Disclaimer: This story is a sequel to SOMEONE LIKE YOU and was written upon request. Apparently, I've been in my sappy mood when I started writing this, so please humor me a little. I know it's over the top, but since this tale started with a strange little scene that doesn't fit anywhere I felt I should just risk it and go romantic and couply all the way. The characters are not mine but I like to play with them :) I hope ESG won't mind.

Chapter One

Perry Mason woke to the feeling of cold air brushing against his chest. His arm felt numb and tingly, his half naked form shivered as his fingers scanned the empty sheets right next to him. He opened his eyes to the darkness of the room and pulled the blanket closer around him. There was a glint of light shining from the bathroom, the sound of running water and a familiar yawn. He propped himself up on one arm and waited. A minute. Another. Then checked the alarm clock. It was only 3:42am.

After a while, Della exited the bathroom and killed the lights. She pulled his bathrobe closer to her body and shivered, then tiptoed back to bed on bare feet. Perry watched how she settled on her side of the bed, her eyes so tired she didn't notice he was lying wide awake right next to her. When she reached for the blanket, he helped tucking her in and moved his arm around her waist in a loving embrace. Then he inched towards her to spoon up and held her until they fell asleep.

It was an hour later when Della stirred him awake once more. She tossed and turned, then jumped out of bed. It always took him a minute to realize she was gone. He turned onto his back, threw his arm over his face and meant to follow her. All it took was two seconds however and he was asleep again. He awoke for good at 7:30, a little hand was pulling at his toe. With his eyes still closed, he heard the sound of running water in the shower, smelled fresh coffee from the kitchen and heard a set of giggles he had grown so used to he wouldn't trade it for anything.

"Amy," the attorney started in a tired voice, trying to suppress a contented smile. "Would you please tell your sister to stop trying to steal my toe?"

Then he opened his eyes to his eldest daughter lying on Della's side of the bed.

"I'm trying, dad," his eight-year-old greeted him with a perfect copy of her mother's most innocent smile. "I really am."

Perry Mason smirked and shot his eyebrows up to widen his eyes as he glared down to his second-in-line who was still pulling at his toe.

"Don't perjure yourself, young lady," he growled sideways at Amy while he reached down to the far end of the bed to pull his five-year-old towards him.

Shrieking from the top of her lungs, Phoebe tried to escape her father's long-reaching arms and failed. Her shrieks bubbled over and merged with fresh giggles as he hugged her and Amy, too.

"Phoebe Rose!" Della's voice sounded from the bathroom in a stern but warm whisper. "Don't wake your father."

"Too late, darling," Perry answered and sent off his brood with a loving smack on both of their bottoms.

Amy grabbed Phoebe's hand and together they ran off, turning around long enough to catch their mother giving them a broad, loving smile.

"Get dressed you two. Breakfast will be ready in ten," Della shouted after them and laughed, then exited the bathroom with a towel barely covering her freshly showered body. Her face showed traces of a facial pack, her curls were damp and unruly, her nails half done and drying.

"I'm sorry, honey," she hummed, ignoring the bedroom eyes her husband shot her way.

"Don't be," Perry gave back and caressed her all over. He would never know how she did it, always looking fresh to him like that in the morning.

"How much did you sleep last night?" He finally asked as he watched her finishing her nails while she was standing in the doorway.

"Enough to get out of bed this morning," Della lied.

"Last time I remember you shot out of bed around five," the lawyer said and stretched his limbs, then got up and followed his wife back into the bathroom to welcome the day with an ardent kiss.

"Sounds about right," she merely answered while she was drying herself.

"Why didn't you kick me in the ribs to go get those frozen waffles?" Perry Mason teased her as he nuzzled her neck. "It's been over a week now."

"I hear them whine, I get up," Della replied matter-of-fact and looked at him in the steamy mirror. "No one said having twins would be easy. Especially not when they're both growing teeth."

"We've agreed to be in this together, Del," Perry reminded her and gently nibbled her earlobe.

"And we are," she returned and handed him his toothbrush. "Which is why you better get ready before we'll be late in court."

Then she dropped her towel and grabbed her stockings to get dressed in front of him, slowed down by fatigue. Her face wouldn't show it but her eyes had never been able to betray him. Perry assisted her when she was looking for her slipdress and watched how she put on her bra. He loved to observe her getting presentable for the office. It was an image he could hold on to all day and had learned to shave to without cutting himself.

When Della was nearly all covered up, she grabbed her makeup and curling iron to finish her appearance. Time for him to jump into the shower and marvel at her transfiguration in a few short minutes. With Amy and Phoebe already shouting at each other in the background, waking Kate and Liz with their noise, his admiration for her stamina only grew although he knew that right now she was rolling her eyes.

When he finally exited the shower, jumped into his suit and tie and finished off with some aftershave to please his wife, he was ready to rush downstairs but stopped as he found Della sitting on the edge of their bed. The alarm clock behind her was already pushing 8am but she didn't seem to mind and took her time to slide seductively into her peeptoes. When she got up, she steadied herself against him for a second and blinked her eyes to kill a wave of nausea from getting up too fast. Then she reached up to fix his tie and pulled her husband into a lingering kiss.

"Happy anniversary," she hummed and softly caressed his lips with her index finger while her brown eyes studied his face with an intensity he only knew from making love to her.

"Six years to the day, baby," Perry pulled Della into a tight embrace and fondled her with one of his hands, completely aware of the tightness of their daily schedule. "And look how our life has changed."