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The Tenth Tribe

Chapter: 4

The New Evil?

For over an hour Jackie and co were interrogated by both the security and the curator. It wasn't until Jackie was able to get into contact with Capitan black before they were finally believed; though Jackie could see where the curator was coming from, the person they saw in the security footage had a worryingly similar build to his. In fact if the talismans were still around he would have had a look to see if the tiger talisman was still in the vault.

It seemed that the curator wanted them out as soon as possible and that was fine with Jackie. He had just phone jade and it sounded like he had woke her up and while he expected as much it worried him how rough she was sounding.

Arriving back into the room that held all of the Japanese artefacts; with only himself, uncle, Tohru and the courier of the museum in the room, it felt almost spooky. It seemed like the shadows were watching the group as they entered and it sent chills down everyone's spines.

"Well get your extra security measures done so you can leave and I can get to locating that stolen chest."

"We shouldn't be too much longer with the artefacts and thank you for your time" Tohru said trying to appease the curator, he just snorted at the remark before heading towards the exit.

"Now that he is gone we can start what we came he to do. Jackie pour some of this potion over each of the displays, then make sure we are not disturbed while Tohru and I are chanting the protection magic; after we are finished chanting the first section you will need to pour on this potion, finally after we complete the final chant you are to seal them with this final potion" Uncle explained as he handed three potions over to Jackie. The first potion was a sickly green colour that appeared to be very lumpy, the second was a royal blue in colour; it looked thick and seemed to stick to the sides of the vial. The final one was a vibrant red; it was very runny and was staining the glass with its colour. Jackie nodded his head in understanding they all got to work on their parts of the ritual.

The chanting was long, repetitive, monotone and very boring to watch as uncle and Tohru just sat as close to the centre of the room as possible; its times like this that Jackie wondered why jade was so fixated in learning magic, it just seemed so unlike anything the girl would be interested in.

The two chi wizards where just finishing with their chanting and appeared quite drained; Jackie was torn between helping them and finishing the ritual with the final potion. He didn't get to decide the matter as the vial broke in his hand.

Tohru had never done such a powerful protection spell before; uncle must really want to look after these artefacts. Looking over to his teacher Tohru was surprised to see that uncle looked to be faring a little better than he felt; he was still tired and winded, but not as bad as Tohru felt he was.

His musings were put to a halt when he felt a strong shiver go down his spine quickly followed by the sound of glass braking nearby. Both he and uncle scrambled to their feet as they looked around trying to locate what had broken; finally seeing a puddle of red liquid on the floor and Jackie standing above it looking at something in his hands.

"JACKIEEE! Uncle told you to be careful with potions! Each one is vital to the ritual and it cannot be completed without every piece in its place!"

"It wasn't my fault uncle; the vile broke in my hand. I think this metal needle caused it to shatter"

"You are careless and want to blame your mistake on cleaners not doing their job correctly. You are just fortunate that uncle brought more potions with him"

"You do know that your nephew is correct old man; the pin did cause your vile to break. I should know, after all, since I was the one who threw it." The voice was feminine and seemed to come from all around them; the voice, as alluring as it sounded, was laced with a vicious edge. You could hear that whoever the voice belonged to enjoyed being bad a little too much to be sane. Movement was seen at the main door but when they faced it no one was there.

"Show yourself!" Uncle threatened as he waved his puffer fish about. His statement only caused the voice to laugh.

"But it is fun watching you all squirm within my net. The spider attacks swiftly and efficiently, once its prey has tired from struggling to escape its web; why should I be so different?"

Tohru took this turn to speak to the faceless voice, his lizard poised and ready to shoot at the slightest glimpse of movement. "Because we are not in your trap"

"Oh but you are, you really are. While you were performing your good magic you failed to notice the noose around your neck. Now my warriors have surrounded you and are just waiting for the signal. Oh and speaking of good magic" the way the voice mentioned good magic had the two wizards tense up and aim their casters; only for them to be shot out of their hands and embedded into the floor by two more of those metal needles.

"Without those you can't perform good magic can you?"

"Reveal yourself to uncle so he can teach you a lesson!" Uncle shouted in frustration and annoyance. Apparently the games were over.

The voice didn't say anything but the shadows around them appeared to get even thicker; then from the doorway stood a figure. It was feminine in appearance with very long hair and wore something that looked to belong to a samurai, when not wearing any armour. As the figure moved away from the entrance more details began to emerge like the belt that held a pair of swords, or the metal needle the person toyed with in her hand and that her skin was blue; a worryingly familiar shade of blue. The figure seemed to smile even more viciously as she saw the recognition.

"Aww how sweet of you to remember my species. But how rude of me not to introduce myself; my name is unimportant but I am the general of the tenth tribe of Oni" the looks she got when she revealed this was of shock, surprise and curiosity? "What? Thought there were only 9 generals. Didn't hear about me? Typical of Tarakudo to leave his biggest success and shame out of history"

The shadows receded a little from around our heroes but they could now see that they were surrounded with female Shadowkhan, all of them wearing outfits similar to the general but with additional face masks. "See you're in my trap. Now would you be so kind and hand over the shadow scrolls before you finish up your protection magic; well the scrolls, the misuterii chest, some of the tapestries and anything else that I deem valuable or magical, haven't looked around yet."

Jackie had no idea what to do; strange Shadowkhan surrounded them and the demon general was blocking the entrance. Uncle and Tohru were both tired and disarmed currently, but he doubted they would remain unarmed; their chi casters were pierced but still intact, if secured to the floor.

Jackie looked back at the demon general and noticed that the confident smile on her face was slowly slipping as her eyes travelled around the room. He could make out a growl like noise coming from her direction as a frown started to replace the smile.

"I see everything I want except for one item; there is only one empty display case in this room" her eyes locked onto Jackie's and he couldn't help but shiver as he stared into those cat like eyes. "What have you done with the misuterii chest? Did you feel the need to open up Pandora's Box, as I have, and see what she saw with your own eyes? That privilege is my own to have and I will not allow anyone else the honour. So if you value your lives you will give it to me."

Her voice never wavered as she spoke her demand; the only emotions Jackie could make out was the annoyance you could see on her face. Jackie heard uncle scoff at the demons words and knew that whatever uncle was going to say would just make matters worse.

"Legend of Pandora is from Greece not Japan. One more thing, why would uncle want to open box containing the world's evils. One more thing, what would uncle do with such an object if he had it. One more thing, uncle is good guy; we don't go stealing rare artefacts. One more..."

"Uncle pleases!" Jackie yelled to him as he saw the demons face darkens with anger.

"You all are trying my patience. Give me the chest or run for your lives. Oh and old man, Pandora opened a jar not a box in the original translation."

"We don't have the chest" Jackie said quickly before his uncle could get worked up any more. "Someone stole it earlier today. We spent far too long being interrogated about the incident for us to have done it and not be in pris..." Jackie never got to finish his sentence; he was hoisted into the air by the hand that was suddenly around his neck. Air was already becoming a problem as he started to grasp at the hand and all it seemed to do was make the Oni general growl like a big cat.

"If that is the case then you will give me every piece of information that your interrogators got from you about the person who stole the chest" Jackie knew that the talks were over and seeing that he couldn't wiggle out of the grip around his neck he quickly brought his foot up and smashed it into her jaw.

The sudden strike came as a shock to everything in the room; not a sound was heard as the audience watched the demon general stumble off her feet while Jackie managed to catch himself and land in a defensive stance, waiting for her to get back up.

This action was the spark to the fuel; seeing their general on the ground, the Shadowkhan around our heroes launched themselves with the soul intent of taking revenge for such a cheap shot.

They mainly focused uncle and Tohru since it was clear that they both had the biggest potential to interfere with the generals plans, and because their general was already back onto her feet and going after the fool who hit her.

Tohru was struggling the most out of all of our heroes; not only was he still winded from the protection ritual they had just chanted, but also because these Shadowkhan were almost impossible for him to hit. They were ridiculous agile and seemed to be able to predict were his he was going to strike before he had decided.

Even when Tohru managed to grab one of them to throw into the wall; as soon as he threw it, the Shadowkhan latched onto his hand and used the momentum of the throw to turn it back onto Tohru and actually launched him over its shoulder in a judo throw.

This move caught some of its sister Shadowkhan by surprise, since they were right under the mountain as it collapsed. But even this sudden attack wasn't enough to catch all of the Shadowkhan that were about to get crushed; a few managed to survive thanks to their reflexes.

Uncle was faring better than his apprentice. He was agile enough, even at his age to block and dodge some of the Shadowkhan while he moved towards the chi blasters. He wasn't able to stop them all unfortunately and it was beginning to show as his moves started to get sloppy.

It was the impact of Tohru hitting the ground that caused him to cheer. The thud caused the ground to shake and be enough of a distraction for him to reach the casters. Tohru being thrown was doubly good because not only had it drawn attention away from him, but it also knocked the pins holding the blowfish and newt out of the floor.

While Tohru was having the most difficulty Jackie was defiantly in a life or death situation and it was only thanks his martial art training that was keeping him alive. The Shadowkhan general was relentless with her strikes as she chased him around the room. She hadn't drawn her swords yet, but Jackie assumed that it was because she still wanted to know where the chest was.

Jackie felt the ground shake as Tohru landed and he winced in sympathy, but that was all he could do; the general chasing him hadn't been affected by the noise or the ground tremor in the slightest.

Now that uncle had his weapon of choice once again he quickly started shooting at the Shadowkhan around Tohru and himself, while he also went to each display case and poured some of the final potion over it completing the protection spell for the object. He knew that Jackie was in far too severe a fight to be distracted and he saw that Tohru was out cold thanks to his impact with the floor.

He was still being attacked while doing all of this as well, making him not be as careful with his potion as he would have liked to be. In fact he actual ran out of the potion before he could finish; now there was just one vile of it left and Tohru had it on him.

Fighting his way over to his apprentice was becoming very hard. He was getting tired and the Shadowkhan had long since caught on to what the green beams did to them and were now using their agility to avoid them. They were sloppy at it when they also tried to attack him and uncle did have cover now thanks to the pieces already covered with the protection magic. He could slip behind them to guard a side, or make a Shadowkhan impact one and be dispersed as if he shot it.

Jackie had managed to get himself cornered by the general and had nowhere else to run. He was currently trading blows with her at the far end of the room away from everything else that was going on, so both of them were surprised to see a green beam come right for the general. A quick separation for both combatants and then they realised that they were the only ones still fighting.

Looking around the room both combatants could see that all of the Shadowkhan have been banished, Tohru was lying on the ground out cold with uncle standing next to him panting quite hard. While Jackie could not see it, the general could see a green glow around the display cases.

"Looks like you are out of an army and your trap failed on you" came Jackie's witty reply as he saw how the battle faired.

"A tactical retreat is in order I think. I am still too rusty from my sleep to deal with you all together. But I will find out who took that chest one way or another" and with that she throws a smoke bomb down onto the floor and disappears.

Seeing the smoke clear to reveal that the demon had indeed gone, Jackie and uncle let out a big sigh before Jackie collapsed onto the floor. He was exhausted he didn't know how much longer he could have gone on; if it wasn't for uncles timing who knows what would have happened.

Hearing his uncle start to chant Jackie looked over to see that he was standing next to Tohru pointing his blow fish at him. Before Jackie could ask what he was doing a green beam shot out of the fish and impacted Tohru; a few seconds of this and Tohru started to wake up.

"Easy, uncle had to give you some of his chi in order to wake you up. Now come, we need to inform Capitan black that we have found new evil against the world."

"Sensei I believe we should re-ward the shop. The protection spells will have been weakened since the last time they were used and from what we saw just now this new demon general is very dangerous."

"You may be right Tohru, and as quickly as possible. Uncle does not like the way she talked when she left; as if she wasn't worried about this defeat. It is a dark sign if it is true."

By now Jackie had made his way over to Tohru and was now helping the sumo up.

"Well at least we managed to stop her from taking any of the artefacts. Grunt, now as soon as we can locate whoever stole the chest then things should go our way, OWW!"

"Have you learnt nothing from our past Jackie! There are countless other artefacts of evil out there; we were lucky that she wanted the shadow scrolls and they were in our back yard. We must do research and find out what she is after and what she wants. We are fortunate that female demons are very rare, especially Japanese demons; that gives us something to work on.

"Now let's make sure that protection magic is working and then get back to the shop." With that uncle turns and starts looking over the glass cabinets. Not thinking of anything else to do Jackie and Tohru started doing the same.

It didn't take the three men long, only a few minutes, to make sure that all of the cases were fully protected. Sighing in relief that the night was almost over they were just leaving the room when black smoke started to spew out of one of the cases. Rushing over to it the three men stared in disbelief as the shadow scrolls started to dissolve; before long all that was left of them was a pile of ash.

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