The Brave Thing

Then he swooped her up, just like in the books,
And on his stallion they rode away.

My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel.
My love is like a storybook story.
But it's as real as the feelings I feel;
it's as real as the feelings I feel.

Once back in his bedroom Gold felt oddly shy, but strangely enough his worry faded when he saw Belle fidgeting nervously with the ties of her robe. "Love it's all right, we don't have to—"

"No, I want to," She took the robe off and laid it over a chair along with his, "I just never have, not that I remember." Belle's hands splayed over her stomach, "But what if—"

"What if you have?" Gold pulled off his tunic and moved towards her, cupping her face in his hands. "What if someone hurt you?" He kissed her gently. "We'll figure it out my Belle." Kissing her was addictive and he couldn't stop himself from doing it again. "Do you think I'm not afraid Belle? My leg is ugly, twisted, like my character you might say," He smiled slightly, "The leg won't change, but you are changing my character Belle, you make me want to be brave."

"So, we do the brave thing…" She smiled at him, her dark eyes sparkling.

"And bravery will follow." He kissed her again and felt her hands touch his waist and slide up his chest. Everywhere she touched his skin fire kindled until she pulled away from his kiss and his hands to look at him. As he watched she smiled and grasped the hem of the tunic she wore, pulling it over her head and off her body.

Gold nearly groaned at the sight of her, pale creamy skin, the curves of her breasts swollen and ready for his hands. Her nipples tightened as the cooler air hit them and all he wanted to do was lave them with his tongue. His hands grasped her waist and he pulled her closer, skin to skin, holding her against his body as he kissed her again.

Her mouth opened for his hungrily, her lips nibbling on his, imitating his actions, tongue brushing his own, a moan rising in her throat as passion seemed to simply explode between them. Her arms were wrapped around him, breasts pressed to his chest, her hair tumbled over her shoulders and bare back. Gold tore his mouth from hers and kissed her cheek, her neck, tasting the delicate skin at her collarbone and her shoulders. Her hands slid down to the loose pants he wore and pulled at the drawstring holding them around his waist. He felt the fabric slide down his legs, cool air hitting his skin.

Before he could ask or decide on his own, her hands were at her waist, shoving her own trousers down so they were both in nothing but their skin. Gold smiled and turned slightly, tugging her towards the bed. They half fell onto it, so absorbed in each other and she moaned as his body rolled towards hers, covering her. "Gold please," she whispered softly, her hands caressing his back. "I don't know what to do."

"Do what you want to then," He propped himself up on one elbow so he could look at her, slender legs tangled with his. She was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. Gold bent slightly, his hand sliding up from her waist over her ribs to her breast and cupped her in his hand, startling a breathy moan out of Belle. "We'll only stop if you're afraid love."

"I don't want to stop." She gasped, arching her back so her breast pressed to his palm. "I want more of you." Her hands pressed down on his back, coaxing him down to lie over her, her thighs parting for his body.

He groaned and kissed her, letting his hands press and tug at her breasts until she was moaning and gasping into his mouth. Gold could feel her need growing, matching his, their hips pressed together, rubbing against each other. She felt wonderful beneath him, the curls at the apex of her thighs growing moist against his groin, her body ready for him. "Belle, my Belle, let me…" He kissed her neck and slid so he was lying at her side, bending his mouth to suckle at her breasts, his hand sliding over her abdomen to cup and tease her mound.

Belle moaned and arched up to his mouth, her thighs parting for him. Gold groaned, fire lighting his blood at her eagerness for his touch. Her skin was soft and delicate, her nipple blooming under his tongue and her hands gentle but needing on his shoulders, sliding into his hair and on his neck, her soft gasps begging him for more. His fingers slid between Belle's delicate nether lips and found her core, hot and so wet, slick with passion. The feel of her was enough to have him groaning over her skin, he felt as if he'd die if he didn't have her soon.

"Gold, please, please…" Belle begged under him, her skin flushed with pleasure, her eyes heavy lidded as she watched him move back and forth between her breasts. He watched her face as he slid a finger inside her, watched the shock and desire bloom over her skin as she moaned. This was the only power he wanted now, the ability to give Belle pleasure, to have her for his own and to belong to her. Carefully he pressed his thumb up and found her clit, that tiny little bundle of nerves and rubbed the pad of his thumb over it. A shudder ran through her body and her hand tightened on his shoulder in response. "Gold, my Gold…that's…"

He couldn't help it, he had to kiss her, drink in her moans and sighs as he played her body, spun pleasure from her the way he'd once spun gold from his wheel. He pressed another finger inside her and felt her body tighten around him, straining for completion, her hips rocking against his hand. Gold groaned as she babbled heartfelt little cries of his name and pleas for a completion she'd never felt. "My Belle," he kissed her again, moving his fingers inside her, sliding them in and out of her body, his thumb carefully stroking that sensitive flesh, "You're going to come for me, from my hand, my fingers inside you." He whispered his mouth warm on her cheek and lips and neck. "It will feel so good Belle, I promise." He bent and put his lips to her breast again, suckling harder at the tips and heard her cry out.

She moaned, her hips twisted, her body shuddered and he felt her pleasure come over her like a storm, shaking her body against his, her cries rising to a scream of his name. Gold groaned, forced himself to pull his fingers out of her body and lay over her, his body spreading her legs wide, taking himself in a hand slick with Belle's honey and pressed slowly carefully up into her tight clinging sheath.

Belle shuddered under him as she was filled with his body, hard and implacable inside her, her eyes opened wide and Gold forced himself still. "It's all right," He whispered, "Take a moment, relax," He kissed her forehead and cheek and nose, feather light kisses, waiting for her body to adjust to his. His need was rampant within him, her body tight and slick around him, squeezing and shivering against his hard flesh. Gasping he concentrated on remaining motionless, giving her time.

"Gold," Belle whispered softly, "My Gold…" Huge dark eyes looked into his, tender and loving. "Don't stop," She slid a hand from his shoulder down his back, her fingers gliding over the curve of his butt as she spread her thighs wider, allowing his body to sink deeper into hers. "I'm yours Gold, make me yours, take me and keep me."

He groaned as she arched her body to his, taking him inside her, and glided one hand down to her thigh, tugging her leg up to wind around his waist. "Belle, my sweet love, I won't be able to stop once I start," Gold warned, as he drew back slightly and pressed forward again, feeling her body begin to tremble around his.

"Don't stop then." She caught her breath as sensation overwhelmed her, shuddering under him. "I love you Gold, Rumplestiltskin, my Dark One. I love you. I'll be yours forever, I promise my love, yours always."

Gold groaned as her words, gasped out between cries of need and deep shuddering breaths, hit him like fire. He knew he'd never be able to give her up, he'd die before he lost her again. He could feel her, tightening around him again, her body readying itself, tensing in anticipation of the pleasure he would give her. Belle felt like she was made for him, her arms gentle but clinging to his body as he worked in her, harder and harder until they were both moaning their pleasure, striving together, hips meeting and parting until Belle's body betrayed her focus and she screamed his name.

"Belle, my love, my Belle," He moaned. "I'm yours, I love you, my princess, my lost love, my Belle, I promise, I am yours. Always yours." Hot, wet, her body pulsed around him, drawing him deeper into her until he lost control, lost his will, gave up everything to fill her and felt his body burst from his spine, boiling through him in ecstasy as his seed shot into her belly in near painful pleasure.

Panting, exhausted and spent they lay together, Gold wrapped in Belle's arms while he pressed kisses to her shoulder. Finally she spoke, still sounding out of breath, but Gold could hear the smile in her voice. "I should have shackled us together back then and kept kissing you. If I'd known it would lead to this… I might have kissed you earlier."

He chuckled lazily and lifted his weight off of her so she could breathe. She pouted in protest and Gold smiled. "My love, adored sweet girl, I didn't know a kiss would lead to this. This is beyond my comprehension." He lay on his side and ran a hand from her shoulder to her belly, loving how her body felt under his touch. "But had I known…I might have chained you to my bed." A hint of the Dark One showed in his eyes and voice but Belle merely giggled at him.

"I would have helped you with the shackles." She smiled and kissed him, sweetly, passionately and Gold chuckled and pulled her towards him, rolling on his back and setting her astride his body.

"I am yours love, do what you will." He looked up at her surprised face and saw the gleam of mischief in her eyes as she realized the possibilities of the position. He groaned at the look of desire on her face. "I think I am in a great deal of trouble." He murmured, sliding his hands up to her breasts. "And I don't think I mind."

In the afternoon he called and suggested to Emma that she come by the house. As an afterthought Gold added, that she might like to bring Henry. If it weren't for Henry Belle might never have been found.

Belle was regarding him curiously as he adjusted the blinds so light would come in but no one could see, sitting on the stairs as he limped around making the parlor and keeping room safe for her. "So you want me to meet the little boy more than the sheriff?" She asked curiously. "Why?"

"I think you and I and Henry are the only ones in this town who really know what's going on." Gold limped over to her and kissed her adoringly on the lips. "Regina's spell went wrong with you, you remember both lives. I started to remember when Emma showed up. Henry hasn't known any other life but this, but he knows Regina is the Evil Queen."

Belle chuckled. "You'd better practice calling me Bonnie." She teased. "If the Sheriff doesn't believe."

"Henry said his mother is helping even though she doesn't really believe in the curse. She just really dislikes Regina." Gold sat beside her on the steps. "Today we're going to tell our tale, and we'll convince her. We're going to start truly fighting Regina."

"Well in the meantime," Belle wiggled closer to him. "Why don't you educate me a bit more about kissing?" She looked at his clothing, so different from his Rumplestiltskin garb. "You're looking very dapper by the way."

"You are more lovely than ever," He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and kissed her with everything he felt in his heart. "And I hope you will tell me if there is anything you want or need. We'll find a way to get it."

"I like that." She smiled. "We'll find a way. You and I, together."

"Words fail me, but you are…" Gold kissed her again. "Perhaps we can make a deal with the Sheriff, she can find you some clothing you'd like."

"I'm happy to wear this," Belle kissed his cheek. "Easier for you to take off me."

Gold groaned as her lips and voice seemed to send fire straight to his groin. "Wicked woman," He sighed. "You clearly haven't thought of how easy it would be for me to take you if you were wearing that blue and white dress."

"You mean…with our clothing on?" Her eyes were wide but definitely interested as her mouth pursed thoughtfully. Gold wondered if she realized that pretty pink mouth of hers looked positively delicious when she wore that expression. "Gold?" She poked him lightly in his good leg, tilting her head.

"Uh, yes, I'd simply open my trousers and lift your skirt…" Gold finally tore his gaze from her mouth and answered her question. "I believe it's called a quickie."

Belle grinned at him. "Someday, I want us to be married, with company at the table, and for you to take me in the kitchen just as you described to me."

"A very wicked woman," Gold kissed her lingeringly and was considering a quick trip up to the bedroom when there was a knock at the door. "Now the woman arrives." He frowned at the door. "Love, would you…go up the stairs…until I'm certain who it is?"

"Just call me when I should come down." She kissed him quickly and trotted up the stairs and out of sight. "And don't forget to call me Bonnie, my love," her whisper floated down to him, a giggle drifting through the air as Gold pushed himself up and limped to the door.

He was pleased to see the sheriff and Henry standing on his porch. "Please come in." Gold invited them into his entryway and shut the door, locking it. "Bonnie love, it's all right. It's Sheriff Swan and her boy."

"Coming." Her voice gave him a frisson of joy as she came into sight, still wearing a pair of his lounging pants and one of his sweaters. She hurried down the stairs and to his side, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Gold wrapped an arm around her waist, amazed at how content he felt. "Sheriff Emma Swan, Henry, I'd like you to meet Bonnie." He smiled. "Bonnie, this is Emma Swan the new Sheriff of our little town, and her son Henry. Henry's adoptive mother is Regina."

Bonnie blinked but held out her hand to be shaken by the two guests. "It's a pleasure to meet you both."

"You're the girl from the hospital!" Henry said excitedly.

"I am indeed." Bonnie nodded and tilted her head. "Why don't we all sit down? The keeping room?" She suggested. "I'll make us some tea and Gold will explain what's happened."

"Thank you my love," Gold kissed her cheek and reluctantly led their guests to the family sitting room off of the kitchen. "Sheriff what would you think if I told you that everything Henry has said about the Evil Queen and the Curse is true?"

Emma's knees seemed to give out halfway through the act of taking her seat and she plopped down on to the couch. "Uh…"

Henry bounced in a chair excitedly. "So you remember? That's great. Who are you?"

Belle chuckled in the kitchen. "You may as well tell him love, I'm your proof after all."

"Henry what did you book say about Beauty and the Beast?" Gold asked, with a wicked tilt of his head and a wink at Belle.

"Not very much, just that their happy ending hadn't happened yet." Henry frowned, "Which is kinda odd really. And the Beast wasn't a bear or a lion or something like that."

"No," Gold shook his head. "I am the Beast. And Bonnie is my Belle, Beauty." He explained softly. "I remember everything about that other life, and did from the moment Emma set foot inside the town's borders. I remember because I was the one who created the curse. A terrible powerful curse that required a terrible sacrifice, a sacrifice no one who truly loved would make." He smiled a wicked expression with twinkling eyes as Belle brought over their tea. "I could do that and remember because of a bargain I struck with Regina. Because I am Rumplestiltskin."

"Whoa." Henry breathed. "The Trickster Imp, the Dark One…who can spin straw to gold and make anything happen."

"But all magic comes with a price." Gold nodded and when Belle sat beside him, wrapped his arm around her waist and kissed her cheek. She smiled and after pouring the tea did the same with him.

"Tell them our tale love, and how they helped to give us our happy ending." Belle urged.

"As you wish my love," Gold looked into her eyes and never had been so grateful for a curse. "Once upon a time…"

The End

Author's note: I know if might seem like a cliffhanger but really it seemed appropriate to me that the ending of a tale is Once upon a time, the traditional beginning. Also to give credit where its due, the lyrics I've been posting at the beginning of the chapters are from 'The Princess Bride' and play during the credits, written and performed by Willy DeVille, 'Once Upon A Time…Storybook Love' which seemed terribly appropriate for this particular fic.