Where is Your Heart?

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Chapter 3

Secrets Don't Make Friends

"Kurt, I ask that you kindly tell whichever young male friend of yours who was supposed to accompany me on my blind date, that he missed out on a wonderful evening and that simply not showing up without telling either of us was extremely ungentlemanly of him." Rachel stated in a matter-of-fact tone as she held her books tightly against her chest and walked up beside her friend who was gathering his belongings at his locker.

Feigning ignorance the young man gasped and turned closing the locker door. "He didn't show?"

A pout formed on the brunette's full lips as she recalled waiting for him as she adamantly checked the time on the theatre clock. It was embarrassing. 'Luckily Quinn saved me from my embarrassment… gosh…' A light blush adorned her cheeks as she recalled the lovely evening she had shared with the blonde ex-cheerleader. Surprisingly it had been the best date she had ever been on. 'It wasn't a date Rachel… Do not overanalyze… She was simply taking pity on you and your situation…'

"Rachel?" He questioned, snapping her out of her daze.

With a huff she shook her head quickly before following him down the hallway. Classes honestly being the last thing on her mind at the moment. "No, he did not. It was beyond embarrassing Kurt, standing there in the crowded theatre, watching couples holding hands and buying tickets. I could tell that they knew I was waiting for someone who would never show."

After Rachel's mini-rant Kurt smiled, his lips curling up at both ends as he questioned her previous wording. "Yet, you said he missed out on a wonderful evening? I've seen Twilight it isn't THAT good, so who's the guy?" He pried, twirling and looking into large brown eyes with curious blues.

The deep blush that painted naturally tan cheeks spoke volumes. More so than Rachel was willing to admit. 'Oh god, am I that obvious…?' "There was no need for a man to sweep me off my feet and save me. I am fully capable of having a wonderful evening on my own. Not to mention Twilight is THAT good." She emphasized the same word hoping that she could distract him from asking who she spent the movie with. The diva was far from being ashamed, she had always wanted to be Quinn's friend. She simply did not know if that was what the blonde wanted.

"Okay so let us assume that you love Twilight THAT much, I still can tell when someone is wearing an 'I have a crush on him' smile and that, Rachel Berry, is the smile that you are wearing. So for the last time tell me who you saw this movie with!" He practically squealed in excitement as a smile spread across his face and he stared at Rachel expectantly, urging her to tell him every last detail. Even if he already knew more than he was letting on.

"It is neither a crush nor a "him" and I see no reason why it should be any of your business Kurt." Honestly she wanted to tell him, she was just worried that it would affect Quinn's reputation which she knew was very important to her. 'She has seemed to care less about that lately though…'

"Rachel Berry interested in a woman?" He raised an eyebrow at her, earning a playful smack on his arm and another blush to make its way along her face. "Who would have guessed?"

"I did not say I was interested in her!"

He gave her a look that said he clearly did not believe her. "Okay."

"Kurt, seriously. It was just a friendly encounter that I enjoyed quite a lot. There was nothing romantic about it whatsoever." 'Aside from that moment I wanted to kiss her… gosh what is wrong with me… Stop thinking these things!' This thought caused her blush to intensify, but still she held her head up confidently as she spoke with conviction. "And if you must know it was—"

"—Hello Rachel." A deep raspy voice interrupted both the diva's sentence as well as her train of thought.

"Quinn." She whispered out, suddenly unable to find the strength and conviction.

"Yes?" The blonde asked raising an eyebrow at the shorter woman, a playful smile dancing along her pink lips as she looked toward Kurt catching interested blue eyes with slightly confused hazel.

"What are you doing here?" Rachel questioned, snapping her head around in order to glance through long lashes at the beautiful woman. As she realized how rude her question sounded she quickly tried to remedy the situation. "Not that you do not have the right to walk in the hallways, or say hello to me. I guess I am just slightly shocked that you now wish to do so after so many years of—"

"—I actually needed to speak with Kurt." Quinn interrupted the mini-ramble. Politely. 'She is so adorable when she rambles… I wish I could just hold her… I wish I could show her how wonderful she truly is…'

"Oh I see." She nodded, almost sorrowfully and the sight broke the blonde's heart. "Well, I will just let you two talk then." Just as she was turning to walk away from them, Quinn reached out and grabbed ahold of her arm, gently. Both girls tried to ignore the instant jolt that shot through their bodies as well as the way that their hearts started racing due to the skin on skin contact.

'Control yourself Quinn Fabray…' Letting out the breath that she had been unintentionally holding she smiled softly. "I actually was hoping that you and I could speak after Glee Club." She stated huskily, slowly stretching her words. Watching as a smile started to spread across Rachel's face practically consuming her. She loved causing that smile. "Perhaps discus when we could get together and have that movie night?"

Now Rachel was wearing her trademark toothy-grin as she let out a sound of excitement. Secretly, she had been worried that the invitation would go unanswered and they would never speak again, now she realized that they would actually be spending more time together. "I would absolutely love that Quinn!"

Kurt crossed his arms and watched the interaction curiously.

The smile on the ex-cheerleader's face spread as well, her hazel eyes shimmering with excitement as her heart raced. She was excited and nervous to be getting closer to the woman she had feelings for. She didn't want to mess things up. "We will figure out all of the details after Glee, alright?"

"I will be looking forward to it." Rachel responded brightly before turning to bid Kurt a farewell.

Hazel eyes watched as the beautiful woman skipped down the hallway, tempted to allow them to linger on long exposed perfect legs, but she quickly dragged them away when she realized Kurt was watching her rather intently. A blush covering her pale cheekbones as she coughed to clear her throat and begin her conversation with the young man. "Was that blind date some kind of joke?" Her voice was suddenly harsh now that Rachel had disappeared.

"Whatever do you mean?" Kurt questioned, once again feigning innocence.

"Well either you set me up to intentionally be stood up and embarrassed or you intended on me taking Berry to that movie. Considering it was conveniently the same movie and she was conveniently stood up by her blind date as well." Her voice was monotone and raspy. She quickly reverted to the head bitch in charge.

"And Rachel told you I set her up on a blind date?" He wondered aloud.

Chewing on her cheeks she pursed her pink lips and raised an eyebrow at him, silently questioning if he was serious. "Who else would have set her up on a blind date? You're her best friend Kurt."

"But I am not her only friend. It could have easily been Tina or Mercedes." Kurt informed her.

Quinn let out a groan of annoyance at his refusal to admit his obvious interaction in their "blind date mishap." 'It was a little too coincidental… not to mention when I walked up it appeared that they had been talking about my date with Rachel… Quinn, stop calling it that… My 'outing' with Rachel…' Hazel eyes glared in his direction and he simply shrugged, smiling deviously. 'Definitely too coincidental…'

"So, you two had fun on your date?" He teased.

She rolled her eyes at him. But honestly she had had fun on her date. 'Or whatever it was…'

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

For the first time in her entire life Rachel wished that Glee Club would hurry along, she sat quietly, did not volunteer to sing or offer up her input when others sang. She simply sat with her arms crossed over her lap, tapping her foot impatiently with the beat of each song. Occasionally she would turn and cast her eyes toward the blonde sitting in the back row, their eyes would meet momentarily and she would blush before smiling brightly and returning her gaze to the front of the room.

Finn curiously looked between the two of them as did quite a few of their friends. None of them used to this interaction between the once "sworn enemies."

'She keeps looking at me… and every time she does she smiles… She is so precious.' Quinn thought to herself as she smiled back at the brunette, watching her closely throughout the entire session. It was obvious that she was impatiently waiting the end, and the ex-cheerleader had the feeling she had something to do with this.

"Alright, I would like for everyone to be thinking about which songs you would like to sing at Nationals." Will stated wrapping up the session.

For once Rachel was not thinking about what songs she would like to sing at Nationals, not that she had not already prepared a list, currently she could only think about her talk with Quinn and planning out their next get-together. Perhaps it was irrational of her but she had high-hopes for growing closer to the blonde before they went their separate ways. 'Maybe we could even visit each other… Okay, that is definitely getting irrational Rachel, she wouldn't want to visit you…' Still, her heart leapt at even the possibility.

Turning quickly she made her way toward the back row as the rest of their classmates filed out of the room. She was a woman on a mission, as usual. "Hello Quinn." She stated with a bright smile, her large brown eyes shimmering with happiness and excitement.

Quinn looked up from her chair; she had not bothered to move knowing that Rachel would approach her after Glee. A soft smile formed on her pink lips as hazel eyes connected with emotion-filled pools. It was always so amazing to her how the beautiful girl standing in front of her could convey so many emotions with a single look. "Hello Rachel." She husked out, chuckling softly under her breath.

Blushing, the diva started to play with her skirt as she spoke, now a bit more anxiously. "I apologize for approaching you so abruptly, you just had said something about speaking with me after Glee about getting together and having that movie night we talked about." She reiterated her reasoning for approaching the other woman.

"I am well aware." She teased playfully as she stood to her feet, now looking down at Rachel.

"Oh well, of course you are seeing as you were the one—"

"—Rachel how about we get together this weekend? You can come over to my place, because I get to pick the movies and I already have a few in mind and we will just have a girl's night." Quinn asked, watching as Rachel stood there with her mouth hanging slightly open. 'God her lips are so delicious… I wish I could just—No! You will act like a friend this weekend!'

Finally finding the mobility of her mouth she ran her talented tongue along her lips in order to wet them before speaking, noticing the way that hazel eyes followed the muscle. 'Is she looking at my tongue?' She blushed more-so at the thought.

"That sounds wonderful Quinn."

G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

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