I sighed as the city lights came into view, and braced myself as the plane came in to land. I was finally coming home; I would see my parents, Lilly and Mia. Oh how I had missed her smile, the way her face had lit up every time she saw me. I couldn't wait to be back in the same city as her breath the same filthy city air as her. Most of all I couldn't wait to see her actually see her, sure I had seen plenty pictures of her in the press with him the guy who broke my sisters heart and the guy who stole the love of my life John Paul Reynolds Abernathy the fourth. But she didn't look like Mia; gone was the happy aura she always had when she was with me and replaced with a tentative smile designed to soothe those around her. At this point the plane touched down with a jolt effectively ending my brooding session.

The plane docked and I collected my luggage and cleared customs in record time as my family came into view for the first time in two years a huge goofy grin lit up my face I hadn't realized how much I missed them, they might drive me crazy but I still love them, there is only one thing in the world that means more to than them and I lost her because of my own idiocy. When my mom saw me she hurried over arms open and tears already streaming down her face as her arms tightened around me I felt a sense of belonging and safety that I hadn't felt since the night I left for Japan. My dad followed in her wake smiling and rolling his eyes at my mom, my dad like me wasn't big on public displays of affection. Behind them I saw Lilly, we hadn't really spoken since the whole episode, I couldn't believe that she would deliberately hurt her best friend like that it had made me so angry and I had let her know this via Skype. As you can guess this did not go down well hence her blocking me on Facebook and refusal to communicate with me if she could get out of it. As she came closer I got a good look at her gone was the puppy fat and makeup free face only to be replaced with dark kohl rimmed eyes multiple piercings and brightly colored hair that lent her hair at least the air of an exotic flower the rest of her well what can I say she looked like a trained assassin. At a loss for words I did not know whether to hug her or punch her for what she had said and done to Mia.

In the end I chose a rather lame hi as although she is my sister I did not know this Lilly and how she would react. This seemed to be the right choice as she grinned then preceded to hug me briefly. Or not as she finished this off with a sound kick to the shins and a head noggie for good measure.

My parents seeing this just rolled their eyes; yep looks aside this was still the infuriatingly shallow little sister I had left, just without Mia to tame her which is a pretty scary thought if you think about it, Mia had been pretty god at talking Lil out of some of her crazier plans. Anyway when we had finished hugging and crying we headed out to the Taxi rink to catch a cab. As we drove into the city we hit one of New York's famous traffic jams. Lilly decided at this point to fill me in on what was going on with Mia of more correctly rant. Most of what she told me didn't surprise me as Boris had filled me in on it but some things did surprise me for example Mia's friendship with Lana and Trisha who were previously along with her grandmother (The dowager princess) the banes of her existence. The taxi driver obviously mistaking us for tourists pointed out AEHS as the school that Princes Mia attends at this Lilly snorted and said in a disgusted tone "Yeah we know, he graduated from there three years ago and I'm just about to." The taxi driver looked surprised a Lil's outburst I simply rolled my eyes and shot him an apologetic look. About five minutes from our apartment block I saw something that made my heart stop, Mia was coming out of Nobu with Tina, Lana, Shameeka, Trisha and a couple of other girls whose names escaped me. Lilly seeing this scoffed muttered something about traitors and returned to whatever she was doing on her Blackberry. My gaze however stayed riveted on Mia, wow she looked well she looked incredible in dark jeans and a t-shirt with minimal makeup. Her clothes were obviously designer; this wasn't the Mia I had left this Mia was confident and poised looking every bit the princess she always had been inside. At this point my mom clocked what I was staring at and said regretfully "Mia has done a lot of growing up since you left. Not that I have been able to talk to her since you left" looking pointedly at Lilly. In response my darling little sister simply put up two fingers and turned back to her phone as she did so I saw something flash across Lilly's face regret possibly, it must hurt like hell for her to see our own parents taking Mia's side and losing your best friend not that she'd say anything. She was too proud.

We arrived at our apartment block and my mom and Lilly went up ahead while my dad and I collected my luggage. As we got into the lift my dad turned to me and sighed, "Your still in love with her aren't you!" it was a statement not a question. I turned nodded and smiled sheepishly my dad grinned happily knew it we Moscovitz's only fall in love once and its pretty painful I grimaced remembering all those months when I had tried to deny my feelings for her and then those painful months when she was dating Kenny and I thought I had lost her for good before I'd even had her and worst of all the excruciating pain of losing her for real just before I left for Japan. It had taken all my strength not to ring her from Japan and tell her how much I loved her. In desperation I had rung her father for advice, he had told me what I already knew that he needed to let Mia grow up and come into her own, but somehow this strengthened my resolve not that it made losing her any less painful hell no but it kept me sane. Unable to bear having no contact with her I had emailed her keeping it strictly light and impersonal. When she did not reply I was terrified that she hated me, that was when I had emailed Boris to ask him if she was ok, he had responded almost immediately saying that he did not know as no-one had seen her all week because she had Bronchitis.

The lift doors opened and dad said "Well just don't tell your mom she misses Mia and it would make worry about you even more." I said ok and took my bags to my room, I opened the door and was greeted by an ecstatic Pavlov who having finished greeting me huffed and went back to my bed. I dumped my bags and flopped onto my bed scaring Pavlov and sending him under my bed. I looked around my room Maya had kept it exactly the way I had left it. On my bedside table there was my favorite picture of Mia and I; Do Pak my college roommate had taken it, Mia was wearing that dazzling smile she always kept reserved for me and I had my arm around her waist. I wondered absently if it was the same smile she gave him the thought of that smile belonging to anyone but me made me feel like punching something. I had a shower and got ready for bed as I got into bed I realized just how tired I was. It was good to be home, I would move into my loft in a couple of days once I was over my jet lag.