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It had been 5 days since Big Time Rush had arrived home from England. 5 days since their world tour was officially cancelled and the band was put on hiatus. They were home in Minnesota now. Kendall, Mrs. Knight and Katie were staying at Mr. and Mrs. Garcia's home while Logan was to stay home with the Mitchells and James was back living with his dad.

However, Logan and James didn't spend much time at their homes. They were at Carlos' house day and night, staying with him, trying to cheer him up with his favorite movies and comic books. The simple things that used to put the brightest smile on his face no longer worked like they used to. Carlos was solemn and scared now. The worst part was, he refused to say a word. He lived in his own silent little world. Sometimes, tears could be seen rolling down his cheeks as he cried for everything he lost, but he never dared make a sob, and when one of the boys saw him crying, he would quickly dry his tears. It was hard for Kendall, James and Logan to get used to this Carlos. His mother and father were in tears every night because of his condition.

It was a dreary afternoon, rain splattered against the windows and heavy winds shook the house harshly. Carlos was asleep on the couch, teddy bear snug to his chest as a cartoon played quietly on the big screen television. Logan was stationed by the telephone, staring at the device anxiously. They were expecting a call today. Carlos had his MS test done a few days ago, and today they were scheduled to get the results. Whether the results were negative or positive, Logan's stomach still churned nervously either way. If he really did have MS, their lives would be changed forever. It was a life threatening illness. Logan couldn't even think about his little Carlos having MS without breaking down. But if the results were negative, how much would they go through before they could diagnose what was really wrong with the young boy? How many tests would his vulnerable body have to go through? How sick was he really? Would it be too late, by the time they diagnosed him? What if something much more sinister than MS was happening to Carlos?

Suddenly, the shrill ring of the telephone snapped Logan from his worrisome thoughts. He snatched the phone up mid-ring and pressed it to his ear.

"Logan Mitchell speaking," he said after taking a deep breath, pressing his eyes shut.

"Yes, this is Doctor Siva from Neurological Center of Minnesota. If Mr. or Mrs. Garcia there?"

"No sir, they are at the grocery store. Do you have the results of Carlos' MS tests now?" Logan asked.

"I do, but I need to speak to his p-"

"Please, I have been on edge waiting for this phone call," Logan said. "He's not a minor so legally you can release this information to me and Mr. and Mrs. Garcia are like my second parents, not to mention Carlos is like my own brother. Please, does he have MS?"

The doctor drew in a breath as he considered what he was about to say. He knew just by waiting on Carlos for the past 5 days that the group of boys were extremely close, as were their parents. "Carlos does not have MS, Logan. Now, I'll need to discuss further options about Carlos' condition with his parents. But the MS test was negative. There isn't a thing wrong with his spine."

Logan instantly felt numb as the doctor spoke to him. He had no idea what this could mean. Their last hope had come out negative. Was this a blessing, or were they in for more than they ever thought now that they knew Carlos did not have MS? What else could be wrong with him?

Just as Logan was about to speak, the front door of the Garcia home opened and in rushed Carlos' parents, trying to get in as quickly as possible from the rain. They froze when they saw Logan in the kitchen, mouth agape and small features pale as a sheet with the phone pressed to his ear.

"Honey?" Mrs. Garcia asked him in a hushed voice. "Is that…?"

Logan nodded and handed the phone to Carlos' mom. She pressed the receiver to her chest and patted the boy's cheek.

"Go tend to Carlos, dear. I'll be in as soon as I am off the phone with the doctor."

Logan nodded and ran off to the living room. Carlos was still huddled beneath a throw blanket, drool dripping from his open mouth as he slept. Logan lied down next to him and wrapped an arm around his waist, squeezing his eyes shut as tears began to prickle at his eyelids. He quietly sobbed like this with Carlos, who was oblivious to everything, nestled in his arms.

Several minutes later, Logan opened his eyes to find Mr. and Mrs. Garcia flooding into the room along with Kendall and James. The boys looked confused as the adults looked solemn. Logan sat up and looked at James and Kendall questioningly. The older boys didn't say a word, just sat next to the pale boy, sandwiching him between their muscular bodies. Carlos' parents sat down on the large lazy chair across from where the children sat, their arms around each other.

"Kendall, will you please wake Carlos?" Mrs. Garcia asked. Kendall gave a nod and scooped Carlos up, leaning him against his chest and shaking him slightly. Carlos moaned and slowly blinked open his eyes. His mother smiled fondly at him and he managed a weak smile back, leaning against James weakly. He was feeling his best, but the room had a serious air and his friends looked nervous and disheveled. He stared at his mom, wondering what could be the matter, though he knew whatever had them so distressed most likely had something to do with him.

"Honey, your doctor called us today," Mrs. Garcia started. "Your test came back negative, you do not have MS. He thinks that you have a form of Ataxia that could be passed down through genetics. Sometimes, Ataxia symptoms don't even make themselves present for years, even almost a lifetime, before they begin to show. This isn't the first case they've seen before. Dr. Siva wants to start you on physical therapy right away."

"Is Carlos going to be okay?" James asked, reaching over to squeeze Carlos' hand. He watched the younger boy's face for any reaction to this news, but his features stayed stony. "Isn't Ataxia like… A brain disease? I mean, can they get rid of it?"

"There isn't a cure, no," Mr. Garcia said. "But physical therapy with slow the degeneration. This kind of Ataxia has no cure. But with help, Carlos' speech should come back soon and he should be able to fully walk again. We just need to give it time. Um, Silvia and I need to discuss options so I want all you boys to go on upstairs and take a nap, you look exhausted. Dinner will be ready in a couple of hours." Carlos' father dismissed the 4 shell-shocked boys before any further questions could be asked. James, Kendall and Logan got to their feet and helped Carlos up and assisted him in walking, since he was unable to walk by himself any longer.

The four boys arrived in Carlos' room and laid him out on his bed. James covered him with his race-car comforter and rubbed his back. "You alright there, buddy?" He asked gently. Carlos sniffled and shook his head, rubbing his temples. James knew what this meant, he was feeling dizzy and his head was hurting him. James poured out a pill from a bottle on his bedside table and gave him a bottle of water. Dr. Siva had prescribed Carlos pain medication for his persistent headaches and he took up to four doses a day to numb the pain a little. Carlos took the medicine and settled down on his pillow, closing his eyes to block out the world, since he knew his friends would be talking about him, and he hated that.

However, to his surprise, they stayed quiet and lied down next to him, getting under the covers. It was a bit of a squeeze, but all four teenagers were positioned in the full-sized bed, ready for their naps. They didn't want to think about what these new revelations in Carlos' health mystery meant. They didn't want to think about the fact that Carlos could possibly be sick for the rest of his life. So, they drifted off all together into their own dream world, escaping the fear and misery of their reality if only for a little bit.

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