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"You going to the ball?" he asked her, testing the waters. His arm was wrapped around her waist, hand resting delicately against her hip.

She shrugged, "Maybe. Depends."

"On what?"

She grinned. She had him. She knew it from the tone of his voice. She just had to be sure first before acting next.

"On…things," she said casually, wanting to see how far she could wind him up.

Edward cocked his eyebrow at her, wondering where this sudden behaviour had appeared. "What things?"

She giggled taking another sip of her tea and snuggling closer to his chest.

Minx, he thought, trailing his lips against her hairline, his free hand moved from her hip to her cheek, gently brushing her cheek with his hardened fingertips.

"I want you to come," he said, kissing her temple, "I want to see you there."

It wasn't a direct request. They both knew that was not an option for them. Things would be said, reputations would be sullied. It didn't seem worth it so close to the end of their school career. And in truth, the secrecy excited them. It was so classically romantic. Very Romeo and Juliet. Tristan and Isolde. Paolo and Francesca.

Bella felt light and warm in that one moment. She had heard from other girls about moments like this. It wasn't that she had never dated before. There had been her next door neighbour Jake when she was 15 and Riley after that. But she had never felt like this with either of them. Not this…floaty. Yes, floaty was the word.

Feigning boredom she shrugged again, "I suppose I have to go then."

He grinned and stoked her hair behind her ear, "that's my girl, Isa."