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Sequel to OFAW:

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In Chap. 41 Murder One Shinichi was accused of being the murderer and would therefore be forced to appear in court since it's a perfect opportunity for the prosecutor to gain the upper hand if there are multiple possible murderers, now this causes a complication, because of Shinichi's alibi.
This takes place just after Chap. 66 Of Fire and Water since I know that it can take time in court (or that's what I've heard)

Courtroom Confrontation:
The Queen of the Courtroom Vs. the Madonna of Prosecutors

Shinichi waited anxiously outside of the courtroom, counting seconds for when Kisaki Eri, Ran's mother, or for now, a woman known as the Queen of the Courtroom, called him in. Hakuba was already inside as he was explaining the way the murder had taken place, and the Detective of the East knew that it was only moments until Kujo Reiko, also known as the Madonna of Prosecutors, would've picked the deduction apart to accuse Shinichi of the murder of Etsuko Hagiwara instead of Kihara Naomi, who was her client. It was right that the system tested the suspects to know that it really was the accused that murdered the victim, but this time Shinichi was nervous for the first time he'd been in court since he would be forced to use his alibi, but only if it was no other way than that to keep him out of jail.

He knew that Kaito was there for support, mainly if he needed the alibi, but he was still there inside the courtroom, and Shinichi was afraid that someone would notice that Kaito vanished and KID appeared, but the thief had just laughed at his worry, stating that he could be on many places at the same time.

The door opened and Shinichi saw an officer nod to him. When he got up and went inside he seemed calm and threw a glance over the crowd of onlookers, seeing his boyfriend in one seat smiling a bit reassuring as he carefully limped up to the podium.

"Kudou Shinichi, you are here as a witness and have not been accused of anything yet, do you understand this?" the black-haired Kujo Reiko questioned him as soon as he'd read the oath to speak truth and he noticed the 'yet' she placed in there.
"Yes, I understand," the injured teenager answered with a nod.

"Where were you during the murder that took place between 03:05-03:15?" the woman questioned and Shinichi swallowed.
"I was in my room, sleeping after being drugged," the detective lied, knowing that he had to, and avoided mentioning that he had a witness.
"You were tested for drugs, what was the result?"
"So you have no proof that you actually were drugged?"
"That is correct," Shinichi said loudly and then sighed inaudibly.
"And how come the victim was clutching your tie in her hand and that your fingerprints were on the murder weapon?"
"I can't say since I was unconscious-,
"Allegedly," the woman cut in and Shinichi continued.
",-the only thing I know is detective Hakuba's deduction," the detective stated and got an idea of what the woman was doing; if she could establish reasonable doubt she would get the death penalty off the table and then she might even get a much lowered sentence.
"And this detective, Hakuba Saguru, that's sitting right there, is that him?" Reiko demanded to know and made a gesture behind him. Shinichi threw a glance back on the Brit.
"Is he a friend of yours?"
"A detective, and a friend of the number one suspect, solved this case. I'd like the jury to think about that, but not only that. Hattori Heiji, a detective and also a friend of the number one suspect, was at that crime scene," the woman stated harshly and Shinichi heard a strangled sound from behind himself, as if Hakuba was forced to bite his tongue at the insult that he would be unable to do his job correctly, even though he'd given up on catching Kaitou KID lately.

"Your fingerprints were on the murder weapon, you say that you were in your room, and the cameras show neither you nor the accused, Kihara Naomi, enter the victim's room, so what is it that says that you didn't do it when the evidence all points towards you?" Reiko asked, knowing what kind of alibi the detective had.
"Objection, your Honour," Eri stated as she stood up, "the question calls for speculation."
"Sustained, rephrase the question."

"Yes, your Honour," the black-haired woman nodded, "do you have an alibi?"
"There was someone else with me in my room," Shinichi forced himself to say while sending a glance to Eri, hoping that she could help him somehow, but Reiko hadn't asked any really unjustified questions.
"And who might that have been?" the woman continued while carrying an aura of smugness.
"That was Akera Kairi," Shinichi stated tensely.
"And this Akera Kairi is where to be found?"
"I don't know,"
"So this person just showed up and then vanished?" the Madonna of Prosecutions wondered and left a lingering feel to it, so Shinichi didn't answer and only let her continue, "isn't that a bit convenient? A strange person was with you from 02:04, according to the cameras, until when? As exactly as you can answer please."
"As I've stated before; I was unconscious and don't know when I was left alone," Shinichi answered, making sure to phrase the answer so that he could avoid mentioning the person's gender.
"Akera Kairi, allegedly woman going by the name, what gender is Akera?" Reiko questioned and Shinichi saw how Eri rose from her seat.
"Objection, your Honour, the question is irrelevant," the Queen of the Courtroom stated and Shinichi sighed, knowing that Reiko was going to find a way to fish the information she wanted.

"Sustained, do you have any questions relevant to the case?" the judge wondered as she placed her fingertips together.
"Yes, your Honour,"
"Then you may proceed."

"Have you Kudou Shinichi, met this Akera Kairi before you two met at the hotel?"
"So you know her?"
"Objection, your Honour," Eri stated again, "the question is too general."
"Overruled, I will allow it," the older woman stated, "the witness may answer the question."
"We've met," Shinichi confessed and clenched his teeth.
"Where, to be exactly?" Reiko smiled.
"Objection, your Honour," Eri stated again, "the question calls for a narrative answer."

"Sustained. Kujo, you have to consider your questions more carefully or I won't allow you to question the witness."
"Yes, your Honour," the black-haired woman stated and gave the detective a scrutinising look, knowing that he was well-aware of the fact that he was avoiding her traps.

"Did you meet Akera Kairi for the first time during an illegal act?" Reiko asked with a smile, aware that that was the case.
"Yes," Shinichi answered, sighing internally as he hadn't gotten away from the question.
"What kind of illegal act?"
"So Akera Kairi is in fact a thief?" Reiko asked pleased.
"What was Akera stealing when you two met for the first time?"
"The clock tower of Ekoda park," Shinichi stated and heard a buzz of whispers coming from the crowds.
"Order in the court," the judge called out and made the whispering die out.

"So you are in fact aware that your alibi consists of a thief that no one can get in contact with?" Reiko questioned.
"Objection, your Honour, the question is stupid," Eri's voice stated and made everyone turn to her.
"Excuse me?" the judge asked incredulous of what she'd heard.
"What? No, I didn't say that!" the blonde woman stated and then saw how Kaitou KID dropped down from the ceiling and landed on the post beside the gate in front of the crowd.

"It's not hard to get in contact with me. Just print it in the paper, or send it on the news. Or just ask the question; is Kaitou KID here? Why yes, I am. It's not every day that I get the chance to glue Tantei-san to a bench in court," the thief grinned, seeing the Brit immediately try to get up, but failed as he really was stuck.
"I will not tolerate any magic in my court, now take a seat," the judge stated and stared at the thief that just sat down on the post. "On a chair," she clarified and saw the thief tilted his head.
"I've never really been known to be a stickler for rules, but feel free to call me up as a witness," KID smiled and vanished in a puff of smoke.

Shinichi was questioned a bit more from both sides and then asked to sit down, so he touched the bench beside the grumpy blonde to make sure that he didn't glue himself to it and then sat down.
"Calling Kaitou KID to the stand," Eri stated and then watched how the thief appeared behind the podium, seemingly happy with being there, and read the oath.
"Kaitou KID, you masqueraded as Akera Kairi, why?" Eri asked.
"The owner, Hagiwara Atsushi, gave me that identity together with an invitation card," the thief stated, moving a bit restlessly and made a coin seemingly run across his fingers.
"On the tape you're seen helping Kudou Shinichi to his room, why?"
"Because I saw that something was wrong with him as he came out of the restroom, and decided to help him there."
"Until which time did you stay?"
"Why did you stay with him?"
"Because I was worried. The drug didn't seem like it was too dangerous, but I think that it was something similar to Rohypnol, judging by the fact that he fell asleep almost immediately, and while I waited I drew a heist note on him," Kaito answered with a small grin.
"You say that you left at 05:20, is there any evidence for that?" Eri questioned and made the thief frown.
"Nothing that would be accepted as evidence, but I spoke with my assistant before I left,"
"You left at 02:45 and returned at 02:47 to the room, why did you leave?"
"I had to get my gear that I had left on the floor above."
"According to the statement you left as Akera; you saw that something was different in the room, is this true?"
"Yes, Meitantei-san's tie was missing and his shirt was lying differently,"
"And the tie was there when you left to get your gear?"
"Thank you, no further questions," Eri stated and sat down.

"Does the prosecutor want to cross-examine the witness?"
"Yes, your Honour," Reiko stated as she rounded the table by which she'd been sitting and then held up a note, "is this the note that Hagiwara gave you?"
"No, but it's a copy of it," KID smiled.
"This one has two identities on it, one female and the other male, why did you choose the female?"
"I fail to see the relevance of this question, but to answer it; for fun, and it's easier to get information while being an elderly lady and innocent girl."
"Is this is a picture of Akera Kairi?" Reiko asked and held up a picture that had been taken by a camera.
"Is this your definition of innocent or elderly?" the woman asked and saw how Eri stood up.
"Objection, your Honour, this line of questioning is irrelevant to the case," the blonde woman stated, making the judge nod.

"Kujo, unless you have a point with these questions I will stop you,"
"Yes, your Honour, I have a point,"
"Then get to it."
"Yes, your Honour," Reiko nodded and fixed the thief with a firm gaze.
"The witness may answer the previous question,"
"No, the disguise –Akera– is neither innocent nor elderly,"
"According to the cameras you danced with Kudou Shinichi, is this true?"
"Did you, or did you not, choose such a disguise to attract Kudou Shinichi to yourself?"
"Yes and no,"
"Please clarify,"
"I chose the disguise because I had heard that Meitantei-san had fallen in love, and I'm an awfully curious person, so I decided to go with a disguise that few men resists, and I got my information,"
"And this information was?"
"That he's attracted to the same gender,"
"How thorough are you when examining a heist location? Let me clarify; have you full knowledge of where the cameras are before breaking in?"

"Did you drug Kudou Shinichi while you danced?"
"The witness may answer the question," the judge stated and sent a glance to the clearly annoyed thief.
"No, I most certainly did not,"
"Yet there's no evidence to substantiate that fact, since you have the ability to trick the cameras," Reiko stated coldly and continued her questioning, "now according to the cameras you helped the witness to his room after he was allegedly drugged, and then you painted this on his back, did you not?" the woman took a photo from her folder and showed it to the thief.
"Yes, I did,"

"How long did it take?"
"Between thirty minutes to an hour, I'm not certain," Kaito smiled a bit.
"According to you, you stayed with Kudou Shinichi in his room from 02:04 until 05:20. That's three hours and sixteen minutes. Did anything more happen other than the tattoo?"
"Are you implying what I think you are?" KID asked disturbed.
"Objection, your Honour, the question is ambiguous," Eri stated and saw that the thief was getting angry.

"Sustained, rephrase the question."
"Yes, your Honour," Reiko stated, "did you, Kaitou KID, have any kind of physical relation with the witness, Kudou Shinichi, during the two hours and sixteen minutes unaccounted for?"
"No," the thief growled, "but I suggest that you step carefully when accusing me of rape."
"The witness may only answer to the questions,"
"You stated that you did not drug the witness, so I'm not saying that you sexually abused him, I'm asking if it was consensual,"
"We had no physical relation," KID stated, wanting to make sure that the woman that he was beginning to dislike wasn't getting anything.

"From the information I've gathered you have brought the witness gifts, he has the cane right now, and there's photo evidence that you've broken into his house on multiple occasions, so it's a possibility. Have you ever had a physical relation with the witness on previous occasions?"
"No," the thief stated, keeping up the act that he wasn't Kuroba Kaito, "but by the same reasoning I could have a relation with Tantei-san, Nakamori-keibu or even Tantei-kun. Why aren't you accusing me of being a paedophile and a child molester when you're at it?"
"The witness may only answer the questions," the judge cut in making the thief give her a disgruntled look.

"Your testimony isn't very good. We do not know who you are, you have no responsibilities and no penalties for lying."
"Your house could be full of traps..." the thief muttered only so loudly that the closest people to the crowds heard him, making them laugh and tell the ones behind what he'd said.
"Order in the court!" the judge stated loudly, "Kaitou KID, I advise you to not threaten the prosecutor."
"Ooh, it wasn't a threat, it's just a possibility," KID grinned and made the judge narrow her eyes at him, "but the possibility that her house is full of traps when she gets home is much greater than that of me being a rapist."

The thief continued to answer questions in a calm voice, intent on not getting his testimony disqualified for misbehaving and was then allowed to vanish as the court closed for that day, but at home in the Kudou library he couldn't help but to rant to both Hakuba and Shinichi about all of the traps he'd thought up during the time in court, whereas the detectives kept an eye on him while drinking their tea and coffee.
"Might I suggest something, Kuroba?" Hakuba asked loudly and watched the thief stop pacing while talking to himself. The blonde had forgiven his friend's boyfriend for the glue since he'd been able to get up from the bench as soon as the court was finished.
"What?" the annoyed thief wondered.
"Keep yourself from putting up traps in her house until the court is over, but if you have to prank her in order for your head to not explode I suggest that you do something small. Hide her keys. Move a picture frame. Pull out all of her chairs from the table. And try to keep yourself from doing anything at all. It will make Kaitou KID look more honourable and mature to not retaliate," the Brit stated and took a sip of his tea as he saw Kaito grin at him.
"Did you just give me advice on how to cause mischief and break the law?" he wondered and made the detective choke a bit on his drink.

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