and I can take shots of her panties. Then, I'll add them to my collection, and get rid of the old ones. I know some friends who will be willing to buy them"

"Oh…" Akihisa blushed. "Will you be able to reserve some for me… and some new ones of Hideyoshi… cross dressing?"

"Sure, but it's gonna cost extra…"

Just then, the door was forced open, so hard in fact, that it broke off its hinges.

"AKI YOU BAKA!" Screamed Minami.

Muttsurini pulled the curtains over himself, so he couldn't be seen.

"I WASN'T GONNA BUY THEM, I SWEAR!" Akihisa screamed.

"FOOL!" Minami yelled. She jumped onto Akihisa's weak body, crushing all his recovering limbs. She seized the collar of his shirt, and shook him violently. "WHAT'S YOUR PLAN? ARE YOU TRING TO ESCAPE! WHERE ARE THE OTHERS? TELL ME NOW!" screeched Minami.

"PLEASE, SPARE ME! SPARE ME!" Akihisa cried

"NOT IF YOU DON'T TELL ME WHERE THE HELL THEY WENT!" Minami screamed. She had hell in her eyes. She pressed more of her body weight on Akihisa, and he wailed. Muttsurini prepared his camera, and as Minami's skirt blew up, ever so slightly, Muttsurini managed to hold back a major nose explosion as he took one shot, then, the blood came out. SLAT. Right on Mizuki's curtains.

"T-THEY WENT THAT WAY!" He yelled, pointing at the window.

Muttsurini could hear Mizuki's footstep as she emerged. "Oh no!" He hissed, "Cover blown, cover blown!"

Minami tore open the curtains, and saw Muttsurini, staring right at him.

"OUT OF THE WAY!" she screamed, and Muttsurini leaped to the side, allowing Minami as much space as she needed to perform her procedure. The boys watched as she clung her hands on the window ledge, threw herself out, released, and performed a landing roll on the ground. She turned back round and pointed at the boys.

"If any of you think about escaping, ESPECIALLY YOU AKI! I will beat you into cement! ESPECIALLY YOU AKI!"

And with that, she sprinted off.

Akihisa watched her run; he was still dazed by that amazing performance.

And then, Muttsurini bled.

"W-what's the matter with you? What happened?" Akihisa inhaled as Muttsurini struggled to hold the blood from gushing out of his nose. He looked pale from blood-loss.

"I-I think I j-just saw her panties… as she sprinted off…" Muttsurini trembled.

Akihisa stared plainly at him.

"Akihisa-Kun!" Rang Mizuki's sugary voice.

The boys turned around, and to their ULTIMATE surprise, they found Mizuki by the door holding a metal tray topped off with food.

BUT, she was also wearing a cosplay nurse outfit, which was done loosely at around the breast area.

With one glimpse, Muttsurini's nose exploded, causing his body to discharge backwards, right through the glass, out of the window.

"What happened?" Mizuki asked, droping the silver tray by the bed and rushing to the window.

"Uhh, don't worry about that, Himeji-san. He usually recovers faster than you think." Akihisa smiled reassuringly.

"Oh… well, are you sure he doesn't need any help? There's enough room for both of you to share the bed."

"Uh! No thank you! I'm sure he's quite comfortable in your garden. Just give him a few minutes and he'll re-spawn." Akihisa smiled desperately.

"Is re-spawn not used for video games, Akihisa-Kun? How much do you play anyway?" Asked Mizuki

Akihisa didn't really have any time to answer. He could see to lights slowly dimming, as if they were being covered by something big. Two big objects in fact. Both equally circular and large, and-

"OH MY GOSH!" Akihisa screamed inside his head. "ARE THOOSE HUGE THINGS HIMEJI-SAN'S BOOBS?"

And they were.

"There we go Akihisa-Kun. Just fluffing up the pillows for you." She smiled. She was practically leaning over Akihisa while fluffing the pillows, totally unaware that he was suffocating in her breast.

She now stood up straight at smiled at him.

"Huh? What is it Akihisa-Kun? Why is your face so red? Oh no! You have a fever too! Don't worry! I made your food in the form of medicine! I even put it in the cute little medicine bottles! Up wide now Akihisa-Kun~!"

"No! NO! Himeji-san! It's okay- really! Please! I'm okay now! Stop, STOP!"

Mizuki was in the middle of pouring the "medication" into the spoon.

"What is it Akihisa-Kun? Don't you want me to cure you? Don't you believe I can help?"
Akihisa blushed. "Well… yes…"
"Then why don't you trust mw Akihisa-Kun?"

"Darn it, Darn it, Darn it!" Akihisa cursed. "She's doing those puppy- dog eyes again!"

Akihisa gave in. Sure, whatever. Let me have it then.

Three hours later, Akihisa woke up from a vivid dream of his soul almost being snatched away from him, while his body was being chucked in a pool of acid, or what looked a lot like blended ramen. There was a witch with pink hair, who clung to a broom stick, singing a lullaby to him, as he screamed and begged for mercy.

"Oh Akihisa-Kun! You're alive! I thought you died! What would have killed you all of a sudden? Did you have a heart attack?"
Again, Akihisa looked for an excuse not to hurt Mizuki. He was already hurting her by not telling her that he died each time he ate her food. Although, he did remember his heart literally melt before he died.

"Yep, yep I'm pretty sure it was a heart attack." Akihisa mumbled. "But don't you worry about it, Himeji-san." He smiled, struggling to sit up in the bed.

"You're cute, Akihisa-Kun." Minami giggled.

Akihisa blushed. That took him by surprise.

Mizuki smiled dreamily. Akihisa could tell she was distracted. He wondered what was on her mind.

"Akihisa-Kun." She turned to look Akihisa in the eye. "Can we keep this between us… what I'm about to say?"
Akihisa looked at her, with a hint of concern.

"Um sure. What's the problem Himeji-San?"

"Be honest, Akihisa-Kun." She blushed.

"I will, I promise." Smiled Akihisa, as he took her hand in his.

"Akihisa-Kun. This is why I love you… you're so cute, so kind, you go through so much, yet, at the end of the day…

You still try hard for my benefit…

You're truly amazing, Akihisa.

"Do you think…I look…" She blushed


"Do I look…"
"Do I look sexy to you Akihisa-Kun?" She blurted out. Her face was scarlet red, as he let go of Akihisa's hand to cover her own mouth.

Akihisa stared back at her in utter disbelief. He too could feel himself going red.

What on Earth did she just ask me?

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