How Do You Get That Lonely?

Summary: Ren McCormack is extremely confused right now. At the age of 43, he's been married to Ariel twenty years plus had four children, three sons and a daughter. The oldest at the age of 18 when he was supposed to move out, now Ren can only wonder what drove his son to do the unthinkable. Now as the town grieves over a beloved loss everyone is trying to find out why? How did young Rusty McCormack get that lonely?


Ren McCormack sighed as he drove down the road with the wife and two kids in the back seat, except one set was empty. He looked in the rearview mirror, seeing that empty spot, made his heart grow icy cold and shatter at the sight of that empty seat. He looked over at his wife, Ariel staring out at the scenery that past them as he drove. He frowned when he placed his hand on his wife's shoulder and she pulled away but he knew why she did. He looked at his two sons and daughter in the back seat, seeing them confused and sad only made him more confused and sad.

Yet, he couldn't help but wonder why? Did he miss the signs? What was going on that he didn't tell him about and if he himself could have helped any. Ren sighed as he pulled into their destination and the whole town was there.

That evening a young body was laid beneath the stone. On the stone was engraved 'Rusty McCormack, Son of Ren and Ariel McCormack, Born: October 21st, 1991 Died: July 15th, 2009'. Ren closed his eyes, remembering how the seventeen year old looked exactly like him, rusty brown hair but had his mother's green eyes, which that specific combination made the girls at the local high school go crazy over his son when he was alive. But now his son was with God. He closed his eyes wondering what made Rusty do this. He tried to think of what would drive his son to commit suicide like that.