Hey guys! So this is a found poem I did for English class on A Thousand Splendid Suns. However, I do not own A Thousand Splendid Suns (or at least not the copyrights to it) so all the page numbers are here from the paperback version.

Please enjoy and review!

A man's accusing finger… finds a woman (7)

You don't want me to be happy. (28)

"A burden to his family"

As you are now to us. (48)

She quickly shook her head (61)

Her body… trying to wriggle free. (84)

We endure all that falls upon us (91)

To spit out… the fragments of two broken molars. (104)

No chance… if… women are uneducated. (114)

"Your mother eats cock!" (118)

Her brothers… would… obliterate her death. (142)

He put a hand on her neck

Wincing and recoiling. (218)

That word, harami, still had sting. (222)

"He can slit my throat, but I won't do it." (225)

We're leaving this spring, (256)

"It is a crime for a woman to run away." (265)

Her eyes watered with pain. (268)

The systematic business of beating and being beaten. (269)

How much time passed before she screamed? (292)

He's going to kill her, she thought.

She would not watch him take Laila too.

Mariam swung. (348)

This was the first time that she was deciding the course of her own life.

She gave it everything she had. (349)