Summary: Allore is the daughter of Selene. A fallen angel from Heaven cast out for her sins, and Lucifer the rebellious archangel also cast out for his sins. He, unlike his mate Selene, was turned into a vampire when he fell and was sent to the Underworld. Now the King of the Vampire Covens and Demonic Realm, he must pass his ruling on to Allore who now is eighteen and can accept her throne. But as she prepares to take her assassins are sent to take her life. Worried for her safety, Allores parents get her a new bodyguard named Lawrence to protect her, but when things don't go as planned what's a princess to do but run. Can she trust the person that's supposed to protect her or should she only trust herself.

Allore: pale white skin, light blue eyes with red flakes, light blonde hair with natural black highlights stopping at her waist.

Selene: pale white skin, pitch black hair to her shoulders, and grey-blue eyes.

Lucifer: tan skin, bright red eyes, short blonde hair tide in a small ponytail at the back of his neck.

Lawrence: dark brown hair a little above his shoulders, tan skin, and dark green eyes.