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~~~~~~~~Strawberries and Blueberries chapter 1~~~~~~

Ichigo was dumbfounded. He worked hard to make enough money to be able to live away from home by himself. And now His best friend was asking him if her big brother can live with him? Damn it all.

"Nelliel, you know I would do anything for you but…" Ichigo started off and immediately stopped when her big eyes got watery. Nelliel was like his little sister damn it! What was he going to do?

"Ichigo, my big brother has been going through a tough time with living by himself, he always gets fired when his bosses find out about the fact that he's in a gang but he's really sweet when you get to know him…" she paused. "He's a lot like you Ichigo. Your mom died and your dad got remarried to your stepmom but she abuses your little sisters right? Karin and yuzu? Well in his case our mother got remarried to our stepdad and he tries to make money so that he can support me just like you want to do for your sisters." He understood. "Ichigo, I told you my stepdad was verbally abusive to me but, he always tried to hit me and stuff but Grimm always took the blows for me. Please let Grimmjow stay here!" She bowed her head. Ichigo sighed.

"So this Grimmjow guy… tell him to move his own things in here. And he'll have to live in the living room." Nelliel started crying and hugged him really tight. "Thank you so much Ichi! Oh and you'll know him when you see him… let's just say his hair color is odd like yours." She chuckled. Ichigo wondered what she meant.

"Yeah, so how are you and Orihime and Rangiku doing? How are you guys able to afford that place anyway?" He asked. None of them had a job except Nel.

"Orihime's brother gave almost all of his money to Orihime so she is actually the one that pays the bills, I cook and buy food" She laughed. "Well it's getting late. Oh, and Grimm is going to go to our school starting tomorrow. And then he has to be with his gang. He'll be back late probably."

"What gang is he in?" Ichigo asked. Nelliel laughed nervously. "Never mind." He said. He didn't want to make her nervous. "But don't worry, you guys will get along, I'm sure of it. You guys are like… people who are going through a hard time because they want to help the people around them. Don't worry, you'll like him." She thought. "Actually, he told me that he's going to join the swimming team. And since you're on the team, I'm sure that you'll see him." Ichigo took in the information and nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure he's not that bad." Ichigo said. Completely oblivious to what was coming.

"Oh and by the way… I have to choose between two guys to go out with." Ichigo was surprised. "Who are they?" Asked Ichigo. Nel smiled. "Well actually two guys asked me out. Starkk and nnoitra. Me and nnoitra have been kind of like friends for a long time but starkk is… well everything I could possibly want in a guy."

Ichigo didn't know how to deal with this information. "I'll have to meet both of them first. You know you're like my little sister." Nel totally saw that one coming. She giggled and changed the conversation.

"You wanna watch Asian horror movies? Orihime and Rangiku are at cheer camp so I'll be here for two weeks with my brother." Nelliel said without asking Ichigo. They both knew that Ichigo was practically asexual and even if he was interested with any girls, Nel was too close to him. Ichigo smiled. "You bet I want to watch some Asian horror movies." They watched the movies with popcorn and sugary snacks. They fell asleep by the fifth or sixth movie.


Ichigo's eyes fluttered open and he glanced at his clock. OH SHIT~! He jerked up, accidentally pushing Nel on the floor, who accidentally fell asleep on the sofa with him. Well, technically Ichi was the one that wasn't supposed to be there.

"Nel! We only have fifteen minutes. Get ready for school and RUN!" They went to change into their uniform and ran out the door. "Ichi! You have strong legs but I don't! Slow down!" Ichi instead grabbed her hand and ran like a mad man. Nel was laughing hysterically when they got to school. "You guys stayed up watching Asian horror movies again?" Asked a certain red head.

"Renji!" Nel hugged him and breathed in the fresh air. "I missed you guys! 10th grade here I come. I wish I was in eleventh grade like all of you." Her face made a pout and then returned to her usual smile. Ichigo and Renji walked her to her class and then started walking to their class. "She told me that her brother is coming to town. Heard he's trouble." Renji said.

"Oh yea, he's going to stay with me" Ichigo said and Renji cocked an eyebrow. "Careful dude, I heard he's with the Espada's." Ichigo didn't know what to say. He certainly wouldn't let an Espada live with him but then again it was a rumor. "I don't think so. I mean he's related to NEL for god sakes. Imagine Nel being an Espada!" They both laughed and made it to their class. Wow. A lot of people looked different. Tatsuki's hair got longer and Orihime's too. "KEIGO? Is that you?" he changed from being a shrimp with weird hair to tall with decent hair! He smiled and posed. Yeaaaahhh… still the same though. My seat was in the middle of ishida and tatsuki. Orihime was in front of me. And Chad was behind. He had a feeling that this was going to be a good day.

Orihime turned around and met Ichigo's eyes. "H-hey Ichigo… Have you heard about Gin?" Ichigo cocked a brow. "He joined the Espada I heard he's second in command." He knew he never liked the bastard. "What the hell?" Ichigo sighed. "Yeah. Rangiku is heartbroken he told her that he never loved her and a lot of other things too." Ichigo balled up his fists. Looks like he'll have to track down the bastard and start asking some questions.

"Ummmm… Ichigo? A-a-a… ARE YOU GOING OUT WITH ANYONE?" Ichigo sighed but then he thought Orihime wasn't that bad to have as a girlfriend other than her weird taste in food.

"Nope. Totally free." He said and he saw a huge smile on Orihime's face. But of course she was way too shy to ask him out just yet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After School~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ichigo got ready for swim class in the locker room. He tried to convince some of his other friends to join. The only person he knew that was in the club was Yuroichi, and that chick that tags around with her calling her Master.

Weirdo. Ichigo stepped outside of the locker room and went to the front of the pool. He was surprised that Nel's brother didn't show up. Maybe this is why the guy couldn't keep jobs. Ichigo went back to the locker room and took a shower. Ichigo lathered his body in soap, making sure to get every spot on his body. And then he massaged his scalp with his berry flavored shampoo, Unconsciously swaying his hips.

"Fucking beautiful…" He heard someone say behind him. Ichigo slowly turned around and turned bright red. The blue hair that seemed so natural and yet so fake like Ichigo's and his jaw was perfectly chiseled, not to mention his abs too. And those lips… He looked like a punk and a roman god mixed in one. Wait… did he just call him BEAUTIFUL? "w-w-what?" Ichigo stammered, trying to hide his private area that no one other than himself has seen. He blushed even more when he saw that the guy was wearing only a pair of briefs that showed his hip bones and he could see a trail of small blue pubic hair peek from the article of clothing. His hair was natural which shocked Ichigo.

"What are you doing? Stay away, you'll get your briefs wet. KYAH~ " the roman god now pressed him up to the wall, leaving no space in between their bodies. Not to mention he tried to grope his cheeks but no sir Ichigo pressed his bubble butt up to the wall so nothing can touch them. The mystery man grinded into Ichigo which earned him a gasp from the smaller man. "What a-a-are you doing?" The man started sucking on his neck and grinded even harder into Ichigo. "Hey? Are you listening to me? Sto- AHHH~" Ichigo moaned loudly. The mystery man started sucking on his left nipple and his other hand played with the right. This type of feeling was foreign to him but it felt so damn GOOD. Wait? Good…? No… Ichigo didn't even like guys! Sure he had never any interests in girls but that's because he hadn't met the right one yet! Ichigo kneed the fucker in the spot that would hurt the most and ran to put on his clothes. He heard a grunt of pain before he left the locker room and ran into Renji. "Hey, you looked like you saw a ghost… let's go get Nel, She livin' with you for now right? You shirt isn't buttoned" Renji pointed out and Ichigo sighed fixing his clothes, Glad to be away from the showers.

"Ichigo! Ready to go home? My brother called and he said that he would be there soon. Maybe he's there now." Nel said with excitement. Ichigo nodded and the duo waved a good bye to Renji as they walked home. "That Asian horror movie was pretty good" Nel said "Which one? The first or fifth one?" They laughed

~~~~~~~~~~~~In front of the apartment~~~~~~~~~~

"Hey, strawberry!" Ichigo looked up and saw blue. Bright blue hair to be exact, in front of his apartment. .He-

"Grimmy! Ichigo, meet my brother, Grimmjow." Nel said with a huge smile. "Hey strawberry" He smirked, cockiness practically oozing out of his mouth. " "

"You…you…you… FUCKING BLUEBERRY!" Nel's eyes got wide as Ichigo lunged at Grimmjow. Intending to beat him to a bloody pulp.

"Do you guys know each other?" Nel's eyes got huge and began to water, afraid of the answer. "No, haha I must have mistook him for someone else." Ichigo grinded his jaw. He didn't want to hurt Nel at all. Grimmjow stuck out his hand to shake and Nel looked expectedly at Ichigo. They shook. Nel turned around to walk into the house, completely oblivious of the scene behind her.

"I'm going to fuck you into the floor strawberry." The Blue haired god stated. "In your dreams." Ichigo snapped.

"Yeah, that too baby." Ichigo was going to have to do something about this guy. And Ichigo was forming a plan in his head to make it look like an accident. Hahaha. This is going to be good, Ichi smiled mischievously.

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