Hey! Welcome to my 200th Evo-fic! Yay! I don't own any X-Men Evolution characters or GI Joe characters as well. Here it is: the second part of the "Ronin Toad" series. This takes place along the same timeline as Ronin Toad, only it's from the perspectives of both the Brotherhood and the X-Men! This fic will have a little bit of everything, although it's going to start out with angst in the beginning.

Okay here are the notes: It's some time in the near future after 'Day of Reckoning'. Everyone has been rescued. The mansion has just been rebuilt. So has the Brotherhood House, somewhat. Magneto has gotten back in control of all the Brotherhood including the 'new' members, Wanda, Gambit, Colossus and all. Colossus is called Peter in this fic because it's easier. (Hey they changed Avalanche's and Toad's names in Evo-verse!) Rogue still has no idea who Risty really is. Kelly is still principal…(He He! I am gonna love this!) The world is just starting to figure out mutants are out there. Thanks to a combination of human stupidity, dumb luck, and really, really bad camera work the identities of the X-Men are still safe so they still walk around the hallways of Bayville High. But maybe not as safe as they think….

Parallel Lives

Chapter 1: Farewell My Brother.


The Brotherhood watched in horror as Magneto tossed Todd's helpless, battered body out of the jet. Lance, Pietro, and Fred were shocked. They stood there silently for a few moments, unable to comprehend what just happened. It's lucky Wanda wasn't on this mission, Pietro thought to himself. She'd hate him even more…

"Why?" Pietro shouted. "Why? He was loyal!"

"He was weak," Magneto said simply.

"He tried hard!" Pietro told him. "There's still time. Maybe you can…"

"Silence!" Magneto snapped backhanding the boy.

Pietro glared at him, willing the tears not to flow from his eyes. "He would have done anything for you," He said simply.

"Then he should be content to die," Magneto said. "Toad was weak. He was hurting the effectiveness of this team. A decision had to be made. For the good of the team."

"You didn't have to…" Pietro choked on his words.

"Yes I did!" Magneto glowered. "As I said an example had to be made. Failure will no longer be tolerated! We are at a critical time in history. If we fail all mutants will be enslaved or exterminated! I will not allow that. If I have to eliminate any obstacles to our cause be they human or mutant so be it!"

"But…" Pietro started to ask only to be hit again by Magneto. This time the blow sent him sprawling to the floor.

"NEVER QUESTION MY ORDERS!" Magneto shouted at him. "Your only concern is to follow my orders with complete obedience and carry them out. Understand? Or shall I let Mystique drill that lesson into your head as well."

Pietro looked at her and the whip she was carrying. "N-no sir," He said softly, turning his head away in submission. "I-I was wrong. Forgive me."

"This time," Magneto said. "That goes for the rest of you," He informed the remaining Brotherhood. No one argued with him. Lance helped Pietro up. They rode the rest of the way back to Bayville in silence.

A few hours later they returned back to the Brotherhood house. The four new editions to the Brotherhood, Wanda (Scarlet Witch), Remy (Gambit), Peter (Colossus) and John (Pyro) had been left behind under the supervision of Mystique's friend Irene (Destiny).

"Hey what took you so long?" Remy said jokingly, playing with a deck of cards. "Did you get your butts kicked again?"

Lance caused a tremor that shook him from his chair to the floor. "Does that answer your question?" John snickered. "Told ya we should have come along for the ride!"

"Oh well you win some you lose some," Remy shrugged. "Speaking of losers, where's Monsieur Toad? It's time for me to win some more money from him."

The three members who were on the mission looked at each other. Mystique broke the silence. "Toad is no longer with us."

"What do you mean 'no longer with us'?" Remy asked.

"He's dead," Pietro said softly.

"Excuse me I don't think I heard you," Peter said.

"He's dead," Pietro snapped. "How hard is it for you to figure that out?"

"What…those X-Freaks killed him?" John gasped.

"No," Irene spoke. "They didn't, did they Mystique?"

"You know?" Lance asked.

"I had a vision an hour ago," She said simply.

"Know what?" Wanda said. "What is going on here? What happened? How did Toad die? If the X-Men didn't kill him who did?"

The silence was broken by one word from Pietro. "Magneto." He ran upstairs to his room.

They stood there shocked. Irene picked up a phone and dialed a number. "What are you doing?" Mystique asked.

"I'm calling my driver," Irene said simply and left the room. Mystique went after her. Although they could not hear what was being said the voices were clearly angry.

Wanda looked at them as if she was in shock. She then went upstairs. "What happened Lance?" Remy asked as she went.

"It happened so fast…" Lance said in a dazed voice. "One minute Magneto's screaming, the next Mystique's beating the crap out of Todd. I mean really beating him. He was hurt bad. And then…then…Magneto starts talking about making the team stronger and then he…"

"He what?" Peter asked.

"He threw him out of the jet," Lance said. "Just like that. Like he was garbage or something."

"I don't believe it," Remy said shocked. "I mean I wasn't crazy about the little frog but…I never wished that on him!"

"I did," John snapped. "Little stinkwart stole my cash and slimed my bed! Good riddance! Now maybe the house won't smell as much."

"I don't like your attitude," Peter said sternly. "Toad was a comrade. He was loyal. Okay he was inept but loyal. Does that not count for something?"

"Apparently not," Remy said. "Freddy, why didn't you guys say anything?"

"Pietro did but…" Lance began. "I'm going to my room." He went upstairs.

"Harsh," Remy shook his head.

Fred said nothing. He looked cold and emotionless. He said nothing to any of them. He could not believe what had happened. He was numb. There was only one thing he could do. The only way he knew how to confront a problem that was too big for him to handle.

He went to the kitchen and began to eat.


Wanda walked into Pietro's room. "If you've come to tell me how much I am like our father save your breath," He snapped.

Instead of telling him to go to hell, Wanda replied in an uncharacteristically soft voice, "No, you're not. You feel guilty for what happens. He never does." She sat down on the bed next to him. "What happened?"

"What always happens, we lost," Pietro snapped. "But this time Magneto went berserk. Kept screaming and ranting. He needed a scapegoat, before we knew what happened, he had Mystique beating up Toad and then…"

"And then?"

"He just tossed him out of the jet like he was garbage!" Pietro spat. "Don't look at me like that's my fault! I didn't do anything!" He then said in a soft voice. "I couldn't do anything…"

"I know," Wanda said softly. "Pietro we have to get away from him. Magneto doesn't care about anyone but himself."

"And where would we go?" Pietro asked. "Not to the X-Men. They think humans will learn to trust us. Yeah right. They act like stupid pets around them. Always fawning over them wanting acceptance. We can't live like that!"

"Then we can…" Wanda started, but she stopped, knowing the answer.

"We can't get away from him Wanda," He said softly. "He'd hunt us down no matter where we went. We can't fight him. We tried that before, remember? He's too powerful. We don't have any choice." He put his head in his hands. "I'm not strong like you. Maybe you could take him on and win…but I can't. I can't."

He slumped into his sister's arms. Wanda held him and stroked his hair in order to comfort him. "I almost did once. I was so close…I was even going to hurt you. Then I saw for myself what he did to you. He's the monster, not you. I'm sorry I was ever angry at you," She whispered.

"You had a right to be," He said softly. "I can't fight him. But someday Wanda…I will. I'll find a way to be free of him once and for all. I promise."

"I'll help you," She promised softly. "I promise." Tears came to her eyes as she remembered how she witnessed Magneto's treatments of her twin. She no longer hated him. She knew Magneto had placed her brother in a far worse dungeon than she had ever been in.


Lance went to his room, not saying anything to the others. He closed the door and removed his helmet. He sat down on the bed and put his head into his hands. He spoke softly to himself. "Wimp…Lance you stinking cowardly wimp!" He broke down and sobbed quietly into oblivion.


"How could you do that to him Raven?" Irene asked. "He was only a boy!"

"We should have gotten rid of that useless moron a long time ago," Mystique snapped. "Only thing he was good for was making a mess of things. It's not like he would have ever amounted to anything. Good riddance."

Irene had a look on your face. "What if that was your son Raven? Would you be so callous about it then?" She walked out of the room.

"Where are you going?" Mystique followed her. "I thought you were going to stay with us now?"

"No I've decided to remain at the hotel," Irene said. "I really don't want your company right now."

"Fine," Mystique gave her a glare that even Irene could see.

Irene went to the car. The driver opened the door for her and she sat in the back. I can't believe how hard she's become, She thought. Even I didn't think she'd….

Before she could finish that thought images swam through her mind. Soldiers. A swamp. Someone in a hospital room but she couldn't make out the face. Mystique being attacked. A bright light. Some kind of stone. Mutants she had never seen before with strange powers. The figure of a snake. Fire everywhere. Bayville High in rubble. More soldiers…no ninjas…the images came faster and faster. She could barely process them. It was too fast.

"AHH!" She cried grabbing her head in shock. Then the images stopped. She sat there a moment taking it all in.

"Are you okay ma'am?" The driver rolled down the partition.

"Oh yes," Irene covered. "Just a headache." The driver rolled the partition back up. She sat there in stunned shock. "Magneto…Raven…" She said to herself softly. "What have you done? You've changed everything. God help us all."

Next chapter, what happens when the X-Men learn of Todd's 'death'? What happens when an unlikely Brotherhood member rebels? How will Magneto keep the Brotherhood from falling apart? And why the heck did they have to end the season like that? AAAGGHGHHHH!!!! Stay tuned!