Author's Notes: Two-shot for AmyRose512's Proposal Challenge on the HPFC forum.

As the title states, I'd like you to write a story about how a couple became engaged. It could be humorous, dramatic, a parody of other famous engagement stories, whatever. Just make it interesting.

Also for WeasleySeeker's Wedding Competition on the HPFC forum.

Just write at least 1000 words about that couple's wedding.


The kitchens of Black Manor were dark, lit only by a few candles. If Andromeda or Rabastan had been so inclined, one of them could have stoked the fire or lit a lamp, but they were enjoying the tranquillity of the darkness.

Andromeda sat with Rabastan, knees pulled up to her chest, her head on his shoulder and her hands entwined in his. Her head rested on Rabastan's thin, wavering chest and his arm lay her shoulders. Andromeda could hear his heartbeat, could feel every breath he took, and she was glad for the darkness, because it concealed the soft blush that painted her cheeks as he slowly ran his hand down her waist, petting her like a cat.

Rabastan looked down at her adoringly, brushing his lips gently and tenderly against her hair, and she smiled too. She twisted and started to move forward to kiss him, but Rabastan stopped her with a finger against her lips.


She paused, tilting her head curiously while reached into the pocket of his coat.

"What–" Andromeda began, but her question was answered when Rabastan drew a small velvet box out of his pocket. Andromeda's eyes widened and she looked from it to him, comprehension slowly dawning upon her face. He lifted the lid, and she could not quite restrain a soft gasp. Inside, nestled in rose-red silk, was a diamond ring, glistening in the candlelight.

"Oh… Rab…"

"Shh…" He pulled the ring out and laid the box aside, taking Andromeda's hand and sliding the band onto it before raising her hand to his lips and brushing them against the diamond.

The whole scene was like something out of a fairy tale, Andromeda thought, and her smile widened. It must be a sign that you were really in love with someone when you could communicate so well that you didn't need to talk. She was searching for words to express her feelings – love, honour, disbelief, nerves – but, though she wanted to speak for politeness' sake, she knew that Rabastan already understood what she was feeling. Rabastan understood everything.

"Rabastan… it's so perfect…" She hesitated half a second, then added, "You're perfect…"

"Please marry me, Andromeda," he murmured. The question was more a formality than a real request – she knew what he was asking when he put the ring on her finger, and he knew just as well what her answer would be. The look in his eyes, soft, hopeful love, was more than Andromeda could ever have resisted. Her heart melted and she let go of restraint, flinging her arms around Rabastan and burying her face in his neck, clinging to him.

"Of course I will," she whispered, her voice thick with emotion.

She pulled back a little, in time to see a tear roll down Rabastan's cheek as he smiled more widely than she had ever seen him. "Oh… Andromeda…"

"Andi," she told him, kissing his lips. "We're going to be married, you might as well have a nickname for me…"

"Andi," Rabastan murmured. "Andi…" He responded to her, resting his hand on her hair and drawing her closer to him to deepen the kiss. "Andi…" he murmured against her lips, "We are going to be so happy together…"

"Yes…" she murmured. "Yes, we are."

She drew back at last, when Rabastan's hands started to wander, giggling slightly. "Rab… we'll only have to wait a little while. I'm sure you can control yourself until we're married."

"Only just," he breathed, and kissed her again.

The two of them spent very nearly an hour in the kitchens together, enjoying each others' company before Rabastan had to leave. Andromeda very nearly floated up the stairs, in a joyful haze, wondering what the first step in planning the wedding would be. How would she tell her parents? She knew that they would approve – they adored Rabastan Lestrange, he was a good Pureblood boy and they had, she knew, had every intention of marrying her off to him in any case, but how exactly to bring it up… and should she already be planning things like what sort of wedding dress to wear or the sort of flowers to have at the wedding when surely her parents would be in charge of all of that?

She wandered into the bedroom she shared with her sisters, slightly dazed, and blinked in surprise when she saw them locked in an embrace, smiles on both their faces.

"Bella? Cissy?"

They broke apart, and Narcissa immediately turned to Andromeda, looking excited. "Rodolphus and Lucius were just here!"


"Three guesses," Bellatrix said with a slight smirk, raising her hand to show off a glittering diamond. "So sorry that you weren't here to have some boy propose to you on the same night… better luck next time, Andi…"

"Actually," Andromeda said, grinning widely and holding her hand up, "Rabastan was here too…"

Bellatrix's jaw dropped. Narcissa let out a delighted squeal and flung herself onto her sister. "Oh, Andi, it's perfect! All three of us can get married on the same day! Isn't that exciting?"

"Very," Andromeda agreed, raising one eyebrow at Bellatrix, who still looked flabbergasted. "What is it, Bella? Didn't you think he'd propose?"

"Of course I did," said Bellatrix. "I just didn't think you'd accept."

"Why not?" Andromeda suddenly felt defensive, and she frowned. "I love Rabastan."

Bellatrix rolled her eyes, bringing her hand up to her face to examine her ring more closely. "Of course you do."

"I do!"

"Mm hmm…"

"Why don't you believe me?"

"Oh, I do." Bellatrix's voice was all innocence. "Why wouldn't I believe you? I mean, it's not as though you've ever shown interest in anyone else…"

"I haven't!"

"That's what I said."

Andromeda let out an impatient sigh. "Fine. Good. I'm going to bed."

"Sleep well, darling…" Bellatrix drawled. "Don't let that ring on your finger keep you up…"

"Why would the ring make it hard for me to sleep?" snapped Andromeda, pulling on her nightdress and climbing into bed.

"Oh, I don't know," said Bellatrix airily. "I've heard guilty consciences tend to keep people awake."

"I don't have a guilty conscience!"

Bellatrix hid a snicker behind her hand. "Of course you don't have a guilty conscience. Just the way you didn't sleep with Ted Tonks."

Andromeda blanched.