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Future ShinKai/KaiShin
Current: one-sided ConanKID

Chapter rating: K+
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Oh Crap, Glitter Trap

Conan dashed up the stairs as fast as his short legs could manage. With only the dim glow of the emergency lights showing him the way he struggled to catch his breath as he skidded around the bend to reach the next flight. The sound of a door slamming shut reached his ears and he knew that the roof wasn't far off.
'Most likely three flights of stairs left,' Conan's calculations supplied. He rounded the corner once more and a thin thread flashed conspicuously. 'Shit,' he thought as he tried to make his exhausted body jump; it refused. The small detective's sight was flooded by a sea of dark glitter. He groaned in annoyance as he hit the floor with a low thud.
"KID," Conan snarled as he forced his body to get up, "this calls for payback." He smirked as he dialled his shoes a little higher than normal, though careful not to let his irritation get the best of him. When turned to their maximum strength, Agasa-hakase's invention could break trees in half. He didn't want to kill or injure the thief too badly, just enough to leave one hell of a bruise.

Conan avoided both the remaining feather and slime traps before standing in front of the door that lead to the bane of his night. He paused, allowing himself to catch his breath, knowing that KID would be there, waiting for him. As he tried to calm himself a few pieces of glitter slowly fell away from him, gleaming in the light of another red exit sign. Annoyed once more he ruffled his hair, causing the world around him to come alive as thousands of tiny pieces were illuminated in a sparkling dance. He sighed and opened the door, the low cheering from the crowds from far below filled the air.

"What took you so long, Tantei-kun?" KID grinned, never taking his eyes from the diamond he held high in the air.
"You know," Conan mused aloud and mockingly held his hand to his chin, "I ran up 15 flights of stairs and I'm not even half your size. Considering that, why are you so slow? Your gear can't weigh that much. If it did you wouldn't be able to fly."

The thief chuckled, clearly amused, "To keep the chase going, of course! What fun would I have if I outran you from the beginning, Mr. Critic?" Conan felt his eye twitch ever so slightly as the phantom thief lowered his arm and turned towards him. A look of surprise flashed past his poker face before he burst out laughing. "Dear Tantei-kun," KID cackled while bent over from laughter, "you look absolutely stunning in pink." Conan felt his cheeks burn as he looked down at himself; he was covered head to toe in a suit of hot pink. He hadn't really forgotten about the trap, but he had assumed that most of the glitter would've been dislodged by now. Apparently, most of the tiny pieces were still stuck and had no intention of going anywhere.

Still chuckling, the thief quickly mended his broken poker face while watching the boy with a wary eye; if he wasn't careful he would end up with a tranquilizer dart in his neck. The kid was dangerous, especially when enraged. Who the hell gave tranquilizer watches to kids anyway? Sure, Kaito understood why, the kid was good with it, but still.

Conan eyed his surroundings; the thief wasn't easy to hit if one went for a straight shot, and he had already used the tranquilizer during dinner when a man was murdered. He whipped up his head and glared at KID, the latter tensing by the fast movement, and gave him a sinister smile as he calculated the way the soccer ball would travel. He needed more power. They both stood tense, knowing what was coming, and eyed each other, looking for an indication of something threatening, an indication of an opening. It was the Mexican standoff. KID's hand twitched; he would go for the card gun.

Conan slowly moved to the calculated position; he had to be able to throw himself to the side at the right angle as soon as KID's gun was out. This time he had prepared a small number of smoke bombs just like the ones KID used. He warily moved his left hand toward his pocket; the thief would never risk shooting blind inside a cloud of smoke. KID's visible eye narrowed at his opponent's movements and quickly grabbed the card gun from his inner pocket. The instant KID moved, so did Conan.

The detective dropped to one knee and turned up his shoes more and at the same time his left hand shot into his pocket to grab three of the smoke bombs. He threw himself out of the way just before a card imbedded itself into the concrete where he had just been. As he tumbled he tossed the smoke bombs in front of himself before rolling into a stand and inflating the soccer ball in one fluid motion. He kicked the ball so that it would only graze KID and then continue to hit the air drum behind him, ricocheting it far from the intended target. Soon enough, the smoke blew away, revealing KID with that annoying smile on his face. By the look of things, Conan had predicted exactly how he would move. The detective forced his facial expression into an irritated frown, pretending that he hadn't missed on purpose.

Pausing just long enough to listen after the soccer ball that should've been labelled a deadly weapon, KID continued to cheerily shoot cards at the boy, his signature grin still in full force.

Conan eyed a small rock and decided to go for it; he needed KID to turn away from his current direction. Conan dodged the sharp cards and kicked the stone so that it would force KID to move towards the door. Conan continued to run in a half circle until the thief stood where he wanted him. Then Conan stopped, turned to the thief, shoved his hands into his pockets, and smiled knowingly.

KID hesitated for an instant, and that was all Conan needed. The thief's smile faltered slightly, not that any normal person would have noticed. Conan saw it however, just before the ball impacted the door and then continued to hit KID in the back. The phantom thief went flying a couple of meters before landing on the ground with a groan and Conan smiled victoriously. This round went to him. He threw a glance at the diamond that had been dropped and snorted; this wasn't nearly as satisfactory as he had hoped it would be. He was still pissed off.

Conan stared down at KID as he gasped for air, trying to fill lungs that the ball had obviously emptied. Conan snorted again and the corners of his lips twitched as a malevolent thought snuck into his head. "So…" Conan started, taking a step forward so that he was now standing on top of KID. The thief groaned when the extra weight was added to his new bruise. "This was fun," he chirped gleefully and took a step across KID. "Too bad you're so out of shape," Conan snickered darkly. KID hissed in pain and annoyance as Conan bounced on him. "Ooh, if only your lovely fans could see you now," he gloated and jumped off the thief to go and retrieve the diamond.

"Kh…" Conan looked back at KID and waited; KID was still recovering from the multiple impacts to his back.
"Ooh yes, your retorts only get better and better. I am veritably impressed." Every word was dripping with sarcasm and Conan could practically see the annoyance he was causing the thief.
"Tantei-kun," KID hissed as he seated himself, "you're too violent." Conan raised an eyebrow at the whine in the thief's voice; it sounded like he was pouting. A single set of running footsteps could be heard from beyond the newly dented door and KID let out a small whimper as he got up and ran to the edge. KID disappeared, the crowds below roared, and a moment later Hakuba bolted through the door, covered in different coloured slimes and feathers. The teen detective stared at the vanishing white glider and sighed.

Conan scowled at the sight of him.
"What took you so long," he snapped in irritation before going inside. Hakuba eyed him in confusion. The kid who was always cheerful and exited while at a heist disappeared down the stairs and Hakuba was certain he heard him mutter, "Incompetent moron," as he walked past him.

Sure, the kid was somewhat strange; he'd never actually seen him activate a trap. Maybe that's the whole reason he was angry. Saguru shivered as the wind made the slime go cold. KID was gone, he was cold, he was tired, and he was hungry. It was time to go home, take a bath, and eat dinner. The blonde detective looked at his watch.
"Heist ends at approximately 19 hours, 21 minutes, and 56 seconds. Heist time, approximately 21 minutes and 56 seconds." He was careful not to get slime on his notebook as he documented the times, ending with, "Put to sleep. Five traps activated." He observed the dented door suspiciously; it hadn't been that way when he checked it earlier. He continued, "Circular indentation, hemisphere, 20 centimetres in diameter, on exterior of the door to the roof." He quickly jotted it down and went to examine the dented air vent.

The darkness in the building showed that the taskforce still hadn't recovered the lights and he noted, maybe a bit too satisfied, that Hakuba had managed to trip the two traps that he'd passed. As he got down to the exhibition floor the lights finally came back on and he sighed in relief; his watch was useless in its currently broken state, which only served as a reminder to what a truly horrible day he had just had. It really had been a day that started way too early and only went from bad to worse. Hurting KID hadn't quite made up for the suffering he'd had to go through. Oh well, time to laugh at the taskforce members glued to the floor.