As Long As You're There

"Kurt Hummel didn't believe in soul mates. That was, of course, until fate led him to Blaine Anderson."

This story is set before Never Been Kissed. Kurt and Blaine have never met; Kurt is still at McKinley and Blaine at Dalton. This is a soulmate!fic and will be updated every other day or so.

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Chapter One

Kurt Hummel didn't believe in soul mates.

Of that much, he was certain. The entire notion was ridiculous. How could fate perfectly match you to one person, with whom you were forced to spend the rest of your life with? He hated the fact that he had no control over it; a notion, not a physical, tangible thing that he could touch and decipher, would decide on his life partner.

No, Kurt Hummel didn't believe in soul mates.

Nor would he ever believe in soul mates. Gloves covered the area of his skin that would normally be engraved with the name of his soul mate and he only ever introduced himself as 'K', lest the possibility that he, by chance, meet his soul mate and then be forced to explain to them that he refuses to be bound to them by fate because he doesn't believe in such a thing.

No, he admonished. He was much better alone.

He'd always known that he was gay. From the very second he was old enough to think and recognise things from himself; he'd known from the pit of his stomach that he was different. And with that knowledge, he'd gone into life expecting the unexpected. What he had never expected, however, was to like boys.

He'd often been tempted to peek at his palm, just to see if the inscription held the name of a male, so that he'd know for certain. For all he could decipher, his soul mate could have been Rachel Berry. And that fate wasn't even worth entertaining. More to the point, she was Finn's soul mate.

But that was the cruel thing about the practise of soul mates. It wasn't uncommon for your name to be imprinted on more than one person's palm, or for the name on your palm to be imprinted on another's. Nothing was certain.

And that was what Kurt hated most. Fate didn't only decide who he would be with, but it also made him fight for that one person. It was a cruel fate and one that Kurt wished to boycott. That was, of course, until destiny led him to Blaine Anderson.

The hallways of McKinley did very little for Kurt. Save for giving him a headache because of the ghastly colour scheme – whoever thought that red and yellow would be appropriate for the impressionable minds of high school students should have been shot – they had yet to offer him anything. They had, however, been forced to bear witness to his tormenting on more occasions than he could count.

It hadn't been much, to begin with.

Name calling, teasing, even pushing and shoving, all of that Kurt could deal with. But then had come the days of David Karofsky. And that hadn't been much either, to begin with. You see, Kurt had always been bullied for being gay, but more than that was that he was so typically gay and unable to defend himself with more than mere words. And when David Karofsky, also openly gay, had shown up, Kurt had had the deluded impression that things would get easier. They didn't.

Kurt would have imagined, as anyone would, that a world with soul mates would be one devoid of prejudice. He was wrong. Although it was now accepted that homosexuality wasn't a personal choice but one that fate made for you, homosexuals were often thought of as the forgotten, the ones that fate had been unsure of who to partner with.

But the problem with David Karofsky was that he owned being gay and anyone who questioned him would have a fist in their face as a reminder to not. But that wasn't the worst of it. The worst of it was that Karofsky despised Kurt.

It had started with looks, glares, whispers that had soon escalated into shoves, slurs, derogatory words that then turned to punches, kicks, shouts, every single one of them unjustified. But Kurt didn't have to ask to know why. Karofsky hated being gay. In a world full of soul mates, there was no hiding your sexuality, but that didn't mean that you had to like it. In fact, you were more inclined to hate it because you were forced into it. There was no choice, no self-discovery. Just cold, hard facts that you had to learn to live with. And Karofsky couldn't live with it. That much was clear.

And when Karofsky came to McKinley, everything changed. Because with the arrival of Karofsky, Kurt was no longer being bullied for being gay. He was bullied for being himself. And that was far worse.

It had been a trying day.

Rachel Berry's vocals had stomped all over his in Glee club, a slushie had ruined his prized Alexander McQueen scarf and his hair was horribly poofy, having been washed clean of product after the syrup and ice facial.

And Kurt was taking out his frustration on a text to his dad, almost cracking the screen of his iPhone with the force of his texting. He didn't see Karofsky approaching him until his phone was knocked from his grasp as the boy threw him into the lockers, sneering at Kurt once before stalking away.

Kurt lay crumpled on the floor for a few moments before something in him snapped. He heard the voice in his ear, the whisper of "courage" and it was that one word, that one divine quality that pushed him into his next actions. He pulled himself from the floor and streaked after Karofsky, following him into the boys' locker room.

"Hey!" He yelled, advancing on Karofsky.

"Girls' locker room is next door," the boy informed him, turning his back on Kurt.

"Why aren't you in there then?" Kurt raised his eyebrows, but Karofsky ignored him. "What is your problem? You're as gay as I am." He said, voice rising in pitch as he stood in front of Karofsky, deliberately placing himself in the other boy's eyesight.

"Excuse me?" Karofsky turned to look at him, slamming his locker shut.

"What are you so scared of?" Kurt questioned, taking a threatening step closer to the boy in front of him. Adrenaline was cursing through his veins and he couldn't think straight; anger sizzled through him for all of the pain and hurt Karofsky had put him through.

"Besides you sneaking in here to peek at my junk?" Karofsky scoffed, avoiding Kurt's eyes.

Kurt threw up his arms in despair. "Oh right, every guy's nightmare; that I'm out to molest you. Well, guess what, ham-hog? You're not my type."

"That right?" Karofsky asked, taking a step closer to Kurt.

"Yeah," he said, "I don't dig too much on guys who sweat too much and are going to be bald by the time they're 30. I'm sure your soul mate will love it, but I'm really not into it."

"Don't push me, K!" Karofsky yelled, his face alarmingly close to Kurt's. He, along with every other person in the school, knew Kurt as K; for fear that Kurt's soul mate would be milling the halls of McKinley and would hear of him. That was something he could really do without.

"Are you going to hit me? Do it." Kurt instructed, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Don't push me!" Karofsky repeated, raising his fist.

"Hit me because it won't change who I am, or who you are. What would your soul mate think? He'd be so disappointed in you, Karofsky. The fact that you hate being gay enough to take it out on any homosexual that you encounter." Kurt told him, face reddening with rage.

"Get out my face!" Karofsky shouted, his features contorted as anger overtook him.

"You are nothing but a scared little boy who can't handle that your soul mate might be disappointed with you for being so extraordinarily ordinary!" Kurt screamed.

And before the sentence was even out of his mouth, Karofsky was kissing him.

Karofsky was kissing him.

And it wasn't gentle and caring and loving, as Kurt had always dreamt of his first kiss being. It was hard and desperate and Kurt's gloved palm seared. It felt like a betrayal. A betrayal to the soul mate he never had any intention of meeting.

He had sometimes caught a glimpse of Karofsky's palm – naked as it was compared to his own, for he was not ashamed as Kurt was – and seen a K or an H and he'd wondered. But now he knew. His heart, his head, every organ in his body told him that even if he was Karofsky's soul mate, there was no way that Karofsky was his.

Kurt pulled away, clutching his fingers to his lips. They burnt. Karofsky leant in again but Kurt pushed him off, struggling to make sense of it all. Karofsky liked him. There was even a possibility – Heaven forfend, but it was a possibility nonetheless – that Kurt was Karofsky's soul mate.

He wanted to scream. How could this be happening?

He barely even noticed that Karofsky was talking. "I really like you, K," he was saying, "but I have this fucking soul mate but I want it to be you, K. More than anything."

Karofsky turned his outstretched palm over to reveal the name to Kurt and all of his wildest nightmares were laid out before him.

There, emblazoned on the calloused skin of Karofsky's palm were the fateful words:

Kurt Hummel

Kurt froze, willing none of his shock to be revealed on his features. He looked up at Karofsky, wide eyed.

"I know I have this soul mate, K," Karofsky continued, "but I want you."

Kurt's eyes widened still.

"I want you," Karofsky repeated, his voice softer this time, as he reached for Kurt again. "I want you, K."

Kurt's gut instincts kicked in just in time for him to shove Karofsky away. "I'm sorry, David," he managed to murmur as he streaked out of the changing rooms, down the deserted hallways and out into the car park, tears streaming down his cheeks as he fought with his keys to get into his navigator.

One thought engulfed his mind. I have to get out of here before he realises it's me. Because then, I'm trapped.

There's no way I can stay at McKinley now.

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