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" Yay, go Rascal ! ", Zange encouraged excitedly.

Nobara, Sorinozuka, Miketsukami and the maids followed with encouragement of their own.

" You all shut up, I'm concentrating! ", yelled Watanuki.

And indeed he was concentrating. Karuta's birthday was today and he had found the perfect gift. Cake. Well, it would have been several of them if the inhabitants of Ayakashi Kan had not persuaded him that Karuta would rather have a cake he had made himself. It was his sixth try, and this time, he would not pay attention to the crowd cheering him on and he would manage to make a decent cake. He was starting to think Zange was messing with the oven on purpose just to annoy him and if he kept on, Watanuki would surely make him choke on his stupid rabbit ears.

So far, this batch was going well. He had made sure there were no curry from Sorinozuka, no ice from Nobara and certainly no random things from Zange in the preparation. After awhile, he had accepted the salt from Miketsukami as it really helped with the eggs. Watanuki had wanted to protest just for the sake of it but couldn't find it in himself to mess Karuta's cake because of his pride. Everything had to be perfect. If only the others could...

"Be quiet!"


"The cake is done, Watanuki", Miketsukami mildly pointed out.

A slight blush dusted his cheeks as he donned oven mitts and took the cake out. Zange was laughing without restrain while Nobara looked at the cake enviously, surely fantasizing about Karuta eating it.

At last, it looked like a cake. A cake made by someone not quite experienced in bakery but a cake nonetheless. It only left Watanuki with the icing and toppings. Should he try to do something fancy or keep it simple? What if he made a mess of things now? Would there be a way to salvage the cake? He had already taken too much time to make it, Karuta and Ririchiyo would get there before he could make another one.

"May I suggest you draw on a piece of paper the result you want to get?", Miketsukami interrupted while handing him a notepad and a pencil.

He had a kind look on his face but Watanuki felt the damn fox was laughing at him inside. The tanuki demon resentfully accepted the proffered objects as Zange praised his sou-tan for his thoughtfulness. Watanuki shook his head to clear his negative thoughts and replaced them by images of Karuta's pretty face.

He concentrated on the decoration and soon enough was satisfied with the arrangement. He slowly and cautiously started to decorate the cake according to his drawing. The maids had gotten back to putting balloons up on the wall while Nobara and Sorinozuka were busy looking over a magazine. Zange was still fussing over Miketsukami, who stayed there, looking like he would helped if asked.

Tch, as if.

Suddenly, the doorknob moved. It seemed Ririchiyo had failed at keeping Karuta away any longer.

For a few seconds Watanuki stood immobile, panicked. He had worked so hard and the cake was nearly finished!

Miketsukami quickly sprung into action and before Karuta went through the door, the last strawberries had been disposed as Watanuki had wanted them. While the two girls approached, Nobara discreetly slipped behind Miketsukami and chilled the cake to perfection. Watanuki could only stare as Karuta looked around the lounge not quite surprised.


" Karuta...Um...Happy Birthday...", he said, his cheeks flushing red as everyone looked at him.

Karuta's eyes were going from Watanuki to the cake and back to him.

"Is it for me?" she asked.

Watanuki moved to the side and a fork was thrust into Karuta's hand.

"Watanuki did it by himself?", she wondered aloud.

Everyone was nodding vigorously while Watanuki fidgeted and muttered that everyone helped in their own way. The rose-colored girl took a piece of cake and all were awaiting her reaction. She then turned toward Watanuki and positively beamed, sparkles and all.

"I love you"

But she didn't stop at that. She came in front of him and kissed him...

And all hell broke loose.