The world of ninjago. What happens when Najada, Tanner, Cynder and Spyro end up in the world of ninjago? Now it's up to the serpentine, the ninjas, Sensei Wu, Nya, and Lloyd to get the dragons back home before Professor Pester takes over the dragon kingdom and Piñata Island Please review.

Pythor and Skales were roaming around the village (Now that they were on the ninjas side people were no longer afraid of them) the serpentine generals were enjoying the warm sun beating down on their scales.

"Now this is so much better than being locked up in those insidious tombs."

"I completely agree Pythor. I much rather be out here in the sunlight than in those dark prisons" Then a portal opened and four creatures fell out of it.

"You know I'm getting kinda of annoyed with these portals opening with no warning" said one of the creatures.

"You get used to it Spyro. Oh hello there allow me to introduce myself my name is Najada I am the dragon of laughter, friendship and kindness"

"My names Tanner I'm the dragon of earth."

"I'm Spyro the dragon of magic."

"And I'm Cynder the dragon of the undead. You are?"

"Humbly I am Pythor P. Chumsworth, the very last of the anacondrai."

"I am Skales that's S-K-A-L-E-S. I am the general of the hypnobrai"

"How in the world did you four get here?" Pythor asked.

"Um good question." Said Spyro.

"One moment we were fighting Kaos the next moment we end up here."

"May be Sensei can help you, follow us." Said Skales. Pythor and Skales brought them to the ninja HQ where they found the ninjas training with Sensei and Nya watching them.

"Skales, Pythor who have brought with you?"

"Sensei this is Najada, Tanner, Spyro, and Cynder." Said Pythor.

"Najada, that name sounds vaguely familiar. Tell me Najada you wouldn't happen to know to dragons named Ignightus and Elizabeth?"

"Of course I do. Ignightus is my grandfather he took care of me ever since I was a hatchling right after the dark master killed my parents. As for Elizabeth she's the dragon queen, Tanner and I are next for royalty."

"Step into the light please" said Sensei. Najada did what she was told. Sensei saw a rainbow flash from the dragoness's eye.

"You have the rainbow in your eye."

"I know Ignightus tells me it means that I am destined for greatness, but I'm not entirely sure what he means"

"You must be the hatchling I saw thirteen years ago. Kai, Zane find our guests a room to sleep in. You are all dismissed." After that Sensei left.

"Well that was unexpected, Hi my names Kai"

"I'm Cole"

"Names Jay."

"My name is Zane; it is an honor to meet royal dragons"

"We are Fangtom" said Fangtom's left head.

"The general of the fangpyer." Said the right head

"I am Fangdam second in command."

"I'm Fang-sui"

"My name is Snappa"

"My name is Slitheraa I was once the Hypnobrai general."

"Names Mezmo"

"And I'm Rattla"

"I am Acidicus the general of the venomari tribe."

"I'm Lasha pleasure to meet you princess"

"I am Spitta"

"And I am Lizaru"

"It is an honor to meet you all. We are very grateful that you are letting us stay here" said Najada.

"Don't worry about us it'll be like we're not even here." Said Tanner.

"This should be a fine place to train though." Said Spyro.

"Train? What you telling me you guys fight?" Cole asked.

"Of course we do Najada a little more than the rest of us mostly because she can transform into any creature." Said Cynder.

"No way any creature so you can turn into dinosaurs?" said Jay. Najada became a V-raptor, and then a triceratops then she became a dimetrodon.

"Whoa what else can you turn into?" Fang-sui asked. Najada became a flygon.

"Fly!" Najada screamed.

"What is that?" Skales asked.

"That is Flygon it's a type of Pokémon. Flygon is a dragon type Pokémon."

"Pokémon what are Pokémon?" Zane asked.

"Pokémon work together with humans in peace and harmony." Spyro explained.

"Many people collect Pokémon in order to reach their dream of becoming a Pokémon master, a Pokémon breeder or a Pokémon connoisseur. In which they enter contest called Pokémon battles."

"Wow, it must be pretty handy" said Cole.

"It is considering that Najada can turn into almost all of them. Right Najada."

Najada was now a Pikachu.

"Pika, Pikachu!"

"Come we'll bring you to your room" said Zane.

This was just the beginning of the ultimate adventure.

What's going to happen to our dragon friends will they return to piñata island or will pester and Kaos try and steal the throne please review.