Kil'Raya listened as he purred to her softly "Soon my love soon, our children grow strong in your belly, five beautiful sons you shall give me, but I wonder can you ever comprehend the magnitude of what they will be?" She looked at him puzzled "What do you mean? They will be no more than my sons, and I will love and raise them to be decent and honorable warriors" she said calmly. His voice grew suddenly deep and menacing, almost a growl "Can you EVER know what they are?" he snarled "How can you love the sons of DEATH!"

Kil'Raya woke with a gasp, sitting up suddenly, her sister Ki 'lea woke suddenly too concerned "Are you alright Raya? What's wrong?" she asked concernedly, worried for her pregnant sister.

"Nothing Lea, just one of them giving a little kick, that's all" she said rubbing her swollen abdomen gently.

"I think tomorrow will be the day" she said.

Ki 'lea looked at her sister questioningly "How do you know?" she asked puzzled.

"I'm not sure… I just think tomorrow will be the day" she said.

"Well let's hope so Raya" Ki 'lea said laying back down "The sooner you give birth, the sooner we'll have some men to help us".

Kil'Raya smiled at the joke. And as she laid back down she stared up at the ceiling and thought to how she had gotten to this point in her life.

Both she and her sister had been the daughters of a great elder. However he had become involved with inter-clan warfare and sent them both to a faraway outpost to keep them safe, under the watch of two old friends, a male and his permanent mate. They took them in and let them stay in the upstairs room of the gathering hall.

It was with great sadness however, that they learned their father had been killed. With their father dead, they were now stuck on the outpost, with no way to move. The stayed, doing odd jobs, working where they could, neither were terribly worthy mates, both being under 8 feet tall, and barely over 7 feet, most males simply ignored them.

So Kil'Raya was very surprised one late night, when a particularly tall, dark skinned male approached her one night, in the quiet corner of the communal hall. She had come into her heat cycle recently, and he seemed to be taking a particular interest with her because of it, and yet, he had remained controlled, civil. Even though she sensed his arousal, he was polite at all times. When she took him to her room though, it was a different male who was with her. She purred at the memory of how he had pleased her again and again on that night. It wasn't so much that she had a male to help her relieve her sexual urges, but during the whole time, his presence made her feel happy, and not alone. Not mention he thrilled her, by sending her to near nirvana with every climax, causing her to trill loudly and roar with orgasmic joy. She had fallen asleep happily rutted and in his arms. Strangely though, the next morning he was gone, with not a trace of him. She had racked it up to nothing but a good dream at the time.

However her surprise was life changing when later that month her monthly medical check verified she was pregnant, not only pregnant, but pregnant with quintuplets, all males.

It was highly unusual for female Yautja to give birth to more than one child at a time. It usually increased the risk of birth defects or genetic problems, even twins, while usually not as bad, were typically undersized, it was why Kil'Raya and Ki 'lea were so small as females.

But the medic was even more shocked when he found out that they were not only fine, but likely to be very healthy, healthier than most actually. When asked who the father was, she simply had a hard time telling. She hadn't thought to ask the males name. All she could remember was that he was a tall, dark skinned male, with a deep voice. The medic had joked that she seemed to have spent a night with Cetanu himself. Kil'Raya had laughed at the time, until recently.

She had been having strange dreams, filled with visions and the voice of her phantom mate. He had been telling her how he was happy with how she was doing, and glad to see she and her growing children were healthy and fit. More recently the dreams had become stranger, he had been asking her what she would name them, what she wished them to look like, if she hoped they would become successful hunters. She had responded as best as she could. And after this night's dream she was sure she would deliver soon.

Not two days later she did. The birthing area was filled with the usual howling of female labor pain, Kil'Raya's screams however were heard well over the rest. Her core twisted and contracted in the continuous agony of her bodies attempt to release the children from her crowded womb.

The delivery staff was at a loss as how to ease her pain, the anesthetics they had given her had no effect at all. It seemed she would have to go through the birth naturally, something that killed many yautja mothers. But after more than twenty hours of intense labor, she lay there with five perfectly healthy sons. All of them were untouched by physical deformations, or genetic quirks of any kind, and all desperately hungry for their mother's milk.

Strangely enough Ki 'lea was also lactating and gladly offered to help feed her new nephews. All but one fed, the tiny black male, with a small little whitish grey diamond patch in the middle of his chest, he calmly waited for his turn and when he had drank his fill, he gently relinquished his grasp on her breast and simply snuggled close to Kil'Raya and fell asleep. As she let her other sons continue to feed, she gently stroked the head of her tiny sleeping son. Purring gently she calmly said "I'll name you…"

"…Yeyin, Yeyin'its-pa"