Where is Your Heart?

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Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Chapter 1

Blind Date

"Rach you need to get yourself back in the dating scene and get over Finn, how many times does he have to completely screw up before you realize that he is not the one?" Kurt questioned with a definite look on his face. Honestly it bothered Rachel how much everyone was against her and Finn being together, she loved him that is all that should matter.

"Kurt whilst I understand your concern I am not yet prepared to move on, I still feel deeply toward him and I know that I can—"

"Rachel, listen to yourself right now!" He practically shouted causing her to close her mouth as her eyebrows knit together in frustration. "You are still absolutely fawning over him while he is more than content to move on from this ridiculous marriage business—" He paused when brown annoyed eyes stared him down. "—Look the point is that he is now dating some cheerio and you need to realize that there are other fish in the sea. Far more fabulous fish might I add?" He smirked only half teasing, Kurt loved his brother of course.

Chewing on her bottom lip Rachel contemplated his words, taking them seriously and coming to a quick conclusion. "There are no other fish in the sea for me Kurt, if you do not recall people do not like me all that much." She pouted before flattening out her skirt and sitting down on her bed, discouragement written across her features.

He laughed at this "Oh honey I do recall."

She scoffed at this remark but before she could launch into one of her rants on the subject he quickly interjected. "But I happen to know just the person who is interested in you." A devious smirk spread across his face as he grew excited. He had read into a certain unbelievable relationship and could not help but meddle, especially after Finn ruined his chances with Rachel. Although, he had never supported their "marriage."

This of course peaked the young diva's curiosity and her head snapped up large determined eyes filling with wonder as she breathed out a shocked. "Who?" 'No one has shown remote interest in me aside from Noah and he shows interest in anyone…'

"Well that would ruin the fun in a blind date now wouldn't it?" His smirk intensified.

"A blind date?" She questioned, once again her eyebrows furrowing as she thought about this. "Kurt I do not suspect that would end well."

"Oh, come on! I know that this particular person is head over heels for you Rach, just trust me."

With one last apprehensive look she finally nodded her head slowly giving in to his wishes. Usually she would not give in to something that she did not wish to do without a fight. 'Perhaps I actually want to go… I mean Finn is dating that cheerleader…' Her body shook a little with the jealousy that consumed her at the thought of the two of them together. 'Plus Kurt did say that this individual has been interested in me for some time… I should at least give him a chance right? Right!'

"Now, for what you will be wearing—" Kurt stated starting to look through the assortment of unfashionable clothing that hung in the woman's closet, giving disgusted looks here and there as he did so.

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"Quinn, please give this a chance! I promise you will not be disappointed!" The young man practically begged, he had asked the blonde multiple times already and she continued to refuse him. It was starting to aggravate him. He had gotten Rachel to agree who was probably one of the most stubborn, Finn-minded people in the world, and now his plans were going to fall apart because of Quinn? 'Not on my watch!'

"Kurt as much as I appreciate your offer I am not in any position to be dating anyone right now. I plan to stay single until after my arrival at Yale." She dismissed once more, trying to ignore the tug at her heart.

She had told Rachel not to marry Finn Hudson and if she were honest with herself, which she rarely was, she would admit that she had ulterior motives. She could not place a finger on exactly when she had started to have feelings toward the beautiful shorter woman, more than likely they had always been there and she just started to notice them when pushed into the realization that she would be losing Rachel forever to Finn. It broke her heart and she had to put an end to it, but now she was far too terrified to act on it. What would her family think, her friends, everyone? Did it matter? Would Rachel ever feel the same after every terrible thing that she did to her? Did Rachel even like girls? There were too many unanswered questions for her to risk it.

"I know, I know, you want to stay independent, you are happy being alone, yada yada yada. I get it, but you don't understand. I know that this person would be great for you besides what's the worst that could happen? You turn them down and go to Yale? Have a little fling? Come on!" Kurt pleaded.

Quinn thought about it as she raised a cropped eyebrow at him. "Perhaps you are correct, what could it hurt…?" She husked out, feeling her heart tug at the thought of another pointless endeavor. She only wanted one person. 'One person I can never have…'

Blue eyes lit up with excitement immediately. "So you'll do it then?"

"I suppose so."

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Rachel was quickly starting to second guess her decision to go along with Kurt's "blind date" ordeal, she was growing embarrassed and impatient as she glanced around for the mystery man. Brown eyes searching through the crowds of people before briefly meeting the clock to check the time. 'If this guy is head over heels for me then he should at least be on time… oh no, what if this was all a setup? No… Kurt wouldn't do that…' She chewed on her full bottom lip as she crossed her arms over her chest and let out a puff of air in frustration, causing her bangs to fly up as she continued to search. The movie would be starting in a moment and she was actually quite excited to see it. Twilight was an epic love story after all, and despite her current status she still had a soft spot for romance.

Quinn glanced around the theatre, hazel eyes searching for the "man of her dreams" as Kurt had practically put it. Her eyes trailed along the front doors where they were supposed to be meeting, but it appeared that all of the men gathering were already accompanied. Fingering her white sundress nervously she started to have her doubts about all of this. 'Maybe he isn't going to show… not that it really—' Her thoughts trailed off as her eyes widened at what she saw. Standing in front of the doors was none other than Rachel Berry, looking insecure and impatient, searching the crowds for someone. 'Probably Finn… he would stand her up… Probably forgot he was supposed to meet her…'

Ignoring the pang of jealousy she focused on the worried face, smiling softly. 'She is stunning… Should I go and speak with her? She could use company and we are kind of friends right…?' With one last glance around she realized that she too had been stood up and she may as well approach the other girl, at the very least they could savor the evening.

Trying to force a confident façade she made her way toward the other girl, momentarily thinking about where they were three years ago. How she had hated the other diva, or at least she had thought that were the case. A pink smile made its way onto her lips as she walked up beside the other girl whose eyes were focused adamantly on the clock. 'She is most definitely waiting for someone.'

"Hello there, waiting for somebody special?" Quinn asked her voice deep and teasing. This playful side was new to her and usually only came out when around Rachel.

The short diva jumped letting out a squeal of surprise as her head quickly snapped around, eyes connecting with playful hazel. Her rapidly beating heart only intensified as she found herself lost in those beautiful pools, but quickly she realized who it was and rationality returned. "Quinn, what are you doing here?"

"Well, as logic would have it I am going to the movies." She chuckled huskily under her breath. "And I asked you first." The blonde pointed out. 'She is just too cute sometimes… always so emotional… although she looks kind of scared—oh god I hope it isn't because of me…'

"Honestly Quinn I would feel more comfortable not speaking about it, in fact I will probably just be leaving. It seems that they will not be showing up."

"So it is a secret date then?" She laughed a little before seeing the worried look cross the other girl's beautiful features. 'Wait… who could it possibly be…?' "Rachel?"

"You will think it silly of me." Chewing on her full bottom lip she cast her large brown eyes downward playing with the hem of her dress, she had made certain to dress up for the date at Kurt's request. Not to mention she always preferred to look her best when meeting a new suitor.

"It's probably no more silly then what I am doing here." The blonde admitted embarrassedly.

"Seeing as you said that you were merely going to the movies, then I would have to strongly disagree considering that is what the majority of people are doing here." Rachel pointed out factually and with complete seriousness that Quinn could not help but smile at.

"Actually." She started before glancing away. "I am waiting for a blind date that I hardly wanted to go on in the first place, and getting stood up. Maybe he came by and saw me waiting and decided I wasn't his type." Her voice was teasing and gentle, slow and calm, nothing that alarmed the diva although the words did bother her and she quickly responded without thinking.

"You are every man's type Quinn, you are absolutely beautiful." She blushed softly at the determination behind her voice, but she had meant every word. Whispering softly she added. "But you already knew that."

"It's still nice to hear from time to time." She stated smiling as her mind teased. 'From you…' "So, why are you here? It cannot be any more embarrassing than that."

"Actually as coincidental as it is, I am here for that very same reason. Although it appears that I too am being stood up, although I had expected as much to happen. What man would want to take me out so badly, and to a movie like Twilight on top of it? Mere wishful thinking on my part I suppose." Rachel stated with a sad, yet rather confident smile as she rambled. Trying to keep it to a minimal knowing how she annoyed people, Quinn often being one of those people, with her need to overelaborate on topics that she was passionate about.

"Hm that is peculiar."

"That I would be stood up, no it actually happens quite a lot." She confirmed with a nod of her head, refraining from voicing the fact that the blonde had done it on many occasions.

"No, I was here to see Twilight as well." 'Kurt had advised me against a horror movie which I would have preferred… this is all seeming a little too coincidental… But he couldn't possibly know that I like Rachel…'

"Oh, I see. It should be a spectacular film I do hope that you will enjoy the viewing." Rachel stated with a slight quaver of full lips. 'I doubt she would want to see it with me…' She thought to herself looking up at the ex-cheerleader.

"Yeah." Her voice was husky and her eyes unsure as they met large browns. She nearly melted on the spot. 'God I could stare at her all day and night… Stop being ridiculous this isn't a date, even if she does go with you, it will just be a friendly encounter.'

A silence spread between them, which Quinn finally took the liberty to break. "Well, since your date appears to have stood you up as well as mine, maybe we could go together?"

"I suppose that could work, it would be a shame to allow this opportunity to go to waste." Rachel stated allowing her thousand-watt smile to cross her face nearly devouring her completely. Honestly, she was excited that Quinn had purposed going together; she had hoped that she would. Although her heart did seem to be beating a bit quicker than expected if going out with a friend. 'It's like it is a date or something—no don't think like that, this is Quinn Fabray she could never see you that way and you are not ready to date… you still love Finn.'

"Yes, it would be." The taller woman stated, unable to remove the smirk from her face as she extended her arm allowing the shorter girl to encircle it with her own. Feeling proud when she actually did. With one last look down at the beautiful smiling diva she lead the way toward the ticket booth, making certain to pay for both tickets despite the whining of her counterpart. If Quinn was going to go out with Rachel as a friend she would at least make it as date-like as possible.

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