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This is something I've been meaning to do for a while. Atonement is one of my favourite books and movies because I love the concept and storyline. If you haven't read the book, do so, you're missing out.

Sooo...this is sort of like a more modern interpretation of it in drabbles, more or less.

Hope you enjoy it!

Prologue: Memoir

The past is not a straight line. She realised that now. Old as she was. Frail as she was. The past is definitely not a straight line. It is many lines, squiggly and jumbled, tangled into the most complicated of knots. Some lines converge and join while others split to form their own paths like rivers and tributaries. One line may effect the outcome of another, sometimes imperceptibly, sometimes noticeably. It all was relative.

The doctor had been very succinct. He'd explained it all very carefully and briskly, like a shopping list that needed to be attended to. He explained why she could not remember, why things were starting to fade and die. She knew then, sitting in that neutral doctor's room, with all its awards, certificates and efficient instruments that she needed to do what she had been meaning to do for years.

She needed to explain to herself. Maybe to the world, but more to herself.

She needed to know.

That was 5 hours ago now. The screen of computer glared at her from its position in the apartment. Handwriting became obsolete years ago now. The waste of paper and pencils were replaced by the cool efficiency of screens and keyboards. She hadn't held a pen in over 50 years.

She supposed it would have to do.

She winced her way to the cradling seat in front of the monitor. There was a flashing in the top corner of the screen: Bedtime. Bedtime.

She sighed, and clicked the little box closed. She was going to break the rules tonight. And to hell with it.

This needed to be done.

She massaged her dry papery palms and she flexed her gnarled fingers. Spasms of pain registered in her brain but she chose to ignore it. Pain wasn't the worst thing in this life.

She began to write.

There, that's the beginning of it. You'll work out who this woman is after a few chapters, I promise.

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