Chapter 3-

I sucked in a shocked burst of air, "are you crazy? You know I can't leave Stevie-Rae!" A

couple of kids looked round at me like I was insane. I didn't blame them. I was stupid enough

to hang out with Aphrodite and I was shouting about my dead me friend. I didn't feel

particularly sane, either.

She looked at me, her lip curled, "why not? It's not like its going to kill her if you leave. Can

the undead even die?"

"Stevie-Rae is not the undead! She's a person that has died and then come back to life..."

"Without a soul." Aphrodite sneered.

"Yes, without a soul-wait, no! And don't you dare say that to her face! She just needs to believe

in herself if she wants to get better."

Aphrodite snorted, " I think she needs a lot more than self-belief, Zoey."

"I'm not saying that that's all she needs to get better, but its a start and you're really not

helping her!"

She pouted at me, offended by my comment, "who said I was trying to?"

After all the time and patience I had put into trying not to brutally murder Aphrodite, I

snapped, "Nyx fucking says so! She is giving you the option to try and reform or whatever

and you're practically crapping on it!" I cried waving my hands out like a crazy person, I think

I was starting to develop anger management issues. I calmed down, "again." I muttered

before looking for her reaction.

She was staring at me, her heavily made-up blue eyes wide. "Oh. My. Goddess. You are

actually going insane. See, this is why we should go to Chicago. No one will know about your

secret mental problems and it will be awesome. We can take your zombified BFF with us. We

can try presenting her with some retail therapy."

I frowned, "yeah because I'm confident that the Gucci employees won't run screaming for

their lives when she walks in."

"Yeah, when they see her choice of clothing," Aphrodite muttered, rolling her eyes at the

image in both of our minds.

I sighed and looked her in the eye. "Aphrodite, we can't all just hop along to a different

state just because you want to have a better chsnce at being high priestess in training again!

This is-"

Aphrodite cut me off, "wait, you think this is about me?" She shook her head, as if trying to

figure me out. "Zoey, I'm trying to help you! Something is coming Z, and its not gonna' be

good Neferet is playing with stuff that neither of us understand and soon she's going to have

so much win her possession, that we're not going to be able to protect ourselves against her.

I think she's plannig something, I-I had a vision and I think whatever she's going to do isn't

going to help the people standing against her."

She'd had a vision? Why hadn't she told me earlier? My mind starting reeling, but all I could

say was, "so what's your plan?"

She gave me a solemn look, "I suggest we run."