Zazeen decided he would take his chance. Yeyin paused as he felt a hand grab at his shoulder and spin him, and as he turned, a fist connected hard against the side of his face with an obvious and audible 'crack!' To his credit, Zazeen did possess the strength of a male yautja, and Yeyin stumbled for a moment, seeing stars briefly flash across his vision. His four brothers and three friends rushed over quickly, but the big male merely held a hand out, stopping them as he chuckled."It's fine, it's fine. Seriously, I'm ok." Standing, he winked at Ky'gall, who shook his head, knowing what was about to happen even as Yeyin gestured towards Zazeen, "He ain't."

The loudmouth was caught completely off guard as Yeyin balled the hand he had held out into a fist and spun, bringing it low before coming back up hard. He caught Zazeen square in his gut, the force in the blow so strong that Yeyin practically lifted the other male off his feet. Taking a step back, the big male watched as Zazeen sunk down to his knees, trying to catch the breath that had been driven out of his lungs. He coughed and spluttered before throwing up on the floor ungraciously. All present laughed as the once proud boaster lost control of himself and threw up again. Looking up, vomit dripping off his tusks, Zazeen still growled hoarsely, "Worthless… whoreson."

Yeyin suddenly grabbed him by the throat and raised his fist high before bringing it crashing back down like a hammer. The impact was so forceful that not only did everyone hear it, those closest would swear that they could feel it themselves, like a small thunderclap. Everyone grew silent as Zazeen's body sank to the ground and didn't move. Yeyin looked up and stared at the faces of the crowd; all were wide eyed with fear and shock. He looked back down momentarily at the still body before turning with a snarl to walk down the hall to his quarters on the ship.

. . . . . . .

By the next day, things were very different. Yeyin stood straight or, more accurately, was held up straight; his arms wrapped around and tied to a tall wooden post in the Jedhin ring and training arena. He had been stripped of all of his armor and he wore nothing except a cloth wrap around his groin.

Flexing the muscles in his arms, he gripped the fibrous cord that bound him and pulled gently; the ropes tightened, groaned, but stayed taught and strong. Sighing, he placed his head against the post and whispered silent prayers for himself and his brothers. At first, Kv'var had wanted all of his bunk mates punished as well and everyone else forced to a week of hard P.E. for not doing anything to stop the incident, but Yeyin had talked him out of it, saying that he himself was the only one at fault. Kv'var had had him and all the others brought in early to the arena, where they had marched him, nearly naked, to the post and tied him to it to wait while the others filtered in. When all were present he began,

"All of you know why you're here, and you all know why he's there." He said pointing at Yeyin, "What he did was inexcusable! He let another get to him, affect him, and make him lose control of his actions and forget himself!" The elder male said, looking over the crowd.


Sighing, he spoke again, now with less anger, "However, Yeyin has shown that he still has a sense of honor. He alone has taken responsibility for what had occurred and has so stated he is the only onewho is in need of punishment." As Kv'var continued, a group of four, black armored females came out.

Two were bearing evil looking whips similar to a cat-o'ninetails. The others held large, rectangular, deep-bodied containers filled with a strange, putty-like substance that glowed an evil, purplish-blue and smelled bitter and acrid.

"None of you are allowed to leave until this is over, and all of you had better remember that next time, I may not be as understanding." He then walked over to Yeyin and whispered to the dark-skinned young male, "You got a female back home, son?"

Yeyin furrowed his brow, confused, "Uh... yeah, why?"

"Focus on her, it'll help." Kv'var said, tucking the big male's dreadlocks over his shoulders to exposehis back before gently patting Yeyin on the shoulder. Walking to the side, he looked at the females and nodded, "Proceed."

The females stepped forward and one put a glove on her hand. Scooping a generous handful of the substance in one of the containers, she spread it on Yeyin's back and the big male closed his eyes as he felt effects of the paste; it made his back feel cool and as though hundreds of pins and needles were gently pricking his hide. One of the females cut this short as she suddenly lashed out with her scourge. The ends were covered with a set of metal claws which ripped and sliced into the male's flesh. Yeyin gasped and grabbed the ropes in a deathgrip, but suddenly groaned in he didn't see, but what the assembly did, were the wounds on his back slowly sealing back up, perfectly healed, and his skin smoked as it did. What the assembly didn't know was that, as his wounds healed, Yeyin felt like his skin was being showered with hot coals. It ceased slightly as his wounds closed, but the agonizing pain was renewed as the scourge lashed his back again.

Over and over this process was repeated, timed so that as soon as one set of cuts closed, new ones were opened, and after maybe thirty lashes, more putty was applied and the whipping continued. Minutes passed, then one hour, then two; by the third the first container was empty. Yeyin was slack against the post, his legs weak and his breath ragged. As if the pain weren't bad enough, the putty also had made his temperature sky rocket until his throat was dry and he was dripping with sweat. The only time there were pauses was when they stopped to apply more putty or give him some water to drink.

By the middle of the fourth hour, Zazeen was walked in and he grinned, calling out obnoxiously, "Give him more; he can take it!"

He was slapped by an elder male before Kv'var barked, "One more outburst like that, worm, and you'll join him!" Zazeen froze as he looked about and saw every face was glaring at him, seven in particular with enough venom to kill.

The whipping continued and by hour five, every lash caused the big male to howl out in agony, each lash bringing it out louder and louder until in rang around the room, a sound of pure pain, agonizing to any who heard. It stabbed into the body and mind like a knife, making hearts fail and minds cry in sympathy.

A voice called out, "Hang on Yeyin! It's almost over!" and murmurs followed this. A few minutes later,a different voice called out, "You got this, Yeyin!" Then more voices began to rise until Kv'var called for silence and walked over to the restrained male."Don't you give in to this, you hear? Don't you ask for leniency, understand me?" he growled into Yeyin's ear, then resumed his position and the females continued.

Yeyin growled loudly in his throat, snarling as he pulled himself up on the post, face grim. With every lash, he merely twitched, his body tensing more and more and the ropes that bound him began to strain and groan under the pressure. The level of the paste in its container got lower and lower as the end was nearing. As the last bit was applied, Yeyin could be seen having blood run down his forearms and drip off his elbows. As the last strike hit, there was a loud popping snap as the ropes gave. The ends had been cutting into Yeyin's forearms as he had pulled them tighter and tighter and they had finally given out under the strain. The guards immediately surrounded him, but Kv'var held them back. The big male walked slowly but purposefully over to where Zazeen was standing. This time, the loudmouth looked in stark fear at the almost naked, fatigued raised a hand and Zazeen flinched, but Yeyin merely placed his hand on the shorter male's shouldergently. Leaning in close, he whispered softly, "I will always remember this, alpha male. Don't EVER forget it."Standing back up, Yeyin spat at his feet, then turned on his heel and began to walk away towards the exit. He only got a few steps before he collapsed, heavily, barely holding himself up with his arms which still bore the ropes that were now green with blood.

Del'thwei immediately ran over to Yeyin's side and was supporting him under his arm, "Please, let me help you friend. It would be honor to help a male such as yourself."Yeyin chuckled as Mak'ai helped hold him up under his other arm, "Not as honored as I am to have friends like you."