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Summary : Alex just came back from Kenya and to a normal life when a serial killer began hunting in London. With Tom's life on the line, will Alex be able to give up his normalcy and become a true agent?

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Two hours.

It has been now two hours. Two hours filled by the howl of the freezing wind of a British night. Two hours spent lying in the humid grass getting slowly drenched by the cold water pouring from the sky. Two hours which had severely tested his patience.

-Tom, when I find you I will kick your arse. It was a stupid idea to get kidnapped. You could have spent your evening doing some sport or playing a stupid game on your X box... But nooo you had to fill your night with some adventure...

Stopping his muttering, Alex concentrated on his observation of the movements of the video cameras perched on the wall surrounding the manor. There were a lot of them. That could have been explained by the owner being paranoid. But if he didn't already suspected the billionaire this reasoning would have soon been shattered by the numerous guards circling the house. They were armed to the teeth and they had dogs. Big dogs with a vicious gleam glowing in their dark eyes. They were always walking by group of three with one dog. And they kept the team in front of them in their vision at all times.

Alex groaned. Getting inside would not be easy. And he didn't even know about the security inside the wall. With his luck it would be worse than the one outside. Biting his lip the teenager tried to think of a solution. Well that was not exactly true. He already had a solution. He just really wanted to find another. One which would not give him hypothermia. It would be sad if he was to die before even getting inside the manor.

Unfortunately he didn't have the time to find an alternative solution. Gritting his teeth, Alex eyed the river in front of him with apprehension. This river was crossing the manor. It was probably a very pretty sight to admire inside the garden but it was also a breach in the security. Well it would not be if Alex was an adult. But he was thin enough to pass between the bars replacing the wall where the river was entering the manor. At least he hoped so.

The only problem was the cameras. The water would mess with the dog's smell so he would not be discovered. And the night took care of the guards' vision if he was discreet enough. But if he was not careful he would be seen by the cameras. The only solution to his problem would be to stay submerged in the dark and freezing water when he approached the zone where the cameras would be able to see him. So if he didn't die from hypothermia he would drown. Joy.

Alex crawled in the wet grass until he could feel the ground become sand. And rocks. Hard rocks which were digging into his stomach. He was not far from the river and way too close from the wall for his taste. But the closer he was to the wall before diving into the water and the less distance he would have to swim. The less time he would spend in the water and the happier he would be.

Alex waited until the guards were far enough to not see the ripples he would create when entering the river. When the moment came he dived.

And swore long and hard in his mind. It was not cold. It was freezing.

He swam in the dark until he saw the dark shape of the wall approaching. And then he took a deep breath and dived. Alex used a powerful crawl to get closer to the bars. He could not see them, it was too dark. But he felt them when he banged his head against one. This was one thing he would omit from his tell when he will be back home. Way too embarrassing.

Feeling the space around him with his hands he managed to find two bars. Now he just needed to squeeze between them.

Five seconds later he found himself stuck. His lungs were beginning to burn from the lack of oxygen and he could feel the lethargy beginning to take control of his legs and arms because of the cold. He needed to get out. Now.

Putting one hand on each bar he pushed with all of his strength fuelled by his desperation. And slowly, inches by inches he managed to unstuck himself. He didn't lose any time and furiously swam away from the wall. When he felt that he was far enough away he emerged from the water. He tried to be discreet but his lungs needed the oxygen and so he took a great breath. And hoped nobody heard him.

Turning his head around him he observed the place. It was a garden filled with flowers, trees and artistically positioned benches and statues. They were no cameras in sight. He could get out of the water. Finally.

Once outside the water Alex turned blue. The wind was freezing! He cursed with all his might the river. Whatever it was called before he renamed it Hell. Shivering, the boy began his walk toward the manor looming ahead.

He found it strange that there were no more guards and video cameras around. He had a bad feeling... From his previous experience with billionaires they liked to go overboard with everything. And when he thought about the tight security surrounding the manor he didn't think there was nothing keeping an eye on the gardens. So when he began to hear the growls he wasn't surprised. Nor was he happy when he saw the origin of these terrific sounds. But at least he wasn't taken aback by it.

After all McCain had his crocodiles, Rothman owned a tiger, Sayle possessed a giant Portuguese Man o'War. Well, Taylor Morris was the proud owner of a Grizzly Bear. An obviously hungry and angry bear. Alex gulped. Time to flee.

And flee he did. He ran as fast as his legs could go. And then he ran even faster. The young spy could hear the Monster chasing him getting closer and closer. So he did the only thing he could think of at the time. He jumped onto a white bench and from there he jumped onto a statue. It was a big statue of a horse-rider. He was standing on the back of the horse. He quickly climbed onto the man riding the horse and found himself trying to keep his balance on the statue's head. From there he could access a tree's branch which was looming high above the ground. He threw a victorious smile at the dejected bear. Alex-1 Grizzly-0.

One good thing resulting from this little hunt was the fact that he was not cold anymore. He would not die from hypothermia.

After having rested a bit Alex began to climb the tree. While the bear was chasing him the teen made sure he was hunted toward the manor and not away from it. It was a good thing because if he could climb on the highest branch he would be able to jump onto a narrow balcony. It would be a delicate thing to do but if he did it right he would have a chance at accessing the manor.

Once he was on the branch he closed his eyes, counted to three and jumped. Unfortunately the balcony was a bit further than he thought and he found himself hanging with one hand on the edge of the balcony. He chanced a glance toward the ground. Yep. If he fell he would be a bloody mess. With a tortured groan he managed to climb onto the balcony. His arms were shivering uncontrollably from the strain he put them under. He needed to catch his breath before going on.

A few minutes later he was able to walk toward the windows. They were closed. It was during these moments that he was thanking Ian. He knew how to open closed windows. And closed doors. He was a kind of burglar. Expect instead of thieving objects he stole information. Shaking his head Alex got back to work. In a few minutes the windows were opened and he entered the manor.

The spy closed soundlessly the windows behind him and observed his surroundings. The cameras were back in the game. He needed to be careful to not be caught on one of them.

The manor was big and a real maze of corridors. After an hour of aimless walk Alex was beginning to become fed up of the statues, the paints, the flowers... They were everywhere. And quite useful to hide under or behind when a guard was in the vicinity but... he nearly sneezed each time he had to hide behind the flowers. And he would be damned if he got caught because of a sneeze!

He entered a nth room. It was a beautiful room but after the first dozen he was not interested anymore by all the luxury. He was checking a big fireplace when he heard a guard come into the room. Quickly he hid in the chimney, jumping and putting his back to one wall while his feet were on the other one. He would not be seen by anybody entering.

The guard checked the room during a couple of minutes before leaving. Relived that he didn't have to play the monkey too long Alex jumped back onto the ground. Fortunately there was no fire in the hearth so he didn't burn himself. But as he was trying to get out of the fireplace he walked on a part of the place where there were no pieces of wood. Only a strange blazon. He didn't have the time to examine the curious carving when the ground moved.

Panicked Alex raised his head and saw that he was descending. The ground of the fireplace was a platform which was leading somewhere downstairs. It was so... So... Cliché! Alex snorted. Here he was getting in a place where for all he knew armed guards were waiting for him and he found the situation cliché. He seriously needed to see a shrink.

Soon only darkness surrounded him.

The spy gulped.

Now, he was apprehensive.

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