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Church slogged slowly through nearly two feet of snow. The recent storm had covered most of the town in the stuff, including the path from the hospital to his house. Tomoki had been pretty beaten up from Theta, and although Church usually liked watching his friend get hurt, he could feel slightly sorry for him. Slightly. He felt much worse for Nymph, who decided to stay with him for a few more hours before coming home. If she was lucky, Tomoki would sleep for most of the time, and then she could come home; Church didn't like it when she was away from him for extended periods of time.

Nymph had come to live with Church about a month after she came from Synapse. After she realized how much of a dick Tomoki was, Church had offered to let her stay with him. And he was glad he had; she was a great help around the house, she was always happy to help him out, and besides having to continuosly refill the pantry with snacks, she was hardly a burden at all. And she was a great companion; Church could talk to her for just about anything and she would always listen. And she was cute too.

Church blushed a little. It was good she wasn't a normal girl. She and Church were always in the house by themselves now that Mission was on vacation in Europe. Usually, Church would have to worry about some of the possibilities of being alone with a girl in his house, but Nymph didn't really understand the concepts of sex too much, so Church didn't really have to worry about it.

But he digressed: his R&R from The Legion had been extended nearly three times already. In fact, he had been away from headquarters for almost a year and a half, and it was starting to bother him. Why hadn't The Legion contacted him? Usually, his sharpshooting prowess was in high demand, but since his break started, he had only had contact with The Legion to notify him about his R&R extension. Church stopped his long trek and stared at the sky; in the end, he figured it didn't matter. As long as he could stay here with his friends, he didn't really care about his absence from the military. Sometimes war was too much to worry about.

Nothing disrupted Synapse's perpetual quiet; everywhere was quiet and empty, as if the only sign that time was still flowing was the wind and the occasional cleaning Angeloid, making it's rounds and cleaning different parts of the floating utopia. The Sky Master twirled his wine glass around his hand in dismay. He missed the old days were he could just watch the Downers below either kill each other or be brutally slaughtered by him. But the wars the Downers fought these days were dull and boring, and besides, he had lost his weapon of mass destruction. Without Alpha, annhilating the Downers would just be tedious and boring. Or he could try making another Angeloid, but the Type Theta he had just employed apparently hadn't worked. If the traitor Angeloids developed Pandora any farther, he would be in serious trouble.

But he didn't need to worry about that. Once Type Omnicron was complete, it wouldn't matter anymore. No matter how powerful Alpha or the others became, once it was employed, they would be destroyed, along with the rest of the Downers, and the world would be his again to do with as he pleased. He smiled as he sipped the rest of his wine. It would be fun to watch the world burn. It had been far too long... "Umm...Master? Do you have any other orders for us?" The Sky Master cast a sideways glance at the two Gammas off to his left. Useless pieces of junk. Since they had failed in eliminating Alpha and Beta, they hadn't done anything right. They never caught the one downer who kept infiltrating Synapse, as easy as that should of been. They were totally useless.

He was actually quite irritated after Theta's failure and Chaos's lack of desire to kill Sakurai and the others, and he was in dire need of entertainment. Maybe he'd send the Gammas to fight the Uranus Queen. If he gave the order to destoy or be destroyed, they'd have no choice but to go down there and die, and provide him with some amount of entertainment that would ease his mood. It solved two problems at once; getting rid of boredom and disposing of the trash. The only other Angeloid who had made him sicker than these two was Beta. Maybe he would order that if all else failed, they should at least try to take down Beta. It would make him feel so much better.

But before he got rid of the Gammas, he did have one more thing they could do. "Actually, I do have an order for you two. There is a Downer I need eliminated." They looked at him quizzically. "Is it Sakurai, Master? With Alpha there..." He sighed. "Don't interrupt me again, or else." They both nodded furiously. "Besides, it is not Sakurai, but his friend, that one that took Beta in. He has become quite a person of interest for me. If you can't kill him, at least find out whatever you can. I want this done as soon as possible, so hurry up and go! And don't come back until it's finished!"

The two bowed and left as fast as possible. Maybe the Downer in question would kill the Gammas for him. Unlikely, no matter how good of a soldier he was, but good things are worth dreaming about.

Gabriel slwoly glided down to the surface to fulfill the order Master had just given her and Eden. It was just another in a long list of things they had been forced to do that they hated themselves for. The first had been tearing off Beta's wings. Although it may have seemed to be a spur of the moment notion, Master had actually ordered them beforehand that whether Beta cooperated or not, they were still to rip her wings off. It had been a painful experience for them. Not just for Beta, but for Gabriel and Eden as well. Having to hurt her in such a way was terrible, especially since she had gone through so much in Synapse before that.

Since then, every order they had been given had only made them feel worse. Trying to kill that Downer who had kept infiltrating Synapse, as well as helping Master construct the Theta's to destroy the Uranus Queen and the others, and now being ordered to kill this other Downer who had befriended Beta. Gabriel secretly wished that the same thing could happen to them that had so luckily befallen the others. Being freed from their servitude to the Sky Master would be a dream come true. But dreams die, and they rarely come to pass. The Gammas had already been identified as the "bad guys" and there was nothing they could do about it. Living as free as the other Angeloids below them was just a fantasy, and their Master's order was still absolute.

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