Storm Rider

Disclaimer: characters belong to Richelle Mead, I'm just borrowing them to play with

Chapter 6: Forecast

The whole no technology thing is a major drawback, but other than that the otherworld is awesome. I've only been here a month yet I still discover something new every day.

I learned how to ride a horse pretty quickly. I always went with mom when she traveled between castles. Oak castle is Ivy's favorite but she really loves the willow land. She already asked if she could have it. I told her she was too young to run a kingdom before either of our parents could reply.

Dad taught me how to use a bow. I'm not allowed to go anywhere without a guard, but I have a couple of cool young ones. I don't know what I'd do if I had to have Rurik follow me around all the time.

It took me a while to get used to the clothing. The materials were really nice but nothing compares to a good pair of jeans. Thank goodness I still had all my pairs from on the human world.

The best part though is the magic. I'm getting actual magic lessons. Since mom knew I could already tap into air she's teaching me how to control the wind.

Ivy didn't seem all that interested in developing her powers yet. But she did want to see and do everything. She named her pony Brittanie. I thought it was odd she was naming her horse after her old friend but I guess she missed her sometimes.

People watch us wherever we go. There is a herald who announces us every time we enter a room it sounds something like this "May I present to you Thundro and Ivy Prince and Princess of Thorn, Willow, Oak, and Rowan of the House of Arkady, descendent of Trigun Storm King,…" the list really goes on and on.

Mom isn't too happy about the Thundro thing. But the first time a herald asked our names dad spoke before we could and now I was known all across the otherworld as Thundro. I didn't mind it. I actually kind of liked the name. Like dad said it's a name fitting of a warrior.

I'm still not comfortable with the whole free love thing. It's hard trying to eat when two people are doing it right at the next table. It's even harder when it's your parents who won't stop sucking face right next to you. Ivy and I usually take our food in our rooms.

I found out I got my artistic ability from my dad. All four castles were filled with pictures drawn by him. He made us all sit down for a family portrait that took forever.

I wasn't dumb enough to believe everything was perfect. I knew there were people out there who still wanted to kill us. I heard rumors about the prophecy. I heard the mutterings about my grandpa and cousin and whether or not I was going to follow in their footsteps. Truthfully speaking I really don't want to take over the human world. What would be the point of it?