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Chap. 66
Fire and Water

Kaito paced back and forth, seeing the many strangers that were there to meet their beloved or their friend. Aoko was there to see her father again, as soon as he woke up and accepted visitors. Hakuba was standing beside her with his golden watch in his hands, staring at it intensely, while Ran, Isamu, Sonoko, Shinichi's mother and about the entire taskforce were waiting to meet their superior, Hiro and Shinichi, even a few reporters had dared to enter, and Kaito was sure that he would throw them out headfirst if they got even remotely close to his love. The thief narrowed his eyes at the group that was both sitting and standing while small talking to each other, knowing that they wouldn't be allowed to enter all at once. Aoko and most of the taskforce left as Nakamori and Hiro began accepting guests and Kaito anxiously waited until he saw the nurse that he'd met during the night exit from within the hospital and walked up to the reception. The second nurse that she was speaking with pointed to their group, before handing her a newspaper and Kaito raised an amused, mental eyebrow; the woman obviously knew who wanted to visit Shinichi, but she was using precautions to appear to not be aware.

"So, are all of you going to visit Kudou-sama?" Amaya asked with a small frown, seeing how the group sent glances to each other, "I'll only let three or four in at the same time, and I have to warn you, Kudou-sama might be a bit stingy." The woman gave them a smile that hid her tiredness and then left, knowing that only a few people would follow; the ones who considered themselves closest to him.

"Why's he stingy?" Kaito asked as they got inside and sent a glance around himself, seeing that it only was he, Yukiko and Ran that had followed.
"The drugs he's been given made him unable to tell time correctly," Amaya began after she sent him a curious glance, "we have informed him that he's been at the hospital for approximately two weeks, and he was unwilling to accept the truth at first, thinking that he'd been abandoned, and therefore refused to accept any visitors for the last hour, until we convinced him otherwise. I was hoping that his closest family could somehow make him believe us, since the drug made him distrustful of anyone other than Rie-san that works the dayshift and me who works the nights. He is also experiencing a great deal of paranoia so Kasai-sensei's debating whether they're going to change his medication or simply just lower the dose."

"He's paranoid?" Kaito blinked and stared at the woman in shock, seeing her nod as they passed through corridor after corridor, before they got to the elevator.
"Yes, not much, but he's been manipulating everyone in the staff so that no one wants to enter his room, and from time to time they've heard him talking to himself. I'm bringing him a newspaper so that he can look at the date, but I doubt that he'll believe it."

"It's obviously a recording! Are you trying to insult my intelligence?!" Shinichi's irritated voice came from an open door as the group neared the detective's room.
"Here, take the remote," a female voice answered.
"It won't help! The only thing it does is switching to other recordings that are being played at the same time!"
"Kudou-sama, why would I do that?"
"To make me eat your poisoned food!"
"If I wanted you dead I could just inject you with poison."
"But that would leave a needle mark, and Hattori and Hakuba would find out the truth!"
"You're connected to a drip! I wouldn't need to pierce your skin with anything!"
"You just don't want to feel too responsible! And putting poison in my drip would leave traces on the inside of the bag!"

"Could you wait out here for a moment," Amaya asked with a smile and then went inside, seeing that the detective was glaring at the bag of blood that was hanging from the pole, as if he was wondering whether to tear it away or leave it as it was, since it was half-full, and if it contained toxin he'd been poisoned already.
"Kudou-sama, be nice to Kumiko-san, she's trying to help."
"She poisoned my breakfast!" the detective growled and glared angrily at the porridge and the two cups of jello that had been placed in front of him.

"Kasai-sensei decided to lower his dosage, but didn't care that I was the one who had to force pills down his throat," Kumiko sighed tiredly to Amaya, "I think that he'd bite me if I tried, so I simply mashed them up and placed them in his porridge; a bad idea."
"What kind of pills?" the young woman questioned.
"Just regular painkillers,"
"That's what she wants you to think," Shinichi muttered from his bed and stared grumpily at Amaya as she walked up to his side.
"So, my dear detective, how did you know that it was poisoned?" the woman asked and heard how Kumiko opened the window a notch.

"Simple, first I got jellos and other liquids, then I got jellos and small portions of porridge, always with the spoon beside the plate, but today I got it with the spoon inside the porridge, with obvious signs that it had been stirred prior to being brought here, and the only reason someone would stir my food is because something had been added to it," the detective tried to do a frustrated gesture, but ended up hissing from pain and protectively held a hand over his injured shoulder as he glared at the bandage that was visible though the collar of his hospital gown.

"Don't move your left arm! The bullet wound will take a longer time to heal if you rip it open," Kumiko stated loudly and Amaya saw the detective relax, like every time he thought someone went too far and she let out a silent sigh.
"Oh?" the teenager said in a complaisant voice and whipped his head up as he smiled at the older nurse, a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes, "I have a bullet wound? I haven't noticed! How great of you to inform me! It's not like I've been in surgery, or been shot before! Where did you get your degree? In a cereal box?"
"Just go, arguing with him just agitates him further," Amaya sighed to her colleague and gave the detective a raised eyebrow as she grabbed into his right shoulder, making him look up at her as Kumiko left.
"Why's everyone treating me like I'm stupid?" he quickly defended himself.
"Because you're behaving like a little, spoiled brat from time to time."
"Brutally honest. I knew there was something I liked about you," Shinichi remarked and glared at his food, seeing Amaya's hand come into his sight as she grabbed his spoon and stirred his porridge, not noticing how Kaito curiously stuck his head inside. The detective watched the nurse take a bite of the food and then placed the spoon on the tray beside the plate, before he looked up at her.
"I take no responsibility for your untimely death, but I will find your killer; Kumiko," Shinichi informed before he could stop himself, and then massaged his forehead as the pain increased.

"How are you feeling?" Amaya asked concerned, wondering if she should turn away his visitors, "are you too tired to have anyone come by?"
"Come by? Why would anyone come by? Except with intention to finish me off..." Shinichi muttered while knowing that he couldn't tell her that he was reliving memories from Vermouth's life; the same memories as before, only more vividly, but he continued before the woman could answer, "and you said that I would have visitors yesterday! But no one came..."
"No, Kudou-sama, it's still Wednesday," the nurse smiled patiently and placed the newspaper on his tray.

"That one could've been saved from months ago, even years, or it's just printed and completely fake," Shinichi ratted off as soon as he saw the paper, "I could go on, but I think that you get my drift, and I told you that that wouldn't convince me."
"Aw, Kudou-sama, you're much more agreeable when sleeping," the woman smirked and the teenager snorted before he began poking his food with a disgruntled scowl.

"What if it's a slow moving poison?"
"Then starve to death," the nurse suggested and saw that the corners of the detective's mouth twitched amused, "but you know that I wouldn't allow that; I'll just give you another IV-bag."
"Yea-yea," Shinichi muttered as he took one of the small cups with jello and glared at it.
"Now, be nice to your visitors," Amaya whispered, "and if you get tired of them, just push the button to call Rie-san. I'll tell her to chase them out. Have a good day."
"Sleep tight," Shinichi grumbled and looked up towards the door, seeing his boyfriend walk inside.

"Kaito?" the teenager gasped and the thief smiled a bit, seeing complete shock in Shinichi's eyes. "What day is it?" he quickly added and Kaito blinked, knowing that he'd heard the nurse tell him before.
"Wednesday," he answered as Amaya left them in peace and both Ran and Yukiko entered with a smile.
"Really..." the detective sighed and seemingly accepting it as truth, "what's the date?"
"10th of April," the thief stated as he walked around to sit down beside his boyfriend.
"Really..." Shinichi stared at his boyfriend without showing anything but a blank expression, making Kaito's skin crawl, "how long ago did KID visit me?"
"A couple of hours?" Kaito answered quietly as both Ran and Yukiko sat down on the chairs on the other side of the bed.

"I'm assuming that Ran-chan knows who KID is if you actually answered that one," Yukiko smiled sadly as she looked at her baby-boy's fragile state, seeing his injuries in worry.
"I do know," Ran whispered and got up to close the door.
"Ran, could you step out for a moment?" Shinichi suddenly asked and sent his childhood friend a begging gaze, "I need to speak with mom and Kaito about something... It's personal." Ran smiled and then left after she nodded.

"Okay," Shinichi whispered and sent a glance to the window, making sure that no one was there, even though he was fully aware that he was at least three floors up, "you both need to hear this, now that I have full control over myself. I'm not paranoid. I don't hallucinate, and I'm not insane; it will all pass, and it's not because of the drugs." Both Kaito and Yukiko leaned forward so that they were able to pick up every word.

"Long ago Pandora shed a tear, and Khryseis, I mean Vermouth, ate it. She gained what could be considered eternal life. She lived on and tried to find a way to end it all, but failed on multiple occasions. She was tortured, killed and still lived on, and I'm reliving some of her memories, and the pain I feel is increasing, so can someone please make them give me something stronger; I'm almost at my limit. Pandora is dealing with the power, but he's not used to control that much even though he remembers doing it. Last night, according to you," Shinichi made a gesture towards Kaito, "since my time-perspective is completely unreliable. Pandora had full control, but now he's losing it again, making me irritated and angry. When I'm reliving her memories I become less like myself, so I have no way that I can convince the doctors or nurses that I'm not insane, or reacting badly to the drugs, so now you know if I start acting even stranger, and if I say anything hurtful, please forgive me and know that I didn't mean it." Shinichi sighed and Kaito could see sorrow in his boyfriend's eyes; old, dark eyes, seemingly not supposed to belong to a teenager. He looked so tired, as it his life had been drained from him. "Mom," Shinichi continued, "you can open the door for Ran now."

"Shinichi," Kaito whispered and took the detective's hand as Yukiko got up to open the door, "I won't leave you." The thief kissed his boyfriend's hand and smiled warmly as a slight blush made its way to Shinichi's cheeks. "Always remember that I love you, and I don't care if you tell me that you hate me and want me dead, because I won't believe you. You can ask the nurses to call me since you're not allowed to use your mobile. Day, night; it doesn't matter. I will answer, and I will speak with you. You can call me every five minutes if you'd like, because I love you, and I want you to feel safe, even if you can't tell if a day, a week or a minute has gone by. How about that?" Kaito grinned and watched happiness glimmer in the detective's eyes as he nodded a little, "I'll speak with the nurses about it then." The thief cupped his boyfriend's face and then allowed a hand to dig into the silky hair, before he placed their foreheads together and looked into Shinichi's eyes. A giggle interrupted them and made Kaito send a glance to the two that he'd forgotten, seeing that Yukiko was recording them on her phone.

"Yukiko-obaasan," Kaito complained in a whiny voice and drew out the 'a' as long as he could, knowing that it would bug her, "you're an old lady acting like a five-year-old..."
"Watch it Kai-chan," the woman giggled lovingly, using all of her talent to not show any irritation, "I was a student of your father's so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I usually use them on Shinichi and Yuusaku, but how fun it would be to use them on you..." The giggle turned into an evil cackle and Kaito grinned as Shinichi carefully leaned back into his pillows, silently wondering if his boyfriend and his mother would somehow destroy the house. The detective smiled quietly as he watched the two people speak in a way that hid all of their irritation as they teased each other before Rie came by with more guests, wondering how he felt and if he could handle more than three.

Much to Shinichi's delight, Kaito managed to get the nurses to bring a phone into his room so that he could call his boyfriend without calling on a nurse first, and as Pandora managed to get better at controlling the power without losing grip over it Shinichi also became a nicer patient as the pain decreased. He accepted visitors every day and was even brought his homework. He stayed at the hospital for a few more weeks before he was released, but as he was unable to walk on one leg, and commanded not to, he was forced to go in a wheelchair.

As soon as the doors opened to the hospital, flashes of light almost blinded him and he kept a calm, neutral expression, wanting to look professional even though his mother was pushing him forward since his arm was in a sling.
"Who was the mystery shooter?" a reporter quickly fired off, and another immediately continued.
"Did you shoot her?"
"Why's her body missing?"
"Are you certain that you hit her?"
"What's your relation to her?"
"Why did she do it?"
"What was her goal?"
"Why attack the heist?"
"No comment," Shinichi answered as soon as he could and then stayed quiet, ignoring the questions that were thrown at him as he watched how the police pushed away the crowds. He knew that he would be forced to answer the questions eventually, but he wanted it to be in an environment that he controlled, so he had to wait until he went to a newspaper to get interviewed or a studio that wasn't live broadcasted, and it wasn't until school was finished and he was able to move around somewhat good on his leg that he felt that he could relax again. Shinichi was forced to use a crutch and was unable to use his left arm as the bullet had struck him badly, but he was moving around as much as his strength allowed him to.

Kaito was always close, and took care of him during the days, whenever he wasn't having a silent battle with Yukiko over who was supposed to care for him the most, not that Shinichi or Yuusaku minded the ongoing battles; they could both see that the teenage magician and the retired actress had a great deal of fun trying to outdo and prank each other. However, Kaito had the advantage that Shinichi wouldn't become irritated if he tried to feed him, as long as they weren't in public.

Slowly, Kaito could see that the darkness in Shinichi's eyes disappeared, but it reappeared from time to time as a murder reminded him of the fact that he'd killed, and the detective even confessed to his boyfriend that it had been worse to pull the trigger than to fail in saving someone, because it was deliberate, and as the summer began Kaito stayed with him in their room, watching over his lover and provided the comfort he knew that Shinichi needed.

Only a week after school had ended Kaito organised a small trip to Beika park where they were going to have a picnic with Hakuba, Aoko, Ran and Isamu. Shinichi made it into the park slowly, walking as steadily as he could, but he was still limping a lot. Kaito walked beside him, ready to protect his boyfriend if anyone tried to harm him, and sent an amused glance to the white cane with the shape of a diamond on the top; a birthday gift from Kaitou KID, which had showed up out of nowhere while the detective was at the police station. Kaito had been there, acting like a happy fan and forced his slightly frustrated boyfriend to use it instead of the boring grey, metal-thingy he'd gotten from the hospital.

Kaito watched how the detective eased to the ground and then sat down beside him while searching the crowds of people for their friends that now were officially late.
"How's the shoulder?" the thief wondered with a smile as he watched how Shinichi fell to his back in the green grass and let the sunlight bathe him.
"Good, it just itches a bit," the black-haired teenager answered as he looked up to the clouds, knowing that it wouldn't do him any good to lie completely; his shoulder was bothering him tremendously, but his worrying boyfriend didn't need to know that, not after how Kaito had been behaving ever since a criminal tried to take revenge on Shinichi for throwing him in jail, thinking that it was a good idea to attack the detective when he was at his weakest. The man didn't even have time to touch a hair on Shinichi's head before Kaito had reacted; no one messes with the lover of an over-protective Kaitou KID, even the press kept away from the magician after the chaos that he caused and the rage he seemed to be in, even though he kept a smile on his lips, an albeit creepy smile, and if looks could kill...

"That's great," Kaito grinned at his boyfriend's calculating stare and placed the large blanket on the grass beside him before he sent a quick glance over the crowd, keeping a watchful eye out for any suspicious behaviour, and then joined the detective on the ground.
"Yea, it doesn't hurt as much when I try to move it," Shinichi replied and watched the thief's eyes study white clouds in the sky before he fell into a comfortable silence as they waited, and it wasn't long before they both began pointing out shapes to each other.

"Look, a turtle!" Kaito grinned and made Shinichi tilt his head as he frowned up at the cloud, trying to see what his boyfriend was seeing.
"That's only a turtle if it has the head of a crocodile," the detective reasoned and the magician saw the mischief glinting in his boyfriend's eyes before the teenager continued, "how about a crocodile that ate too much cake?" Kaito blinked once and then realised what his boyfriend was saying.
"I'm not a fat crocodile!" he squeaked loudly, allowing the oncoming group of friends to hear him while he pretended to be upset over the taunt as Shinichi laughed.

"You know," Ran smiled at them before she eyed the basket with food that she knew that Yukiko had made for them, "they are like complete opposites."
"Precisely what I was thinking!" Aoko smiled as the magician straddled his boyfriend and started tickling him, "I can't believe that they are actually a couple. They are so different; like fire and water!" The young woman in her company giggled while Hakuba was speaking with Isamu, and therefore didn't hear much of their conversation.
"Let me guess," Ran smiled as they were only a few meters away, unaware that she was allowing the magician to eavesdrop, "Kaito-kun is a wildfire and Shinichi is water."
"Yep, exactly what I was thinking!" Aoko exclaimed as she began unpacking the cakes she had brought.

"Like fire and water, huh?" the thief mused loudly as he still sat atop his boyfriend, knowing that the detective was unable to fight him off. "But water can still be just as destructive as fire..." he remarked making the Brit force away the wish to roll his eyes as he understood that the thief was talking about the couple's night-time business.
"And fire doesn't necessarily need to be destructive," Shinichi smiled up at the wild-haired teenager that seemed to be in deep thought, even though the detective knew better, "just think of the lovely warmth a fireplace can give during the cold and dark winter nights."
"And water isn't always calm; it rushes out from a cliff without a single thought about the lonely fireplace at home," the magician's eyes were drawn to the bullet wound in the shoulder.
"The water remembers the lonely fireplace at home, just after it jumps and hopes that they will be reunited once more... Now, how about some cake?"
"Yes, cakes for everyone!" Kaito grinned, but cheerfully stayed on top of Shinichi even though the detective was glaring.
"No cakes for crocodiles."
"Ha! And then that's decided; for that comment I'll force-feed you cake, Shinichi. All the cake!"

~The End

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